Adventures of Felix

The Adventures of Felix /part 1 HD


A tale revolving around the carefree and bon-vivant, Felix, who is content living with his boyfriend, Daniel in the town of Dieppe in ...

Felix the Cat (intro | tv series 1) 1959 a.k.a. The Adventures of Felix the Cat


"Felix the Cat" is the first television series featuring the original Felix the Cat character of the silent film era in 1919. PRODUCTION ...

Adventures Of Felix The Cat - Felix Pinches The Pole (1924)


Animation. By Pat Sullivan. Felix the cat walks along looking dejected. He is hungry. Hearing music he looks through a window to ...

Undertow Trailer


Now on DVD and digital from — The most ...

LOOSE CANNONS movie trailer 2010


No other nationality respects their food and family gatherings with the fervour and zest of the Italians, but when it comes to the ...

Felix The Cat: Uncle Tom's Crabbin (1920-1929) | British Pathé


Check out this episode of the Pat Sullivan cartoon 'Adventures of Felix the Cat' from the 1920s. For Archive Licensing Enquiries ...

Felix the Cat (intro | series 2) 1995 a.k.a. The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat


In this series Felix is depicted as his older mischievous self, rather than the young and innocent depiction in past versions.

Keep the Lights On Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Ira Sachs Movie HD


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The Adventures of Felix, Darius, and Demetrius (Official Trailer)


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Adventures of Felix The Cat: 'Futuritzy' (1920-1929) | British Pathé


This hilarious archive episode of the animated series Adventures of Felix The Cat, 'Futuritzy', has it all from marriage to astrology.

Adventures of Felix Trailer


Fresh out of work, Félix (Sami Bouajila) leaves his lover and embarks on an eventful road trip to Marseilles in search of the father ...