Most Popular Slow Motion Musically/TikTok Videos Compilation 2018 (P2) #slowmotion #slowmo

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I’m obsessed with 5:08 😆 EDIT: BECAUSE THE SONG!
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Music ? 4:54
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1:03 song ?
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4:18 wow
Elena León Guarin
Elisa D'Arrigo
Italiani?Avete visto Luciano Spinelli,Elisa Maino e Marco Cellucci???
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00:31 her hand is blurry lol
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2:09 i love that one
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Music 0:38 ? ^-^
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I love 2:10❤️❤️ it was so sweet
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i dont like one of them ecause they used the song to cales story of how he died i cried it made me remind of him check out rataley
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3:24 congratulations it’s a girl 😂
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When you think this video is a meme video making fun of tik tok but it’s for real and the comment section is full of 8 year olds
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Thumbnail is at 0:25
The 2nd one kinda looks like realrosesarered
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3:10 what's the tittle of this music ?🤔
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Скажите пожалуйста аккаунт девушек на 0:38
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2:09 BEST
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кто русский? лайк на ком