Darren Hayes - Pop!ular

Music video by Darren Hayes performing Pop!ular. (C) 2004 Sony Music Entertainment

Columbia Darren Hayes Pop Pop!ular

Aaaah oh no
This was legit one of my favourite songs when I was about 9... Wow.
Anca Uricaru
Great video, great song and \
Andrea Tummons
Mmmm Darren is so sexy! Love his voice. 
Andrew Flood
Arda Ertas
I knew that I've seen this video in sometime in 2004 and just found it by looking at the name of the song. Memories..
Ashten Rainn
Finally I can see this in Canada. Love this video \u003c3
Au Ora
неа) я хочу мороженное и китайскую щуку)))) и пушистого страуса в белом лимузине)))
I love this song is soo good I love Darren Hayes 💙
Cristalina Pop クレヨンポップ
I wanna be popular too
Cross RoadLie360
darren es el mejor
Diana González
This is pure gold...
0:24 my face when I see a hot guy in the locker room!!\n\nDarren is awesome and yes we're both gay
I love you Darren you are very good artist and singer
El Mil Usos en el Gabacho.
The video was edited they cut when Darren is in the bus and introduced himself as a former savage garden member.
Evelyn Novoa
never seen this video before.... love it. Miss your music. Have been listening to Savage Garden again over and over.
Fliblub Frupillskin
half remembered this song and searched for it only it wouldnt show up bcs the ! , not as good as i remembered and now i cant think what i thought was good about it? just extremely puzzled
Juliana Paula
Karen Flores
00:29 is my favorite part of the video. 🤣
Kasey Ford
Oh my god!!! He’s so damn hot in this video ❤️\nPlease come back or your hometown QLD, Australia and do a tour Darren! I miss you so much. I listen to you and Savage Garden everyday ❤️😘🥰🤩💕
Lisa McCullough
He's so hot it hurts
Lucas Chiang
I remember this song
Lynn Marie Anderson
I love this video!!!! It cracks me up!!! I don't think Darren is really serious here, cool song Darren!!!
M. Fernanda Ubaldo Eguis
Daren and Britney \u003c3 \u003c3 POP \u003c3 \u003c3
Ma. Fernanda LaVi
all time i wan't heard this song
Mari Diaz
años buscando esta cancion, y por fin di con ella
Nikki Jenkins
Darren's sense of humor is awesome!
Где найти такие солнцезащитные очки??
QT0 16 20
HOW ABOUT THIS for some elevator music! 😆
Rachel Weston
Can he get even more perfect?
René Cisneros
Yeaaah finally i can see it fom México =D
Robin S.
haha wish i was on the way to the top ;)
Roland Baldwin
So glad they can be seen again internationally! Darren you are awesome for having the blocks removed!
Kate Wright from TOWIE?
Sam Blinded
It was my jam when it came out. I remeber was before 2004. I was 15 anyway!!! MY JAM!!
Simone Cat
This Video is cool,crazy,funny,sexy
Those girls drive me crazy!
Veronica V
He is one of the most beautiful and talented people on planet
Yasemin Aslan
Where are you Darren We miss you
elizbeth lara
the tension and the spark is a goddamn masterpiece and SO sardonic and dark and hilarious. darren is so underappreciated for his wit it's RIDIC\nclever, clever, clever and TALENTED man. QLD represent \u003c3
john Smith
su vídeo es muy divertido
mizz spooky Lette love
my jam 💕
MILO's theme song! You know which Milo I'm talkin about.
Виктория Строкач
Very nice singer and talented no doubt
Енотик — Полоскун.
Кто успел увидеть трусы Дарена? 😂
Лилия К
Хулиганская такая! С чувством юмора у него всё в порядке, жаль конечно, что ориентация не та!
дмитрий жигунов
мафон у него суперский