Kikky Badass - Know Your Place [Holy Ten Reply]

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At last the Queen has replied tge viral diss track by Holy Ten. Holy took a hunch off Kikky's Bad-Ass which made noise and attracted a lot of attention. At first, it was Marcus who replied first but mos' people were waiting on Kikky. A lot thought it was hard stone to throw back but finally its here.

Badass Kikky

@Holy ten you won. 🔥💯
Blessings Malcolm
Holy ten vakakupedzera siyana navo
Connie Mandaba
Holy Ten ends careers😂😂
Dintle Denise
asi muskana iwewe holy ten akakupedzira, plus to me it wasn't a diss those whr facts gal, siyana nazvo .chokwadi ichokwadi 😂
Elton Mabaso
kicky my guess is you the bench warmer, that's why HOLY TEN's gonna turn your son into his fan.... just admit wakadyiwa# HOLY TEN GOT BADASS BARS
Garikai Mapfumo
kkkkkk ana kikky badaids siyanai nazvo izvi , this aint for u ......register kuVoter makanyarara
Israel Mako
Dai wanga usingade kuReplier Dai wakasiyana nazvo pane kuti pedzera data..... Uri dofo 😏
Mercy Mveree
Bars on top of bars 🔥🔥🔥, dope track kikky, uz a badass
Queenish Kay
Yesss Queen 😍😍
Reezynash Ryan
T.P Apache
TEN won hands down. Kikki sorry pindamu coffin
3 minutes of my life I'll never get back....... Waste🚽
Aya ndomatuzvi chaiwo unondiuraira maspeaker angu iwe
Tee Ash
Lol truth be told...This was just a whack comeback😤😤😤....Holy Ten killed you
Wishes Sadziwa
So we wait two months for a reply and you dont even bother mixing and mastering your track ...haaaa respect us !!!
benjamin matikiti
This is wack for a diss reply .save your energy gal , sometimes you have to savage who are replying to .........................Holy Ten killed you....RIP KIKKY
coco lams
holy holy ten!!!
kudzanai takamanya
Holy ten killed you kikki sit down
swae tags A1crew
KANA MAZOGARA KA!!!!! holy ten apedzerwa apa!!!!! ......
tadiwanashe chase tonderayi
this is sad. i don't think this song is even mastered
tinashe delroy
u go to xu or juss twerk all day?
tre joseph
Holy Ten