Yello (live) "Bostich" @Berlin Oct 26, 2016

Download videos:

live @Kraftwerk Berlin. HD1080 Video & HQ Stereo Audience Audio Recording (best Sound with Headphones). FAN-MADE-VIDEO

+2016 +Berlin +Boris Blank +Bostich +Dieter Meier +Kraftwerk Berlin +Limbo +The Race +Yello +live

Fred Hollins
Thank you for posting.
Gino D'Orilia
Mitici YELLO !!! GIN(): )
Lens Art
I am now 53 year's old. This band and music is part of my time and fantastic BUT\ndamn, get over it and understand that there is no need for ANY Artist to stay on stage, can't perform, no voice and unable to move no more. SAD to watch and a reminer that we are old now and the time is over.
Markku Koljonen
:D Yep!
Amazing picture and sound quality for a non-official video! Interesting indeed....
naim killer
Did not get tickets so thumbs up for the little taster
Василий Котофф
Сергей Бедрак
Bravissimo, bravo thank you!