Yello - 2012 Mega Mix

DIGITALMM - Piastów Poland


Andreas Richert
Chris Humphries
im privaliged to listen to\n yello when they was pioneers pushing boundaries and speakers about the same time i was taking psychedelic drugs . 24 years later after countless amazing albums yello still sits in the top draw of musical greatness.
Christopher Burke
well the first half's Yello, Gawd knows who it is from 44 minutes in, though! \nChris
Frankie Dare
... noch ein irrer YeLLo Fan?
H. Mehrpuyan
Listening to Yello since 40 years now. Nice remix!
Ian Thomas
This is my \
You gotta love this!! Excellent job!! You gotta say YES!!....
Mario Andrés Rojas García
whats the name of the song on minute 32:00?
Rafal Kijak
Cool :)
Damn, dieter comes up with some rippers.....\nAlways loved that line in Domingo.....\n\
Russell Dawkins
Excellent gold rush photos starting at 1:47:05
The Great Muchacho
Help me ! What is the name of the remix around 31:00 ? \n\nThat's some groovy planet dada we've got here !
Yello Psp
its not song only for transition to the next song :-)
andreas thiele
zum relaxen genial und dazu ein zigarettchen.
Inherited from that Norwegian guy? So love Yello!
ed nilsen
Perfection. I 1st discovered Yello in a music store in Rogaland then played it on my Sony up in the Norwegian mountains. Total chill = Mello Yello!!!
exodus orange
addicted 35:51 totally poptastic! not Yello tho
well...u got us waiting now for the yellow megamix 2018 :))
stephane marais
Алексей Красулин
Елло..форева ин май хат...
Валерий Хайбулин