Manchester United 2-1 Tottenham | Herrera Wins it For United! | Emirates FA Cup Semi Final

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Manchester United came from a goal behind to beat Tottenham at Wembley, thanks to goals from Alexis Sanchez and Ander Herrera.Subscribe:

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Sanchez and Herrera were immense! I know a couple of Spurs fans who have become pretty Cocky over the last few seasons despire winning Sod all so it was great to put them in there place!😂😂😂
A NoLifeGamer
Floss omg
Aamer Zia Ulhaq
pogba just showing dembele who's the daddy
Hopefully we get the same result on Monday
Am I the only one that thinks D Ali did the dance very badly
Ali AbdirizakVEVO
*United 2017 2018 FA Cup winner* 🔥
Andi Rey pottatoes
man.united is bad but he's lucky because witch help
Archana Dutta
Don't dance before the final whistle against Man United. Hahhahaa
Arijit Banerjee
We are the famous Man United and we are going to Wembley again on 19th May
Biggest game of their season and they decided to bench kane lol
Spurs need to win a trophy next season or all their best players will be going  off to sunnier climes. That would be a real loss to the premier league as they play some lovely football and this coming from a true Chelsea fan.
BTR Memey Dj
ManUnited Epic Comeback
Ben McCarthy
Seems like Kane went to everyone’s pocket
Boy Manchester
Bro that pogba pass 😘#beautifull
GREAT GAME...WHAT A COMEBACK...Hope united will get FA cup
Dele make yolo
Chad bailey
You know what’s funny Herrera has 21 on his shirt and the score changed to 2-1
Sanchez the 🐃
Denis Sulovic
Who Else Miss Ibra and Rooney 😿😭
Don Java
Important Point \
Ed Dixon
Oh Alexis, always helping the Gunners even from afar.
Erik Alvarado
I'm a Man U supporter. We won. It was Ugly, Tottenham looked better for most parts of the game. They pass with confidence and attack with purpose. Man United has a long way to go. Don't get caught up in a win that was dependent on 2 goals. Watch the game, it frustrates me to see Man United so unsure, they lose the ball far too often and don't build up play anywhere near as nicely as Tottenham, Man City or Liverpool. Valencia just kicks the hell out of the ball no matter where it goes, Lingard is hopeless...really, Young is indecisive and careless. You can tell by Alexis' face at the end of the game- no smiles, he knows they won playing a bad game...which is the story for Man U in 2018.\nGood luck in the final though, we'll be facing a similar opponent in Chelsea...2 teams that win playing badly, should be some champagne football that night.
Esa Dicky
That dance from Alli is a total cringe
Exilez Gaming
Maybe we should be happy when other teams score first cuz then we actually wake up and play much better.
Moral of the story : dont do fortnite celebrations early on in the game
Fatema Fatema
Well done red devils
Felix Murithi
Pogba bending ×3 how do u bend the ball
Galang Ketawa
Mantap :)
Hafizur Rahman
Who loves seeing Sanchez happy? It puts a smile to my face. \nI have a joke.. what’s the difference between Tottenham and a book? \n\n\n\n\n\nA book has a title! HAHAHHA I AM SUCH A COMEDIAN!!!!!!
Hashim-_-786 X
Hylian Legend
I think Herrera should've got MoTM. Him and Sanchez have unbelievable work rates and commitment.
Ilham Seven
Kane claim goal
Isak Pettersson
Herrera should be United captain. \nLike if you agree
Never dance against United
Jack Howard
Someone should make that backpack kid dance by Delle Ali into a meme, with United comeback in the background
love how dumbasses get on lukaku for a bad touch but ignore his work for the team even though he gets the worst service, and oh...has been in the top five scorers of the past like 3 premier league seasons...
James Waters
Herrera \u003e Kanté\n\nAnder Herrera - most underrated player in the Prem
Joe Greenhart
best match sanchez ever played XD
Jonathan King
really great result for us, still hoping martial and rashford stay coz they are our future.
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Spurs never won a trophy since 2008 aka the year we won the champions league.
Karish Rajcoomar
What a comeback
Krystal Tan
Alan Pardew dance is nicer than Dele Alli.
Leo S
Whos here for the \
Lydia James
I thought all along that Tottenham was red and Manchester were white so confusing
Eriksen will fit straight in Real Madrid\nHe doesn't deserve to be in a crappy club
Mackenzie Quinn
Deserved winners
Cottenham Fotspur Hootball Tlub
Mehraban Khadimi
The media are saying Liverpool and Spurs are having a better season however we are near winning a trophy and above them in the league. BTW mours boring football beat all top 6 sides beautiful football.🔴🔴🔴GGMU
Mr Khatib
Very beautiful stadium
Musa Ahmed
Wow now we have to face man utd in the semis\nChelsea vs manchester united
Alexis Sanchez Baby 🔴🔥 #MerciArsene
Naruto Urumqi
feel sorry for kane, alli, eriksen, stuck at a dead-end club like tottenham
Nelson Mandela junior
United till the end the silence of Tottenham Hotspur in England is proudly sponsored by Manchester United 😎😎never dance against United when you never hear the final whistle coz if not your mouth gonna write a cheque that your ass can't cash 👊👊
Odhrann O Sullivam
Never dance against United
GGMU. Lets bag the FA Cup. Come on Man United.
Putra PL
Never dance while scoring the first goal. Because you will get painful karma. #sturridge #pardew #dele LoL 🔴⚪⚫
Rai 09
lesson of the day: don't celebrate too early. #ggmu
Rajat Y
I have said this and I’ll say this again-Herrera needs to be made captain. I don’t care that he is not the most gifted player but he gives something that this united team seriously lacks. For me he is the Roy Keane of this team.
Ramakrishna Mitta
The only thing Tottenham and it's players are capable of winning are Premier League Manager and Player of the month awards.
RedDevils20 Mourinho out!
Lads its Tottenham....
Ridhuan Abu Bakar
Sanchez what a header
Well Played United\n\n\nComing from a Manchester City fan \u003e:)
Robin Eappen
Where's that one on one chance that Rashford had. He got a bit nervous and missed it though.
Sagar Patil
That sublime assist by Pogba to Sanchez is so awesome to watch... not to mention how he stole possesion from Dembelè... \n\nDo not mess with Pogba...
Saghar Kakkar
The commentators were so biased. U can hear it. Look how thrilled they are when Alli scores vs Sanchez.
Simphiwe Charles
Alexis Sanchez is a marvel to watch but im worried about Martial & Rashford hope none of them leave.My heart world break if anything happened to these 2 lads.
Stephen Taylor
Herrera , Sanchez and Pogba were awesome.
Eriksen Barcelona waiting for you😇
Tasneem Khan
Why not dance against United....btw I'm a RED fan #Unitedforlife...❤❤🏴
The SpeciaL OnE
2:10 *I Like that Celebrate for alexis Sanchez* 😍
Toruk Makto
Spurs deserved to lose just for that cringy floss celebration from Ali.
Total coolness K
Vit A
4:39 on target 😂👌
X2X Gaming
Pogba \u003e De Bruyne
Yazoo Bro
Cya You the Finals\n\n\n\n\n\n\nMan U vs Chelsea
Yiannis Gaming
Never dance against united
Zack Opunmer
0:31 cringe
ayesha t
how bad is lukaku first touch it turns into an assist hes been the worst player in this game, rather martial or rashford up top then him but good result happy for alexis and pogba proved everyone wrong
bob thebuilder
Eriksen must go to a bigger club.
dantes peek
never celebrate like that on your first goal esp against teams like United, liverpool or arsenal. You putting yourself into trouble. Could understand if it was the 90th minute but not with a whole half to go.
fortnite gamer567
Never dance against united dele the special one gets revenge
Tottenham bottle it again
jez kimber
Must admit, Pogba is world class
people say that it was Pogba's fault for the goal but where was Ashley Young
kudus mkila
yas yas yas yas
amazing goal by harry kane
quran kareem
And im a chelsea fan
whats the best thing about being a spurs fan?\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNothing
sayan ghosh
Don't sell martial whatever u do Manchester united
sayyam nasir
Never ever dance against United at Wembley, first Pedrew and now Alli. When will they learn. 🤔
steve Lawson
This is what showing character all about. Never panic always be determined to come back. and always believe you going to win the game.
Im guessing by dele's dance he plays fortnite ? My son plays so he does similer dance
syahrul hidayat
Funny celebration of Tottenham . But united get come
Anthony Martial did the same thing Sanchez did in the FA CUP semi final 2 years ago against Everton and since then his career has not been allowed to rise
yong yao
Why don’t the spurs ever learn not to dance against MU? Cringy af 😂 #alanpardew
yt fan
That was quiet a strike from Herrera
Џарог Шаџе
this shows that Pogba is better than Dembele... amazing