Genesis - Carpet Crawlers (Live 1974)

Genesis Live at the Palace Theater in 1974 for The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway TourLine Up:Peter Gabriel - Vocals, FluteSteve Hackett - GuitarsMike Rutherford - Bass, backing vocalsTony Banks - KeyboardPhil Collins - Drums

1974 Bootleg Broadway Collins Down Gabriel Genesis Lamb Lies Live Palace Theater Tour on

Phil giving Peter a good hand there. Their voices sound wonderful together.
Alfonso Barra
Stratosferici !!!!!!
Antonio Dias
Very good!!!!
Bill Hart
To the poster of this exceptional work from Genesis , LOSE THAT HIP HOP CRAP INTRO! IT'S AN OFFENCE, NOT A TRADEMARK!!
Brian Johansen
All of you should have been at Forest Hills in August of '82 the last night of the North American ABACAB Tour
Bruna Ascani
Beatiful !
Carmen Sense
I saw this show at the Philadelphia Civic Center just a few days before this recording. One of the most memorable concerts I ever attended (and I attended a lot) Ironically the civic center was torn down in the past few years and a new building owned by my  current employer (Penn Medicine) was erected. I am frequently in meetings in rooms that I estimate are situated in the general vicinity of my seat for the Lamb show.
Christian Kulbe
Pure Magic!
Clot God
Thank you Mr. Gabriel ...For daring to be different...
Colourful 99 Real
Darnice Linton
Steve Hackett ?
David Barstad
well wow oaky way back
Debbie Arnold
\nBrilliant version. My husband introduced me to Genesis in the late 70's. He died earlier this year I now have his entire collection..vinyl and cd and video. His personal highlight was meeting Mike Rutherford twice..both times dumbstruck and speechless. \n\n\n\n
Dino Camella
Although I love Genesis..ill have to disagree ofenblase..Yes was and will always be the most important band for the progressive rock era
El himno musical 🎵 de todas las épocas!!!
42 years ago. From their classic time. Line up: Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins.
Eddie Lawrence
Soo love this song,,,no matter who sings it but Genesis is best done cuz Collins got the magical voice,,coming from a die hard 30 yr fan,,its so beautiful.....havnt heard it in yrs today I cryd listen full blasst over n over MEMORIES!!! ( JULIE FROM CALI)
Edgar Augusto Galavis Añez
Hito musical....
Enrico Dal Peraro
Molti anni fa ragazzino dal mio radioregistratore passano questo brano, riascoltando oggi questo brano da vecchietto provo la stessa emozione di allora.....sarà x sempre così ciao a tutti!!!.
Great Song! Really like the version with Peter Gabriel - sounds much more deeper with him.
Floyd Zepplin
Fran Rose
All you carpet crawlers give a hell yeah
Frank Juninger
einfach klasse zeitlos schön.
Fábio Alegre
Uma das melhores musicas.......supra sumo!!!!!!!
Georg Nuss
Was ist Liebe ?\nLasse Genesis in dein Herz ,dann wirst Du es erfahren mit der Freude\nund den Schmerz , man kann es nicht beschreiben. \nMan muss es fühlen .
Gianni Manno
Questo genio ha subito capito che il paradiso e' in Sardegna
Gianni Rosson
li ho nel cuore da una vita
Greta S Bo
I sang this song so many times I knew it by heart when I was young. Oh I still love this song!
Guido Tassistro
non mi annoiano mai,li ascolterei allo sfinimento,del resto 47 anni,li ascolto ancora con lo stesso entusiasmo di allora.
Gustavo Herrera
la música muy similar ala de pink floyd
Harry Pfeffer
What a song. You can listen to it a million times and it's still exciting..
Henry Fraser
I don't have a clue what the lyrics are about but there is something inherently beautiful and yet sad about this wonderful piece of music.
Isaac Urias
Though I love Genesis with Peter Gabriel, this song is better live when sung with Phil Collins
Jim beagan
I was at this show.  It was one of the more disappointing shows I've been to. Peter's costumes and showmanship overwhelmed the music, and the Lamb was below their standard to start with.  It was time for him to leave.  1974 was a bad year -  yawners from the Dead and the Who as well.
John Gentner
One of my all time favorites
John-paul Boorman
This isn't by any chance a (simple garage bamd) thankyou for the great songs!
Jose Rodgers
I live 15 minutes out of Providence RI. The theater this was taped in is in such disrepair. $15 million to refurbish it. Almost no interest has been shown. The Beatles, Stones, The Who all have performed there to name a few.\n
Junior Hacksaw
Funny thing but in nearly every picture of Banks and Rutherford here they look like a couple of dweebs who've accidentally wandered into a photo shoot.
Kirk Williams
yes we see from this how it's no better than the digitally remastered 1 😊
Lady BlackstarDust
One of the most beautiful and poignant songs ever. Just incredible.
Lee Lucas
From the time when Genesis were Genesis. Love it...
Lilian Berner
\nErinnerungen  ... als wär s erst gestern gwesen ... :-) 
Lu Vi
absolute masterpiece
Martin Rott
Raely, the best!
Mauro Cuttano
Michael Fairney
Having a child now makes me realize where sappy music comes from, but its incredible how many of the great musicians of the 70ies became merchants of Kitsch. Too much money, too little ambition. Genesis, led zep, pink floyd, elton john, neil young, bob dylan, paul mccartney, david bowie, the rolling stones, they all got gelded around the same time in 1980. Or maybe it was that they all got sober? sad. How could one country - England- and really only England, not britain, cos Ireland and Scotland and wales really didn't produce much then - produce so much genius? and then lose it all? I think oasis had like one half decent song- who else is there from england since 1980 whom you would call a genius? maybe morrisey, no one else leaps to mind. even elvis costellos best stuff was in the 70ies.
Minga Metal
Esta es la versión que me gusta.\n\nPeter Gabriel para enterar a muchos en el foro, fue el inspirador de Génesis, los mejores álbumes y primeros de la agrupación, fueron realizados por este cantante junto a  Banks y Rutherford. Collins aporto mucho a la banda con su talento musical a su llegada y después de la salida de Peter y Hackett. 
Nick Harman
what's interesting is that the biggest fans of Genesis are non British, I suppose they had little else to listen to and could not see the silliness and pretension
Yes, the best one with Peter - Merci à vous, fermez les yeux et écoutez, ne faîtes rien d'autre, laissez vous planer
Ralf Schoecker
Ach naja ohne Phil Collins klingt es lange nicht soo!! Aber gut....
Richard Iveson
Rita Capobianco
stupenda carpet crowlers
Robert Phillips
Ron T.
Ok to start off I love Peter Gabriel but not his version of this tune and Phil sings it with so much more passion....
Rosa Prat
It´s no live ... the image..
Rosario Montes
Estoy locamente enamorada de el
We gotta get in to get out.  We gotta get in to get out.  You can say that again.  Magnifique!
Sergio Cataldo V
Gran tema, gran grupo
Simone Tanzi
phil collins' version is so much better...
Sérgio Conforti
Bela música. Uma das minhas preferidas. 
Trey Trapani
ya gotta get in to get out
Uwe Weintz
Das haben wir 1974 oder 75 in Saarbrücken gesehen.ich war so 16
Vagner Oliveira
Umas das melhores banda muito bom curti as músicas numa viagem
I LOVE GENESIS!!  Peter, Phil if you are true fan it doesn't matter.  They are both fantastic but together they were out of this world!  They synced up so well. Their voices are so great.  I love how they have such different sounds on their albums and you saw them progress through the eras and they were one of the most successful groups that withstood the test of time!  Don't hate, appreciate!  Peter, Phil they are both GREAT!!
Welsh Simon
I'm looking forward to seeing Steve Hackett again in May . Seen him several times in recent years, close your eyes and it really is Genesis again .
Wuthering Carlo
Immortal music...
angelbabe dawg
Peter Gabriel - A god!!
first FAVE way back as a young teen in L.A.  heard my bro 2 yrs older playing GENISIS YAY
genius aka Genesis
city hunter
the album version of this song is wonderful, but they completely fucked up this live version
daniela carlotti
anch'io li adoro da una vita, quanto vorrei rivederli insieme!
david dansereau
I was at this concert! I can say without reservation, this was the best concert I've ever been to...
One of my favorite Genesis songs...probably my favorite from the Gabriel years.\n\nThe thing many people seem to despise Genesis for is actually the reason I love them so much: Diversity. From prog rock in the 70s to pop and stadium rock in the 80s...about the only other band that could hold a candle to Genesis in the diversity department was probably Queen, and they took the same flack from their elitist, so called hardcore fans.\n\nFuck everything, if it wasn't for Phil Collins spreading the gospel after Peter Gabriel left, I would have probably never discovered albums like Lamb. And genesis churned out some amazing music with Phil at the helm, no one in their right mind can deny that.\n
erpiuù il corvo
franz franke
the age of aquarius!! the creative time that i miss!!!
genesisomania Johnik
нужно писать, что это не видео, а фотошоу. автор видео сволочь
las fotos no son de la Gira
guta campos
Inspiração para escrever. #revelasons
Genesis the eighth wonder of the world
School is in session! The more you research Genesis earliest work & the entangled twisted stories and how they correlate with each other the more you are just mind blown. Tony Banks, a mastermind song writer who most don't even know he wrote the lyrics for most of their songs. And Gabriel brought them to life. With Phil on the drums to leave chills down your spine!
The one Genesis work I could never get into. I finally gave a good listen to this song. I always thought it was about babies and toddlers, but I guess they're \
I was never a fan of Genesis until I heard this song. Pure magic.
Great song. I got a big kick from the group photos. Possibly rock's least physically imposing band, ever.
josé alexis caro ciero
Actually, THIS was the Genesis line-up in '74:\n\nPeter Gabriel - lead vocals, flute, tambourine\nTony Banks - keyboards\nSteve Hackett - lead guitars\nMike Rutherford - bass & 12-string guitar, bass pedals\nPhil Collins - drums, percussion, backing vocals\n\nHope this info is helpful
kirsi marja salonen
Great The Lamb Lies on Broadway-lp... JUST LOVE THIS WHOLE Double-lp
koi kai
I love it soooooo much. Such a wonderful song !!!
I was 14 years old by then and they became my nº1 band...........until today. Great music, great lyrics, great performances. These guys knw very damn well what they were doing.
marc pouech
La vie a changée mais la magie reste quand on tombe par hasard sur des monstres ,qui, des la premiére note vous trompe pas et vous savez déjà qui s'ait!! J'ai 64 ans et j'etais en 1976 au concert de Genesis a San-Sebastian en Espagne!!!! Une partie de moi est restée la-bas c'est cool !!!
When they both sing you got to get in to get out,they were so in tune. Just beautiful
mats hansson
Classic Genesis please come back to us!
The last 3 years I went to the gigs  from Ray Wilson. He offer us a different setlist and  also a change line-up. But he plays ever this oldest song in his set. Carpet Crawlers is a must have.
Simply Beautiful.Majestic.
The real Genesis awesome . saw Hackett last night awesome.
ugo olivelli
peter gabriel = genesis !!!!!!!!!!!!! e non rompete le palle