Dark Phoenix - Official Trailer (2019) | Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix releases in theaters on February 14, 2019.Subscribe to GameSpot Universe Trailers!

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1 Elf
With Bran and Aria as her siblings, it's about time Sansa got some powers!
wow waw
Berat Cem Özçelik
wolwerine :/
Me gusta
Caleb Richardson
1:36 Um... Are they CGing Tye Sheridan to look like a young James Marston? Cause his face just looks super wide here and the shape reminds of James from the first X-Men film!\nEdit: The more I think about it, it might just be the shades throwing me off, given they have a similar look to the ones Cyclops wore in the first X-Men.
Cualquier santo
Woo X-men civil war lessgo 😂
Hakuna Matata
Damn. She's a babe.
Jacob Garaycochea
Johnny Skinwalker
Aiden Gillen as Peter Wyngard/Mastermind. BTW Is it just me or her hair seems brown? lol
Joseph A.W
Why doesnt fox just put an end to this and go all in with disney for the final hoorah, House of M.
Just a Happy Canadian-American Boy
Not even Hulk or Dr Strange stand a chance against the Phoenix Force, a lot of mutants are gonna die :/
Monica Arevalo
I hope this doesn't end up being like Days of Future Past :-:
Mr. lightBulb Potato
Where be my wolverine
Trailer bosta
Nicolas Andrade
The New wolverine movie looks amazing
Sarah Lindfield
o hell yeh
Serkan Kabatas
He/she s out of control but she/he s still our friend cliche get rid of that
Don't like the look of this movie at all. I want to see X-Men vs galactus or some other world megalomaniac. This is a remake of last stand which was crap
This went so well the first time...
alan mcgill
Wow.... That looks average af
Just don't vaporize Scott/Cyclops again.
lego kaanthan
Thanos: Hold my 🍺...
phxazdude arizona
She’s so hot
shiit winds
not a single fight or action sequence in the entire trailer. this will be the biggest flop in marvel history.