Gun Wook Tae Ra

Hong Tae Sung Moon Jae In • Hush [for Sadaf]


[Watch in 720p HD] Dedicated to Sadaf ♥ I can movies I watched because of your videos, but Bad Guy ...

Kim Nam gil [Bad Guy] MV-白玫瑰White Rose


Song by Eason Chan 陈奕迅I edited this song for TaeRa,and there is another song named Red Rose, for JaeIn..

Radioactive - Bad Guy MV [ Shim Gun Wook Moon Jae In ]


MV by VlyCas K-Drama: Bad guy (Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook Han Ga In as Moon Jae In) Song:Imagine Dragons ...

Bad Guy Episode 7 Elevator Scene


One of my favorite scene between Shim Gon Wook and HongTae Ra in Bad Guy.

Tae-ras Love | 태라 의 사랑


The trajic love of Hong Tae-ra (played by Actress Oh Yun soo) in the Korean Drama Bad Guy Song Title: 혼잣말 | Honjatmal by ...

Trailer || Bad Guy || 나쁜남자 [Shim Gun Wook] HD


Edited By Tong :) please watch in HD.

Bad Guy MV Thornflower (가시꽃)- Jung Yeop (eng sub)


Bad Boy MV aka Bad Man MV Bad Guy MV Thornflower - Jung Yeop 가시꽃 - Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul) Bad Guy OST MP3 ...

BAD GUY - ost drama Thorn Flower


I will share some Good Funny words and advices by Shim Gun Wook from Bad Guy. Shim Gun Wook to Hong Tae Sung; ¨Hong ...

BG. Mask. [scene ep9]


Yesterday night I was totally bored. XP And so I had this idea, and i make it. But yeah, its nothing great, just a scene of Bad Guy ...

BG MV | Futuristic Lover | Shin Gun Wook x Hong Tae Sung


Two Strikes... Subscribe for my Backup Account if you dont wanna lose me: Watch in HD ...

Bad Guy - Sometime I cry Alone MV


I miss This drama when nice guy airing. I am one of fan this couple moon jae in and shim gun wook. miss them~