Arsenal vs Manchester United Promo

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Promo for big game in Old Trafford on this weekend. As usual - rate, comment and subscribe.Music:Joseph Trapanese -- Hope (Iron Man 3 trailer OST)Facebook:

8-2 Arsenal Arsene Cazorla Manchester Persie Preview Promo Rooney Sky Sports Trafford United Valencia Van Vermaelen Wenger Wilshe... nani old

The reason you finished 3rd last season. Can't blame him for wanting to win trophies.
Whatever the score it will be an amazing game
AdherA _Lee03
R.V persie love you
Alex Kent
all you Man U fans say we will win... maybe but football isn't played with your feet but your head last season arsenal only had RVP 1 out of 8 seasons playing well... WOW this arsenal has all round good players... They start with the ball and finish with the ball whatever the score
Aman Singh
Idiot Rooney had played half matches dan dat of Giroud!!!....plz dnt comparem dos 2 players...Rooney shits on ur whole team...!!!
Andre Barrett
RedArmy I will be supporting tomorrow. Manchester is RED!!!
Rvp will never be a true gunner!
going to the match today! check my channel cos im gonna post a vid of our atmosphere and giving stick to that dutch cunt and our reaction to the guard of honour!
Atanas Bonev
\u003c3 ARSENAL \u003c3\n\n
Avishek Sinha
Awesome! I love the Arsenal United matches the most!\n\nCome on United! \u003c3 #GGMU
BC 1886
no wonder, just about the whole Arsenal team were an embarrassment. Wilshere and Arteta were the only players who tackled RVP, everyone else acted as if he was their team mate. Wilshere should never have been sent off, got the ball and evra acted as if he got shot, Cleverley and RVP could both have been sent off. Left side of our defense was a joke and we were terrible in attack.
i enjoyed this channel at first because Vlad made videos of all clubs, all players, all managers, and all sorts of matches for the past +5 months it's been \
Uhm? Lol? Play-maker? Rooney has been a jack of all trades much of this season. Did you see the games against City and Chelse? He was all over the pitch, tracking back and defending ruthlessly. He does much more for the team than JUST goals and assists, which he has been improving since you made these comments.
Denzel Pinto
8 fucking 2? you guys wanna get bitch raped like last, year only this time those 2 goals you got, will come back to RVP :P 10-0 Man Utd, Gooner cockneys
Arsenal were dog shit, it should have been 10-0 to United
Dmitry Ivanov
Fresh Prince
You do the best videos on here mate, great video.\n
New vid pls
Hilmi Azhar
most of his goals are tap ins.
I thought this was supposed to be Manchester United vs Arsenal promo, not RVP vs Arenal. I liked the video but as a neutral I wanted to see other United goals in the promo.
Haha. Funny is that RVP scored the first goal after 3 minutes! Then Evra scored a header! Man Utd 2-0 Arsenal at the moment. (Min 70) GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!
Ichirune Feiru
I really want to see proper comments here, but nope, all haters.
Manchester United won the game 2-0
James Bond
Arsenal vs RVP, and my god RVP fkd us in the ass.
James Tindale
man u r da bezt
Jesper Sørensen
Awsome video, COYG!
Krzysztof Biliński
5 years ago... wow
L Ncube
you'll never be forgiven van persie\n
Lovro Čulina
hey man where do you find the videos that you edit with (goals,skills...)?\n\n
MK Piano
Will always remain the best promo i've ever had the privilege of watching, take a bow son.
No offence dude (I'm the first to praise opposition when they play well) Santos was poor but so was the whole arsenal squad. I highly doubt Gibbs would have made any difference at all. If anyone was to blame it was vermaelen (Spelling?). The only arsenal player that performed ok-ish was Cazorla.
Mackenroe Brown
a fuck off so powerful his comment literally fucked off
Maitrey Pradhan
Come on you reds of manchester!! Expecting a thrilling game! MUFC OK!
Martin Johansson
I dream about revenge for the 2-8 game. I dream about watching RvPs face when he realizes he made the wrong choice. Please lads....let my dreams come true!
Matrix Prime
STFU MANrefree
Meer Monkey
you, sir, are a top lad
Michael De Santa
This video is fucking awesome.
rooney's playing mid this season\nso your point is thus validated
didnt realise united only had 1 player
The promo was more like Arsenal vs Persie !
Niren Menon
Hahah you sure know how to bump our testosterone leles up with these promos!
Philip Kim
cleverley shoulve got sent off
RudeBoii Aman
Shut up noob Arsenal Best football team ever
Will you do Real Madrid-Man.Utd promo?
Satish Kumar Sinha
Shinji Kagawa
Top of the league!
Giroud has less than 3 assists, 3 doesnt factor even in the top 20 assists table for the EPL, Rooney leads the assists table and infact now has more goals and assists this season than your precious Girioud and Cazorla. Also If you factor in hes playing in MIDFIELD when he is a striker, Seriously go learn about football and stop being butthurt, Rooney is better for us in the midfield as it is our weak area.
...Umm Dude arsenal vs bayern munich 3-1 at arsenal 2-0 at munich....I think arsenal is a good team...great team
The Unknown Gamer
Is this \nVan Persie vs Arsenal promo or what?
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Thomas Vermaelen
Through The Film
loooooooool arsenal have only 2 shots on target and the first was on 87 min
Tuấn Đặng
The return of R.v.P and I hope that today is the worst day in his life
Show resepct to man united .... here we go sir alex\n
TheVladVideo honestly makes the best promos i have ever seen, this one especially got me excited!!!!
anh trung
oh robin van persie =))
banter gooner
Cmon arsenal!!
I'm sick and tired of arsen wengers style .... Majority shareholder of arsenal are tossers . TIME TO BOYCOTT ARSENAL . STOP SELLING OUR BEST PLAYERS . INVEST IN MORE QUALITY PLAYERS . We are a mojor club nit a fucking academy who raise players to there peak then sell them .... happy shareholders . Not so happy trophy cabinet , or Loyal fans . ENOUGH is ENOUGH .
How do you make these videoS?!
you did see most of the 8:2 goals ;)
gokula krishna
Yep United is the best
headshot 47
nice video .. its United VS the premier league match :-)
Manchester is not a one man team like Arsenal was last season ,, Rooney, Valancia, Rafa, Clev, and young ... this is the squad that nailed the gunners 8-2 :)
bayern to there standards had a very bad game at the best...well just look at the game at the emirates
Giroud isn't fit enough to lace Rooneys boots.
That may be true.....But now he is OUR Cunt!
11 hours 55 minutes. COYG!
I'll solve this whole argument: Rooney is over rated. Simple, good or not, he's given too much credit for doing the things that 30 other players can do much more easily. They treat him like he's a master of sorts, but he's really just average. The only thing I can say I appreciate from Rooney is that he's a team player and goes back to help the defense. Not much else. For a forward, he tends to lack in goals and assists in the BPL where so many other strikers and attacking mids prevail over him.
GGMU \u003c3
And Rooney isn't fit enough to kiss Van Persie's ass
Maybe because our players aren't as idiotic as Wilshere and we have a manager who knows how to address problems before they become catastrophic. The ref seemed very fair throughout and as some Arsenal fans said already, the reason why you lost was because of your abysmal performance
nope... united deserved the win :)
Андрей Шапал
We believe... Gunners.