All Naruto and Hinata Bonding scenes in the ENTIRE show and movie!! part 1 HD

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Hinata And Narute Are So Cute Together Hinata X Narute
A GDragon stan VIP88
Hinata was meant to be . Her love for Naruto never detered . She love him when he was juz a child whom people ignored n was look nothing but a looser n a monster .so happy they ended up together . Love hinta ❤
Achmad Kishan Bussoni
She protec 1:40\nShe attac 2:05\n\nBut most importanly..\n\n\n\nShe thicc as hecc 8:05
Alester Uliguy
The intro is so cool
Alexandra Nase
Much better love story that twilight
Andrea Limbag
Can you plss make more naruto is grown up plss plss plss
Hinata is so loyal and faithful. Best girl!
Anish Shinde
Still a far better love story than Twilight!
In shippuden: Pain vs. Hinata... If Hinata didn’t show up, Naruto wouldn’t have transformed into the 9-tails out of rage, and would be dead.
Aziz_ Spartan
Hinata is too cute to resist
Calvin Blüemink
No , its not HD. Nice vid
“I WILL BE THE FUTURE HOKAGE” “HaHhah WhAtS this a JoKe?” *becomes future hokage* I wonder how those guys are holding up
Charles Whitman
Cherry pops
My babies
Hinata best waifu
Drake_Daequan D_D
Hinata is such a amazing character! Her character design is so beautiful, and her development is also amazing. Best girl right here!
Eijirou Kirishima
Aww they're so cute! Gets even better in Shippuden!
Eric Nuval
hinata \u003e sakura
Ethan Salinas
Meanwhile, Sakura X Naruto shippers from 2005 are dying everywhere
EyesOnYou 747
9:28 Ramen in my room is equivalent to Netflix and chill 😂
I really hope i can get a girl like hinata.. Beautiful, kind and loyal
Five Mode
Who would have thought that skinny weird girl would become the most beautiful thickest chick in the entire show
Gajeel 4208
To hear Hinata your gonna be an amazing wife It just made me think of the Rock from his funniest moments saying you got a amazing wife and she flexible as all he'll WOOOO
Galaxy Knight
6:08 Kiba trying not to stare at Hinata's Ass
Gamer Korak
16:23 Sasuke never got a chance to marry her in this alternative story.
Gaming And Amv
first time watching your video the intro got me dude loved it
Gjoe Steve
hinata is so adorable
Helix The King
WOH WOAH WOAH! Those are animated too well to be fan made, what are the alternate timeline ones at the end from???
HiMom Hey
Am i the only one whos wondering how hinata enjoyed the shadow clone jutsu during their honeymoon? Hmm
Honey Cakes
Hinita is my favorite character in naruto❤️
well every one is like I hope I find a girl like hinata 😂😂
I.J. productions
Teen Naruto was the funniest 😂
Hinata with short hair was so adorable, man.
Naruto and hinata is the best married couple in the whole series!!! NARUTO AND HINATA FTW!!! MY PERSONAL FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN THE SERIES! I LOVE THEM!!
Imli borah
Really really lovin your channel. 👌👌
Toneri looks a bit like mitsuki
Jermaine Cifra
Hinata is sooooo cute when she was little
Julie Anne
Lets be honest we all hope the thumbnail is real ermahrite?
Just a Youtuber
0:22\nI think they look cute, and perfect on Hinata.
KRC Gaming
I bet the byakugan can see through cloth
Kaung Kha
14:10 my favourite part.who else is with me?
Kevin Ramos
Hinata is the best girl in the world if only all girls were like that
Kring Lee
LaTonyax bl Jones
Hinata really likes Naruto
11:12 Naruto didn't know what is the difference between loving sweet foods and romantic love😂
Malik Mb6
*Naruto*: Hinata your gonna make one heck of a wife *Years later* There married
Manga Girl FUN
16:22 RIP Flower
Manoj Bhaskar
WHAT THE HECK! when did cartoon network aired Naruto and one piece? I grew up watching CN shows and I never seen those. Is it just me or does anyone have felt like that??
Maritia Pollard
3:37\nContext please
Marjy gamer
i think hinata was beautifull than sakura
Matthew Moua
Someone actually did this. I’m so thankful for you. Hinata has always been my favorite character in Naruto. Always and forever. ~
Michael Young
I just realized while watching this that (at least among the female cast) hinata might have by far the most character progression in the series. While her social awkwardness around naruto didn't really change until he openly confessed to her, she went from basically being a somewhat cheerful ditz (as shown in a lot of her part one screen time) to having no qualms with sacrificing herself for the one she loved, to literally being willing to sacrifice her dream of being with the man she loved to save both her sister and the planet. And, yes, while she did kind of become a housewife by boruto, she's gotten firm enough to scare naruto, boruto, and even himawari (in which the latter intimidates the two former). Damn, that's impressive.
Mingmar Lama
Hinata looked so beautiful in long hair..i dont know y they made it short in boruto
Seriously, after the Pain arc, I don’t understand how Naruto is still so oblivious to Hinata’s advances.
Naruto Uzamaki
15:29 flatty
Naruto Uzumaki
Ninjaneer 324
This couple and SasuSaku was fanservice. I know it’s very much likely Kishimoto wanted it to end up NaruHina from the beginning but he does a terrible job of writing romances. Only tossing in a few scenes where they barely talk and suddenly squeezing Naruto’s 180 degree feelings towards her in the Last movie. With SasuSaku, it’s even more stupid because Sasuke is away most of the time and somehow husband worthy after trying to kill Sakura multiple times? Before you get mad, no I don’t ship NaruSaku. That relationship is abusive as hell. But there is BARELY any development in the entire damn series between these 2 and Sakura and Sasuke. Romance in animes usually suck anyways.
Noah Parkinson
Man, now I remember why I've always liked Hinata over Sakura. Hinata is sweetness incarnate, and them getting married was one of the biggest payoffs in anime history.
Raven YT
8:10 his face xd
Rinne YT
Naruto's Shadow Clones In The Video Look Better Than The Ones When He Was In The Academy!
Ruby.R Anime.Tumblr
*I 💖 Hyuga Hinata* 💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜
Rupel padhy
Hinata had a crush on Naruto from childhood, and he thought he had no friend.
Slavas Gt
Naruto : \
“All scenes in the ENTIRE...”\n“Not all scenes were obtained”\n\nStill a nice compilation. And thanks for noting the episode.
The Last Yee
15:53\n*Rock Lee is sexier than Hinata and Sakura*
The Masters
Hinata, the sweetest stalker in the world :D
The true ultimate lifeform
16:23 that face though
TrisThe Pro
Naruto: Wow Hinata, You will make one heck of a wife.\nMarries her when they grow up Xd
Tristaxx -
Ugandan Knuckles
Jfghgefcsgkdt ooomby ooomby
That's how shitty this pairing is - 17 minutes out of all episodes, including filler and all the movies. There's no development for these two.
Viridity one
Such cute much ship
William Kelvington
“Hinata!! Holding up okay??”\nNot anymore she’s not.
Wraith King
You will never find a girl like that in real life. Anime the place where dream begins and end xD
XxxAce GachaxxX
Who came here for the thumnail
Zach_ Uchiha_YT
Naruto ♥ hinata
bts army fan
Soo cute im crying sooo CUTE NARUTO AND HINATA CUTEE
canal das primas SILVA
urruuuuuuuuuuu naruto ebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
cyclops 01
I have a crush on hinata even though she is in an anime
duy anh
Remember when cartoon network actually had good cartoons ?
eren kaneki
cool video I love your video
kim taeyeon
Sakura loving Sasuke since childhood even if Naruto loved her = biatch/useless/dumb\nHinata loving Naruto since childhood = so cute.\n\nReally guys, I don't understand all that love for Hinata. I loved her more than Sakura when she was a kid, but since Shippuden she was so useless and boring... Still don't understand the hate Sakura receives.
kitty fairy
they're by far the cutest couple in naruto
Nice only took more than the average human life span for them to even kiss
moesha bradford
I'm so inlove with this ship 😩😩 why can't the real life be like this 😢😢
nanatsu no taizai
Hinata ai love you
noruto lover gachatuber/vlogger
I love it XD
susan horowitz
hinata is so precious like\nyas i wish i was naruto
Does Hinata suffer from low blood pressure if she constantly faints?
yafet tuwanakotta
i love hinata more than sakura.. im glad naruto end up with her
3:52 “Hinata Hyuuga. She’s all right I guess. I just don’t get why she gets all shy and embarrassed anytime I even, you know, look at her.” \n\nThat delivery is freaking priceless! 😂
yuno shirayuki
Hinata:naruto.. Godbye \n\nMe:😭💔
700 episodes and only 17 minutes of Naruto and Hinata \