STEVE HACKETT feat. Ray Wilson - Carpet Crawlers (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

STEVE HACKETT feat. Ray Wilson - Carpet Crawlers (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO). Taken from the album "Genesis Revisited: Live At The Royal Albert Hall". InsideOutMusic 2014.

Genesis (Musical Group) Inside Out Music (Record Label) Progressive Rock (Musical Genre) Steve Hackett (Record Producer) The Carpet Crawlers (Composition)

Al Desimone
I came here after Genesis / Collins live version in Rome 2007. I saw that tour in NYC.. BUT THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! How can you not cry listening to this
Andreas J. Kroll
What a great performance. Wilson is still the best vocalist Genesis ever had!
Andrzej Masłowski
Ray, super voice! Wonderful song! Great Job!
Carlos Camões Galhardas
TAPETE RASTEJANTE\n\nEstá alguém detrás dessa porta,\nOuvem-se ruídos estranhos;\nA porta range ao se abrir...\nDo outro lado uma criatura à solta!\nVagueio sem destino os caminhos\nPelo corredor perdido, não posso sair;\nDou comigo na sala 30, deserta,\nNas quatro paredes há desenhos\nQue fixamente teimam sorrir,\nUm sorriso que ninguém nota.\n-«Não estamos sozinhos!»…\nDiz uma voz que se faz ouvir\nCom seu grito de revolta!\nNa sala 30 formam-se sonhos…\nTenho pouco tempo para fugir,\nTapete rastejante traz-me de volta!!\n\nManuel Matias
Clint Brady
Great rendition of this song! I kinda wish that Ray Wilson would become the full time lead vocalist for Hackett, as I find Wilson's voice to be much better than Nad Sylvan's.
Corina Grasu
Omg, I can't stop playing this. Amazing performance, amanzing musicians. I would die if Steve Hackett would do a Revisited III with Wilson & Nad. \u003c3
Cynthia Fradelizi
This is the first time that I have heard Ray Wilson. He sounds nothing like Gabriel. He has a very different voice and it is great. He sounds more like FISH. I prefer Nad as far as Genesis music goes, he sounds a bit better than Gabriel.
Darren Selesnow
Ray and Steve really need to record an album together of new material and some classic Genesis songs.
Darryl Jamieson
Wow. This is beautiful.
Daveyboy _
Meh - sounds like he's got a frog in his throat
Dominic Valela
One of the things not covered by other comments here: Because the song had always played by a 5-piece up to this point, there was never someone available to do the bass part properly, so it was always very basic bass pedal work by Mike. I find it very nice to finally hear the bass part from the record.
Doug McAuliffe
the colab no one asked for. He sounds good though
Dr. Weak Licks of Crashed & Cursed
Quite a few years ago I saw Ray Wilson performing as Genesis frontman in Zurich and he was very good. With Steve Hackett he sounds even better. Imagine a global Genesis reunion, featuring also these two guys. A bit crowdy, I know, but how great it would be 🤔
Música lindíssima :).
Dusty Rhodes Scholar
My eyes tear up....
Eddy VDB
Magnifique !\nGabriel did it better ,but Ray Wilson is very good too!
Eduardo Solis
Increíble canción, maravillosa versión en vivo.
En el nido (Nest)
Vocals: Raymond Wilson
Ray Wilson was so good on this. I'm exploring to Genesis Revisited II and it's fascinating to see Genesis reiterated as an orchestral ensemble like this.
Francisco Lourenço
Thank you Steve Hackett!
Gatot Widayanto
Amazing! Ray Wilson suits this song very well!
Ray is awesome. Calling all stations sounds better everytime I hear it.
Herman Helmich
Wilson is killing it\nBrilliant
Hochet Bernard
Magnifique interprétation de Ray Wilson
Igor Maxwel
The day 18/11/2014 is the day of 40th anniversary of this wonderful album called \
So they have to have 2 singers to attempt to sing genesis songs, and the two of them combined still don't have the vocal range of 1 peter?
Ioannis Lymperis
excellent performance !
Isidor Huber
Great voices, I love Nad's backing voices, almost perfect!\n
James C
Simply beautiful.  I forgot how much influence Steve's guitar playing had on some of these earlier Genesis songs, especially these ballads.  You can certainly feel the passion of his playing throughout the song. Well done!
Jean-Claude Tissot
Great version much better than Phil Collins/Genesis but close to the original thanks to Steve Hackett.
Jean.marie Armbruster
j'adore cette chanson vraiment interpretee avec emotion et accompagnee parfaitement a la guitare de Steve Hackett et un duo vocal extra feeling
Jeff Clark
Superb !
Jeffrey van Geenen
Brilliant and beautiful rendition of one of my favourite songs. And much better than the '99 remix by Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks & Mike Rutherford where Steve Hackett and Ray Wilson were left out of.
Jens ilein
DAS. Nenne ich Vergewaltigung.
Poor Ray never got the credit he deserved when performing for Genesis, but strangely when he's doing his own/guest appearances people are ok with it. I honestly would want him back for some shows/songs. The Calling All Stations era is a very intriguing last chapter for them, and I'd like to see all past members do some sort of jam together.
Jose Muniz
Many singers, to be possible to replace Mr. Peter Gabriel.
Judah-Ben Morales
Steve Hackett did more justice to Ray Wilson than Genesis itself! Shame on you, Banks and Rutherford!
Justen Lavoie
I really liked the Calling All Stations album and Ray’s vocals on it and I’m blown away by how well Ray’s vocals work on this song just wow
Karin Korrell
brilliant Ray
Ray Wilson is great! 
Malcolm McWhirter
shame Ray could not be Steve Hackett's singer and not that shit singer he has
Malcolm Mcwhirter
Amazing Ray is an amazing vocalist
This is the best version of this song, since The Lamb.
Marianne Harms
The singer is Ray Wilson, i love his music :)
Mark Gallacher
Fantastic! Takes me back to another world...
Matt Dickey
I was watching the 2007 genesis version of this song and read in the comments that this version was better. I had my doubts but after watching it, it's significantly better. Great fucking band!
Matthew Paluch
................. A marvelous version of a beautiful song. Both Steve & Ray are inexcusably underrated!
Michael Sokolowski
What a voice.
Mike Reiss
It's interesting that Ray Wilson sings with Steve on this. They were both in Genesis but not at the same time.
this is tony banks ingeniosity. what a keyboard line intro...
Nuri Emilia de la Torre Ramírez
What a wonderful voice!
Sorry. This is a Gabriel track. Even Ray will fail it.
Omar Vidal
maravillosa version , gracias steve y ray
Ouro Têxtil Tecidos Finos
Perfect wonderful!!
Pedro Broggini
Ray is amazing!!!
Phil Jones
Damn that sounded good!!!
Ray Wilson sounds more like Gabriel than Gabriel. Hackett would sell out arenas at a Hackett/Wilson ticket.
Planck Ervine
wow, so fine and beautiful, brings tears
the man at the drums is it the son of bonso of LED ZEPPELIN ?????
Excelente Ingeniero STEVE eres un genio, esta canción me hace alusinar que hermosos recuerdos, a toda la banda de GÉNESIS son fantásticos Saludos y regresen de favor
Rann Rudisill
Ray could have been a viable singer for Genesis if Mike & Tony hadn't been played out of good songs by then.\nMy sister has a shirt like Nad is wearing. ;-)
Richard van Schelven
Superb! I miss this style of music!
Robert Larkin
Ray Wilson is the best vocalist since Peter left the band. You base the reunion with Steve on lead , Peter Lead Vocals, Ray Lead Vocals, Mike Rutherford, Bass, Tony Banks Keyboards, Phil Collins , drums, backing vocals, Chester Thompson, Drums, Darryl Steurmer, 2 nd lead guitar. Play the Lamb in its entirety. Phil's voice never suited that material. Ray handles lead and backing vocals. First encore. Firth of Fifth, second, Squonk with Peter on lead Vocals, 3rd if none are in hospital-- Phil Peter and Ray go from Dancing with the Moonlit Knight to I know what I Like. I could the die in peace Lol!!
Ronny Ridwan
wonderful song...great voice for this it
Rostislav Slavíček
SUPER, thank you !
Samuel Norman
Ray does a wonderful job on this tune!!!!
Sandro Kovalev
Wow that's really cool that Steve invited Ray Wilson to do some vocals. Honestly I'd rather have Ray doing vocals for Steve than that blond-haired fruit with the ruffled shirt.
Saul Star
Nice too see Ray again
Shannon Severe
Just Brilliant... Ray is amazing. I wish Steve would jettison Nad and bring Ray in full time. He is just superb on the old Genesis material.
SpoonWood Gennaro
gives me chills .. so good .
Steve 307
Bought tickets for March 2017, sure would be amazing if Ray came along!
Ray Wilson sings this particular song better than Collins did
Vasilis Pandis
Any future Genesis reunion has to be based on the Steve Hackett band.They are up and running so the original members can join in.A lot has been said about a full reunion,I do not see it happening in the way the fans fantasize but it could be possible with the SH platform.
Von Ithipathachai
Hackett and Wilson's Revenge?
Wellington Jucá
Grande Ray! Fantástico!
Steve Hackett has chosen the vocalists for all these re-workings of classic Genesis extremely well - This guys voice is totally suited to this song. What an amazing song - an excellent rendition.
Yolanda maria piotrowicz
its good but not as good as the original
Yvan Houle
The drummer,... He plays very well.
That's a beauty! Genesis through 'n through
Nice to see Ray dressed for the occasion.
You gotta love the sound Steve Hackett  produces,unreplaceable
charly b16
who's playing the drums? looks like jason bonham son
In my 'buy bucket'.
Great performance by Ray Wilson. I'm trying to decide whether to buy this DVD or the one at the Hammersmith.
jean-francois payette
le génie de Steve avec son lead guitar en arriere plan my God Live merci Inside
Wow the singer did a fantastic job.
lucibob baldwin
top performance ray
martin richards
OMG! Not only is Carpet Crawlers one of the greatest prog masterpieces composition wise. These singers that Hackett has are all fantastic!!!
paco fernandez
CALLING ALL STATIONS. Ese disco injustamente infravalorado.
never got the chance to hear Ray Wilson perform before. he's really interesting! he's a very good Genesis singer - here's hoping for more. i'm finally gonna check out Calling All Stations...
ray wilson really shines here. fantastic version!
I think Ray deserves a permanent place in Hackett's band.... his voice is natural, not 'manufactured' to try to sound like Gabriel and/or Collins.
Super voix de Ray Wilson, bien supérieure !!
I've loved this since I first heard in the 1970s. Steve plays one long solo for the whole song....sublime
Badass performance of a badass song from a badass album from a badass era.  Badass!
ulises labaronnie
my favorite song above all , nice version.