Railway Relay Part 10

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Ten mixed by XyzOfficial playlist:

Bergen Bergensbanen DJ Electronica Landscape Mix Oslo Scenery Soundtrack Techno Trance VJ

Greg Ganczewski
very nice!!
Lucifer Nash
you rock !
ZEN mixed by Xyz. Style: ethno electronica & techno. 00:20 Adone vs Thomas Wulfe - The Participation (Sheetrock Fantasy Remix)  09:10 X-Dee Nex Factory, 16:33 Sven Väth - Ritual of Life,00:20:38 Steve Gorczyck - Funk Machine :),  00:24:57 BT - Nocturnal Transmission, 
Love these Rides :)
There is a lot of political dogma in this track of unknown origin, and barely decipherable. Is this from Thomas Wulfe (aka Thomas Wolfe)?