PlayStation Store Highlights - 14th November 2018


This weeks highlights include Fallout 76, Sypro Reignited Trilogy, Hitman 2, Battlefield V and loads more! PlayStation Access ...Nieuw

Dvě hodiny s PlayStation Classic byly příjemně stráveným časem


Strávili jsme dvě hodiny v české pobočce SONY, abychom si vyzkoušeli nový PlayStation Classic, který přivádí zpět k životu starý ...Nieuw

PlayStation Bails Out of E3 2019! - Hot Take


Sony PlayStation has announced they will have no presence at E3 2019...Now what? ️Become a Patron!Nieuw

Fallout 76 - Will We Survive The Wasteland


Wet bad enough - how about all the ...Nieuw

PlayStation Plus (PS ) November 2018


PlayStation Plus (PS ) November 2018 Full Line up from Tuesday November 6th unless stated otherwise: • Yakuza Kiwami (PS4) ...

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Gameplay Trailer | PS4


Warhammer: Vermintide 2, an intense first-person co-op action game, will be out on Playstation 4 on December 18. Pre-order now ...Nieuw

Sony PlayStation Classic first look: Its good, but not great


What you see is what you get: Sonys past, but it holds absolutely no surprises.Nieuw

Introducing PlayStation Classic


PlayStation Classic available 12.3.18. Learn more at  ...Ondertiteling

In Death - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR

1:05 In Death: a Roguelike VR Shooter. Conquer a procedurally generated ...Nieuw

E3 2019 : PlayStation annule sa conférence et son stand ! Décryptage


Les amis, coup de semonce cela vient juste de tomber : PlayStation ne se rendra pas à lE3 2019 et ne tiendra pas de conférence ...Nieuw

TOP 10 Games MISSING from PlayStation Classic!


The PS Classic is an interesting machine, but the selection of games is a bit strange. Today I want to look at the best games that ...Nieuw

Den Gacha zähmen 🔞 ARK Extinction Playstation 4 🇩🇪


Lets Play ARK Extinction Ps4 German Gameplay Folge 2 ARK Playstation 4 Deutsch / ARK Update 1.79 PVE Server PLAYLIST: ...Nieuw

PlayStation 4 Pro - Still Worth it in Late 2018?


With 4K making its way into more homes and the console generation nearing its close, is now a good time to jump onto the Sony ...Ondertiteling

Torn - Exclusive Playstation Content | PS VR


Available now! PS4 Game ...Nieuw

Astro C40 TR - Announce Video | PS4


TAKE CONTROL with the C40 TR Controller, fully customizable for any playstyle and any genre. PRE-ORDER now!Nieuw

Why is PlayStation SKIPPING E3 2019?! - Sony Rant


This is some rather shocking news but we now have word that Sony will NOT be at E3 2019. They have never done that in 24 ...Nieuw

E3 2018 PlayStation Showcase | English


E3 2018 has arrived. Join us on June 11 at 6 PM PT for the PlayStation Showcase as we share a preview of whats next for PS4 ...4K