Top 10 TikTok Challenges in October 2018 Musically

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*%Foxie Mitch%*
I dont know why everyone is hating tiktok? I dont get it.
0:14 so did her forehead size change?
100 Subscribers Without Any Videos
Does the dimple challenge work or the people doing it already have dimples? Or do I have -10IQ?
0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 10:18\r\n⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
And the spooky challenge
Aaliyah Moori
I saw Eric in the thumbnail I clicked as fast as possible
Adriana Leon
Ese. Era. Santi. De. Tranquilo. Papá
Albi ツ
Alejandra Palacios
Alexis Hirchak
I love the boy challenge
Amelia Furlong
I think the boy challenge is horrendous... what if girls feel more comfortable as boys/ in “boy” cloths. This puts a social media fab on it. Don’t do stuff like this. We need to accept who people are, and not make fun of it. Because that is EXACTLY what this “challenge” is.
Anahi Vazquez Chavez
Like si tienes oyuelos y las pestañas largas igual q yo
Anita Friend
2. shoes change
Aranza Daza
Sólo español no inglés
Avery Botello
Love it my fav is boy challenge eye challenge the copycat challenge the lip challenge and the spooky challenge
Başak Deniss
3 25 youtubur ışilin ablasi
Bianca Matei
Love it❤️
Brazil Meme Makers
That was what was missing to motivate me to kill myself. C:
Brithney Rosalino Dominguez
1:36 \nI wonder how many broken phones there were by ppl attempting this challenge
Crystal Roblox Ilovelife127 #Noob squad
8:32 ... That face tho..
Daily Blank screen
None were good, I only like the fortnite dancing trolls
DammThatsALongName Marie
Just....delete the whole app
Dana Lupercio
10:19 me gusta mucho la cancion
Dannita Olvera
Eso es de like
Did you guys know everybody had the same hair color in the hair color change challenge
Nose porque aparesi aqui
Dr Phil the M&M
*Maybe I’ll be Tracer*
Edward Hooper
It’s not really hard to do so how is it a challenge😂😂
Elaijah Regalado
Hables de coman oman de ques😢\n👇\n👇\n👇\nDe likes awas kay kay 😀
Ericka Michel Cruz Garrido
Saben como se llama la canción del top 8??
Gabriela Cabrera
The only one that i hate is the spooky
Gerseven Cerberus
My favorite favorite is the spooky challenge
Gricelis Lopez
El de el pinta labio tambien
Henry Merida
el de el minuto 6:2 yo lo conozco☺☺☺es mi novio💏💏💏💏💑💑💑
Heya Heya
Who has a tiktok ad before this? Only me? \nOk\n;-;\n*likes own comment*
Hobi for Lifeu
What's the name of the song for the spooky challenge??
Ingrid Guerra
1:00 alen brats were too much makeup!! Lol
Justin Bieber
i love how many haters want to kill theirself yay
LPS Kitty
0:59 its the boy version of momo
Lauren Dewberry
*Did anyone else get a tik-tok advert at the start/ through the video??*\n*Nope just me ok*
Marcelina Carodozo
Yo soy la del minuto 1:34
Melanie Nobody asked you
*And this is why we don’t do drugs kids* 😵
Mi Pollo
Les esta afectando a la cabeza el tik tok a los gringos jaajjajaj xD
Michael Serrano
But I wanna be tracer
Mina Ashido [bnha] [15]
TikTok go commit deathpacito
NaMeLess Elite
*My favorite challenge is when Elon musk buys Tik Tok and deletes it*
Nadia Martinez
Mami me gustó más el de spooky
OHCHR Cambodia
I like the boy challenge
Pandablue7 :3
Too bad my favorite challenge isn't mentioned 😢\n\n\n\n\n\nIt's called the fornite dance trolling challenge.\n\nWe gonna win the furry war
Peace YT
Rahat Rasool
Shoe challenge and dimple challenge song name? \nAnyone know?
Samantha Hudson
Sebastián aban
Like si no sabes hablar en ingles:O
Semisi Bond
Who else only watched this for eric wakeman
Shannen W
Ma fav is boy challenge . Who else is.\n\n\n\n\nOr just me😁😁
Sol Gamboa
00:15 como se llama la canción, por favor? :(
Souheil Nabli
My musically
(Not ofensive disease) challenge, download tiktok and use it
Tanisha K
I love the music to the Spooky Challenge 😂I also think the spooky challenge is cool
Tay'ja Wilson
How did I go from watching Liza Koshy...To this?
That Iconic Emo That Likes Kpop
*I guess they never miss hUh?*
The Menace
Damn only challenge u forgot was not attempting sucide while watching this video
Everyone here deserves to burn in Hell
Todoroki Shouto
On the lip challenge I got distracted by Goku.
Top Best TikTok
Which one is your favourite? 😄😍
*Weird flex but ok*
Tyler Warren
Only challenge here is not thinking of death
Who has Tic tok like of you do
Vanesa Orozco
Mí favorito es el primero
Vanessa Pantoja
No entiendo el inglés por favor a la otra escriban en español plis 😂💜
Vicky Perdomo
Si. Esta. Muy. Bonito
Victoria Bernardez
My favorite is the spooky challenge.
1:37 best
abby garvey
it’s honestly disrespectful that xxxtentacion is being used in a musically challenge
alison urbina
2:28 no miro ninguna diferencia
ashley blanco
TikTok is sooooooooooooooo cool :3 :p
carpio sanchez
Alguie sabe como se llama la cancion del min 1:51
crazy sarge 69
Number 9 song
0:59 not kidding his sync with the song is just
jacob Mercado
0:29 leche 0:30 vidrio :v
kimkima Ralte
What is the song of rotation challenge
What is the song for the dimple challenge and also the eye color change challenge???\nIn this vid\nEdit: i can't believe that this comment got this many likes.\nAlso thanks everyone for telling the name of the songs.
leonardo Peña
2:58 that girl is totally beautiful ❤️❤️👌👌🤷
miriam Contreras
Ami. Me gusto el video 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😚
pame linda Maldonado
En el minuto 2:02 que es lo que hace? Quien me dice
per son
There was a freaking tik tok ad in the beginning of this.
que hay esmarlin
Como se llama la primera canción
wolf y
My favorite challenge is \n\n\n\nI don't know what's yours
It's not Musically Anymore🤐\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*It's tik tock😎*
Софья Халупецкая
6:01 красавчик!😍😍😍😘😱я влюбилась