Shalamar - The Second Time Around (Official Music Video)

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Check out our website for more Unidisc content: © Unidisc MusicShalamar is an American R&B and soul music vocal group, based in New-York, and active in the mid-1970s and throughout the 1980s, that was originally a disco-driven vehicle created by Soul Train booking agent Dick Griffey and show creator and producer Don Cornelius. They went on to be an influential dance trio, masterminded by Cornelius. As noted in the British Hit Singles & Albums, they were regarded as fashion icons and trendsetters, and helped to introduce "body-popping" to the United Kingdom. Their collective name, "Shalamar", was picked by Griffey.

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Adidas Originals
Man i miss the 80's. im crying right now!!! Technology has covered the world real fast :(.. This type of classical music can never return with the newbees.. :(
Love roller skating to this song at the roller rink.  Jesus,  where did all this good music go and time go!  I miss those times so very much.  Love and Peace everyone!!!
Ahri Arcade
i dont know whats going on but... i cant stop ...*start to dance*
Akingboye Ajayi-Obe
500 dislike for this song was a mistake I guess,\nprobably they don't know what good music. sounds like.Our old school thing
Alfridha Haulaini
that 749 people dislikes. they don't know what music for
Andrew W
God, what a voice!!!!!
You know I really love you\nAnd I paid for my mistakes\nYes, I did, girl\nThe more I try to\nHide my feelings, baby\nThis old heart gets in the way ................  another Great  song  wow  where did time go
B Goode
This is forever music.
I can never get tired of this song. I recommend the Outunder edit to anyone who loves this song. It's so good and reminds me of those 70s & 80s 7\
Brian Eastburn
Howard has one of the greatest voices. Period.
Buddy Morris
Brings back great memories
a hundred times around i can hear this
Charisse Cameron
This song never gets old. I have to play it almost every morning to wake myself up on the commute lol.
Chicago Illinois
Howard puts Prince to shame
Chip Northup
Don Cornelius from Soul Train was surrounded by talent. He wanted to put something together. When they got chosen out of all those kids there were hard feelings. But Jodie Watley tells how immensely thankful she was for the opportunity.
CleoM Herdez
I enjoyed it when I was young and still now...
Colossal Sports Tv
How in the hell do people have the audacity to dislike this great music? #SmoothCat
Cool Breeze
Good stuff here! Shalamar could've lasted longer if Howard Hewitt's dumb butt would've stopped beefin with Jody Watley!
Curtis Gilbert
A really cool song, always great to listen to, the second time around.
Dan Washington
Disco is my absolute favorite Genre of Black African-American Music! Thank You BARRY WHITE for Composing the Beautiful Sweet Soulful Instrumental 'LOVE'S THEME'...The Sound that would later give birth to American Disco! Disco music was LOVED as much as it was HATED. Disco is the the POWERFUL genre or Style of Black American Music. Far more SOULFUL than Gospel, R&B, Rock-N-Roll, (Chuck Berry) Blues, Hip-hop, Tap-Dancing, (Sammy Davis Jr.) Jazz, Soul Music...I also want to thank the Off-white, very Hip Italian DJ's in NEW YORK for Pushing my beloved Disco into Mainstream America, When regular White people couldn't stand Disco!... The Tea Party White pepole said, Enough is Enough in 1979 and pretty much shut my beloved Disco down. (screw you Republican idiots) That's why DONNA SUMMER came out with the hit record 'THE LAST DANCE'. Italians are White pepole, that swear their not White Pepole. Off-White Italians were so in love with Disco (like me!) they said \
Diane L Jordan
I quit listening to music from the 90's. I stilke the 70-80's. I like the beat in this song.
Dick Buelow
Great song,,still enjoy disco music
Dimi Diakr
Dyanne Nieves-Gutierrez
Great song! The second time around!
Edna Johnson
This is my most favorite song ever\n I never get tired of hearing it
Eduardo Cézar Coelho
unforgetable.... 70's
Eleanor Lasater
I found my true love,my second time around,we dated briefly when I was in high school 26 years ago,and then as fate would have it,I got a friends request from him on Facebook last year,I never forgot about him,never really 100% got over him,I just went on with my life..well,we're together now,a year later and I'm so in love with this man..til death do us part.. :)
Hold out hope folks! Maybe the dislikes will hit the like button the second time around? Not like the first time!
Franklin Warner
I Like.
Geoff Owens
I know this was way before I was born. I bet the 70s music was POPING!
Grow Squad
OMG !!! Jay Z sucks compared to THIS !! Old School all the WAY . Go Shalamar . !!
Helena Mula
I love Shalamar it make me remember when I was young. And I read something that Michael Jackson also loved this Band and He used to dance music from Shalamar
IrrepressibleGuile Mr Irrepressible
now thats what you call dancing!!!
Isabel Dungey
love this era of life. A 70's baby. Good ol days...
Jamaine Stclair
Now this is something i love listening to I'm old skool
Joann Christopher
I miss this music! most now isn't feel good... this makes you want to jump up and move!
Jupiter rising
I still say you can't beat our black brothers when it comes to music, God sure gave them a gift there! Us white boys just ain't got it!
real music real voices ...nice moves ...very awesome. ...\nborn in 80s and I hate 2000s music it's fake
Kari B Gold
Howard Hewitt, his voice, whoa! Loved this group!
Khristina Bannister
the dance moves and the catchy beat, the lyrics, omg!
La Ballerine
I love this Band!
Larisa Laniak
They just don't make music like this anymore! Was the best time!!!!
Luiz C. ma
brasil ok , verys good chanel.
Lynn Fincham
Omg I miss my disco nights sob
Marc Vienne
bon souvenir bien
Absolutely timeless.
Marcus Reeves
Mark Johnston
Oh Crap !!! First time I've heard this since I danced to it back in the late 1970's when the Disco Age was THE craze in Houston Clubs. Man what fun times those were. One Hell of a Fun song. Man, what great, fantastic memories! What \
Marshall Lancaster
'79 old school--what a song!
Matt Rouge
Shalamar was and IS the JAM!
Max of the Earth
How do 500 people dislike this?
Michael Sans
Minimah Billings
Love this jam right here! Listen to it almost every other day.☺️😘🎼
Monique Harrell
Jodi Whatley omg!!!
those times good harmony music, new times are PISS
Nicolas Blanc
Hope to play this for as many youngsters as possible without them fast forwarding it
Paddy F
Saw them live in 1983. The dominion theatre. Tottenham Court Road. London. Absolutely amazing live. The place was rocking. Every single person dancing in the aisles. Good old days. Would love to go back.
I really miss REAL music. Y2K music is such a disappointment.
Ron Glive
Love Shalamar's sound, harmonies, beat and moves!! Great memories of the early 80's, and thanks to youTube I can take a step back and relive some fun memories.
Ruben Delgadillo
What a beautiful voice Jody Whatley has!
Sarcastically Deranged
Am I the only one hearing a similar sound to, \
Scott Pellam
awesome song I totally relate to this jam
Shane Anthony
Great memories from junior high fall of '79. The same year this awesome track was dominating the radio airwaves along with MJ's classic Off The Wall album. Always loved Jeffrey Daniel's singing that sweet harmony during the bridge part
Sobre Política
Late 70's.
Talkin' bout the second time though
Stacy Williams
Yes love this song❤️❤️❤️
Cool smooth song.
what a great song.......shalamar thank you😙😙😙
Te Po
this is the original club music. !!
Tee Smith
When I heard this song on the radio I had to hear this song a second time around, lol, this is way before my time, but I still got good taste... this is sweet music... love it!
The American
Back when music was good, and HAD SOUL
The Starman
Yes that music was the begin of the 80's but it still is a 1979 song.
Tyrone Day
One Of The Best R&B Trios Ever!
Vi Sun
😍😍😍😍 la vraie musique !!
Wazoof 61950
The 70's was the best time to enjoy life! That would definitely be my first destination on a time machine!
Weezer VanTrout
I love the hair glitter!
Ya Dumbo Games
This is the new theme for Clintons 2nd FBI Investigation.
Zelizeli Feliperosa
If you are human and ever messed up in your life and want forgiveness from the one you! And you are granted a 2nd chance, this should be your theme song!!! And if you love like you say you love you'll take that risk! Spitin the truth!
abduragman jappie
thank you God for creating me in 1966 so that I could experience real music like this unlike the shit that passes for music nowadays
afro excobazz
Too bad the world have lost its taste for good music
Can I  come  with  you in  your  time machine   as I   am fed  up  with  what I  am  listening  every  day  !! ?
one of Shalamar's best
equalizer time
francine mitchell
second time is so much better baby
fred ashe
nothing like The SOLAR beat. Nothing better
Carajo que linda música, esto me transporta a los años 80´S cuando se hacia buena música.
kikou man
j'aime beaucoup cool Man Karim trenkille
It's a shame they fell out with each other. They were all very talented.
lloyd booth
neo nero
If you can remember the '80s, I'm pretty certain that you're having a hard time listening to regular radio these days. Thank God for the internet.
You cannot stop talent! Unfortunately, their egos did them in.
temper lowks
What happened to music
tiago ribeiro
Quem deu deslike é porque não sabe o que é uma boa música ahuahuahuahua\nEssa é uma ótima música
tony puccio
Some people don’t have a clue about about music if they Did ? The only way days would come 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
What an amazing trio they were! I heard their breakup was so bitter, they would never reconcile and do any\nold school concerts. Too bad, they had a very special sound.
this group didn't realize how good they were.. sad all the infighting and ego's split them up.
Bring back the days of class, dressing up and the ability to sing. Real talent!