Carpet Crawlers - Genesis In Concert - 1976 - HQ

Finish of Fly on a windshield/Carpet Crawlers MedleyLyrics:The crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridor.For my second sight of people, theyve more lifeblood than before.Theyre moving in time to a heavy wooden door,Where the needles eye is winking, closing in on the poor.The carpet crawlers heed their callers:Weve got to get in to get outWeve got to get in to get outWeve got to get in to get out.Theres only one direction in the faces that I see;Its upward to the ceiling, where the chambers said to be.Like the forest fight for sunlight, that takes root in every tree.They are pulled up by the magnet, believing theyre free.The carpet crawlers heed their callers:Weve got to get in to get outWeve got to get in to get outWeve got to get in to get out.Mild mannered supermen are held in kryptonite,And the wise and foolish virgins giggle with their bodies glowingBright.Through a door a harvest feast is lit by candlelight;Its the bottom of a staircase that spirals out of sight.The carpet crawlers heed their callers:Weve got to get in to get outWeve got to get in to get outWeve got to get in to get out.The porcelain mannikin with shattered skin fears attack.The eager pack lift up their pitchers - they carry all they lack.The liquid has congealed, which has seeped out through the crack,And the tickler takes his stickleback.The carpet crawlers heed their callers:Weve got to get in to get outWeve got to get in to get outWeve got to get in to get out.

1976 Banks In Tony carpet concert crawlers fly genesis on rock windshield

Alan Starkie
I know I'll get shot down for saying this but Genesis was at it's very best when they were three...
Alex Constable
Wave after wave of sheer guitar brilliance from Steve Hackett on this song, and no closue-ups of the lead guitarist : ( Bill Bruford also studiously ignored.... Still, in all an incredible performance by the whole band. And I love the stage lighting -- the spot on Phil looks like surreal moonlight.
Annette Carrington
Best song ever been listening for 40 years xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bernard V
Handmade geil
Bob Abooey
Cant do Carpet Crawlers without Peter Sorry
C. Martin Barraza
En términos musicales, esta gira logro mejor coherencia instrumental que la gira de the lamb (en referencia a esta canción)
Cathy Laughlan
My daughter was born in 1979. This was her lullaby. I sang this to her every night while she sucked her pacifier and stared into my eyes. Thank you, Genesis.
Chris Taylor
It's nice to see that a song like Carpet Crawlers has so many views. It would be dismissed by record company executives today.
Churchill 1958
If this is taken from the London Hammersmith concert in 1976 then I was there!!!
Claire Salinas
I like the Groningen version best. This is up there though.
Danilo De Souza Vivedes
As usual, barely any footage of steve hackett... This is ridiculous.
Don Bagley
Eddie Lawrence
Love this song it touched me so much in a very difficult time,,been a Genesis fan for ever,,always will be!!!!,,they are truly amazing!!!
Eliana Amaral
Amo muito
Enrico Vecchio
Great idea Cathy! I’m waiting for their Reunion again. yes I’m a dreamer.
Esteban Granados
Fabio Biancospini
Frank Juninger
ein stück musikgeschichte. klasse.
Friar Tuck
I’m sorry but this is where Phil made Genesis who they are in the halls of music
Galva Ms
Celestialmente terrenal...aun sin Gabriel....una época de maravillosas letras y mú oí en 1980, en Cuba en el album, no entendí nada de la letra, después con los años comprendí su sentido y hasta hoy es una enseñanza de vida....
Gene Bryant
George Douglas
mama youre not wrong
Greg Moon
makes me want to cry,..
Guadalupe Martínez
Génesis con Peter Gabriel y Phill Collins exelente
Götz Ziemer
Carpet crawlerls heet their callers:ich weiss nicht weiter! We ve got t get in to get my many superman...ich kann nicht so schnell folgen...
Herr Moritz Ternien
Sounds like heaven
Can u hear Steve Hackett's guitar in the background? One of the best man ever.
Ingleprop Noosegarm
L + + carpet crawlers\nU - - different colors \nX I X hey ! SHOCKING BLUE LETTERS (7 eras of rock )
Jason Barbush
love all Genesis even after Steve Hackett left the band...
Jay John
This was definitely their best live post Gabriel. Bruford added a dynamic that can't be matched. I think Chester Thompson is great, but Bruford was pushing it forward. Listen to the whole concert from 76'. Not \
Jose Humberto Yevenes Chamorros
how many visions in my mind in those years oooh those years
Joseph, Maura et Lucas Messina
Juan Echazu
Bill Bradford dandole un touch de Yes a genesis
KPH Bogor
Great Song .... Edun pokok na mah ....
Kay Abtin
This has always been a legendary has been played in may different styles. I especially love the seconds out version 1976,with Collins vocals and Chester doing his magic on the drums.
Klaas De Loose
Allmighty Phil! Not the same as Pete but still fantastic!
Klaus-Dieter Fuchs
only this was Genesis
Laura Mounier
Phil could do this song better than Peter Gabriel. Well, arguably, he could sing this song, as well or if not better than Peter.
Lidia Ali
Lilian Berner
\nkeine Frage..zu unserer Zeit gab es einfach super gute Musik 
Lise Carriere
to Fran
Lu Vi
Phil Collins how simply singing this masterpiece, It Seems That they come from the heart the words....... good version... but the anthem Peter Gabriel.. FOREVER
Lyssah Van Baalen
Fascinating the singing style differences on this song from Peter Gabriel to Phil Collins. Collins is sweeter, romancing the song, caressing it, really singing it, Gabriel wasn't as musical, but made the song into a living, breathing thing that could stand on its own two feet. The story came alive. 
Manu Castillo
Obra maestra absoluta del rock sinfónico
Marco Cavalcante
Quase divino...
Toute mon adolescense l'ecole EDF de Ste Tulle ou j'ai connu cette superbe musique l'année 1979 ou une magnifique brune passée devant chez ma mere à la cité de la Marlerie à St Amand les Eaux Que du Bonheur
Nelson Fragoso
Obra prima do Genesis e último show de Peter Gabriel na banda......ótimo como sempre!
Nerf Guy on the Bench
I was born in '01. This. Is what I sing to my children as a lullaby.
Pablo Queipo Valencia
Peter...! Where are you!?
Paul Reber
great song amazing band
Pino Lettieri
Genesis sin Peter Gabriel no es lo mismo
Rachel Fernanda
Música belíssima! Digna de Peter Gabriel e Phil Collins! OMG!!!!!!!!
Rob Hernandez
The cherry on top.Bill Brufford druming
Robert Boulay
Peter was and is the Genius behind Genesis Since 1969. The rest are very well established musicians. Gabriel was and always will be the creator. Saw him in Vegas about a year ago. Genesis is Gabriel. Gabriel is Genesis.   
Robert Brown
This is great second generation Genesis and I like Phil but there is nothing like Peter Gabriel singing this song....
Sergio Luiz
I saw this concert film in a movie theatre in Toronto back in 1976 and was absolutely blown away by the incredible power and emotion of the performance. Starting with Seconds Out and working backwards, I purchased every Genesis album available before progressively moving forwards through to We Can't Dance. Forty-one years later, Genesis is still my favourite band of all time, particularly live, and Phil and Chester were my primary inspiration to pick up the drum sticks, which I continue to do at a semi-professional level more than 35 years later. As a group in their various configurations or as individual solo artists, I can't think of a band whose members have had a greater impact on creating so much great music over the past nearly fifty years.
Shaun G
Could not agree more, Peter is a great but Phil just nails this
Sorin Gornoviceanu
Never Phil... never...
Stasis 666
as a teen and a surfer genesis was the underground seen! the carpet crawlers with peter and phil were great, but three sides live was the album of my youth! great remembers of music and surfing!\nREPLY
Stefano Parini
Mitici e inimitabili
Stephen Jones
Stephen Wright
Lucky enough to have seen both versions with peter and without both versions great
Sunil Keshari
I have go through your vids its mind blowing
Sérgio Conforti
Música maravilhosa, banda incrível, e ainda com Bill Bruford. Meu filho de oito anos adora e canta esta música. Belíssima!
Tiago Tymniak
Steve Hackett appears for like 2 seconds in the whole video, and from very far and dark. Wasn't Peter Gabriel's an excessive exposition? Wasn't Phil's either? The Lamb, A Trick of Tail and W & W all have progressively less guitar presence.
Tommy Higgins
Jesus Christ Phil's voice
Hackett's guitar makes this song soar
They were fantastic together...but Phil I just always thought had the better voice. Not knocking peter whatsoever. Phil's voice just MAKES the crawlers in carpet crawlers. He has a remarkable voice. Just stunning.
Wladimir Auilo
angelbabe dawg
Peter Gabriel is a god....!
atep dodet
genesis is the best
Is that Chester\
The singer is Phil Collins???
camon gualos
ci accompagnò  per anni, ed ancora lo farà.
daniele cerruti
Mike on this tour , really pushed the boat out . He was never as animated as this after. A shame. He added something to the live experience.
It's no wonder Steve Hackett chucked it after this tour, you couldn't hear his haunting guitar work plus not once did the camera pan onto him during that song, shame on the rest of the group! 😡😡😡
john schoessling
Loved the songs of old..
..non ho parole!!
klaus arf
The Best song from Genesis\nAmazing
laura piñeiro
The sweetness of his voice, his corporal to the public all his feelings. It´s amazing and lovely FOREVER.
mama baehr
The miracle of life...
pamela airey
I love Peter so much! but phil kicks this like for me x
then there were three
patrick-olivier gonthier
paul hallenbeck
all I 'll say ..seconds out......
Does anyone know the brand of that double neck guitar Rutherford is playing ?
Before they became gay
What was that track that preceeded Carpet Crawlers? I really liked that edgy, pacey guitar instrumentation with aery synth blend.
stephen tubbs
They all are great musicians. Phil Collins is incredible!