Manchester United 1-2 Arsenal (2015 FA Cup R6) | Goals & Highlights

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Subscribe to FATV: Manchester United 1-2 ArsenalThe FA Cup Sixth RoundMonday 9 March 2015Old Trafford, ManchesterIt was the tale of an old favourite coming back to haunt the home faithful, as Manchester-born Danny Welbeck returned to score the goal that sent holders Arsenal on their way to a famous 2-1 victory at Old Trafford.Welbeck’s strike came with just over half an hour to play, with the game finely poised as Wayne Rooney’s stunning header followed Nacho Monreal’s neatly taken opener in the first half.United fans were craving a grandstand finish from the home side, so often an eternal force at Old Trafford, but Angel Di Maria was sent off just as they were mounting a response.Arsenal make their return to Wembley in the semi-final, where they will take on either Reading or Bradford City.The game had began at a frenetic pace, and although neither goalkeeper was called into action in the opening 15 minutes, the expectant crowd had plenty to cheer.United, so often maligned in recent weeks for their lethargy in the opponent’s final third, moved the ball sharply and had their opponents on the back foot.Ashley Young drew a foul and a booking from right-back Hector Bellerin, and Rooney, playing as an out-an-out striker, chased every cause.WEBThe FA: thefa.comWembley Stadium: wembleystadium.comTWITTERThe FA: England Football Team: Stadium: FA WSL: FA Cup: England Football Team: England Women’s Football Team: FA WSL: Stadium: England Football Team:

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Danny !!
United are hopeless imagine where they'd be if they didn't have De Gea
Good scoring chances by both sides. Two awesome saves by United's keeper kept them in the game. The difference was two defensive mistakes by Man United. Even though I don't like the outcome, Arsenal deserved the win.
49 Undefeated
This would be a 3-0 arsenal win nowadays
617075568 Wacne3
we are Arsenal we love. our. arsenal. team
A7 Slat
Had to comeback to this after that 3-0 win. Dat Guy!!
Arsenal did not deserve to win this game at all
AMCT 101
Out of the modern top four (Chelsea, Arsenal, utd & city), I feel like Arsenal and Utd are the only pure teams with the pure fans left.
Abas 2k
Hahahaha can't stop myself watching Dannys goal!
Admiral General Aladeen
Man United rely on referee's to win tbh
United were torn a new hole 😂
Arsenal Guy
As much as it pains me to say this David De Gea is the best keeper in the world right now, Real Madrid please come in for him.... I don't want to see him in the BPL, the guy is simply magnificent....
Arsene FC
Always cheating these united glory hunters. Do whatever it takes to win fake glories. classless!
BIG Dave
Diving Team 1-2 Football Team
Basit Arif
the arsenal away fans were amazing. the atmosphere was amazing
Burnz G Buckets
The ref was absolutely brilliant this game.
C. Philips
Catherine Stern
Go Arsenal the FA Cup champs
Charlie Hegarty
arseeenallll forever !!
Dan Reimer
Bye bye United RIP
Daniel Kim
so if Van Persie scores and celebrates against Arsenal he's considered a traitor, but if Welbeck scores and celebrates against his boyhood club he's a god? idgi
Di Maria's crossing man..... If only he settled at United. \n\nClearly didn't want to be there though. He wanted PSG from the outset.
Depek Persie
We have ended our nine years of winless run at Old Trafford against Manchester United with this fantastic win!!!What a match it was!!!Absolutely extremely damn electrifying!!!Arsenal for life and Arsenal till I die!!!Forever Arsenal and Come On You Gunners!!! :-D
Dhruv Dutta
Angel DIVE maria is better of at Psg
Dujanah S
Di Maria brings the diving of La liga in to the Premier League.....this is not la laiga di maria!
Duy Anh Lương
arsenal win
Elena Arsenal
0:53 The sound of the ball hitting the back of the net when Monreal scores
ExTrEmE HD Gaming
both sets of fans really lived up to the occasion and what a brilliant game
Furkan Elmas
Arsenal is the best in England..
Gaffur Bukhory
manchester has top trophies record arsenal zero
Garvin Francis
I love whenever Welbeck scores against Manchester United
Goggz Art
The very last chance... I still don't understand why Özil didn't shoot! \
Haris123 Best
Come on arsenal
Imanuel Hizkia
so glad that welbeck celebrated that goal
Ink Master
Dimaria is good
Ismaeel Naveed
I've noticed... everyone starts supporting Man U because they got 'Paul Pogba' and 'Zlatan' but don't call themselves glory hunters because they're like 6th or 7th
Lol i used to be a arsenal fan. LOL I WAS SO HAPPY AT THIS TIME WHEN WE ONE. but i can't believe it.. Now im a united fan. Been a united fan secretley all this time lol
Ivan Hardon
utd 1-2 Arsenal coyg
What a great day this was
Jack Hyde
1:55 Hey, You Guys!
Jack Reilly
ozil is terrified of shooting, his confidence is completely shot
Jamie Fitzgrade
Came back after the last min goal against Leicester
Jeremiah TMariam
Welbeck is so fast
JiHun Kim
Welbeck always score against united lol
KUBA Cioslowski
You can't pull a referee
Kaschbal Sepp
0:30 look at Di Maria for the next 25 seconds^^
Kwame Aboagye
Di Maria is a cheat and am glad that the referee sent him off when he pushed him, which you cannot do.
Lucas Pyle
one of my favorite wins in my time as an Arsenal fan!
Luke Newton
Every arseanal fan talking about di marias dive but fail to mention the Oscar worthy performance that welbs put on
Maame's fav
Welbeck is my uncle
Malik Gunebakan
6:28 \
Mamba Gawd
Matthew Lewis
Sidenote: Notice the way Ozil just drops off for the build up in the first Arsenal goal. That's his bread and butter right there.
Mentesh Ibrahim
We both have 12 FA cups now. TBH, only way to counter this is to say we beat you 3-2 with our children and ended your title hopes.
Mkhunjulwa Dhlamini
1 year later, 3-0 in 20 minutes hahahahaha #COYG
Last time Arsenal won at Old Trafford.
Who's the commentator? he's so uninspiring? I think he was the same one for the final against Villa, When Sanchez almost ripped the net with his long range shot and he sounded so dull, also with Welbeck's goal, ohn his return to United, just sounded uninterested again... Really hate his commentary style.
Arsenal 1 Watford 2....
Thank you Oxlade Chamberlain
Philip Ambattu
What high quality football. Liverpool vs Man United should've took notes.
Prateek Parmar
Man utd fans can't say this match doesn't count because they too were excited after winning the FA cup last sesson
Rodolfo Wehrhahn
Lol di Maria is so rucking rubbish
Sar B
wembley here we come
Satwant Kaur
Arsenal Forever! 😘😍💘💖💕👍👍
Welbeck scored and celebrated???? Against Manchester United? #NotRespect
Shahin Mahdi
Salty and scrumptious manutd fans!
3:30 makes me feel soooo good
go on del-boy!! 1:55
Theoffcialkwebblkop And friends
0:13 get your smelly foot off me
Timi White
Good play 4:40
Toby Chan
haha martin tyler and alan smith
Tom Jordan
Yes arsenal now just go through to the semi win and win in the final! COME ON!
Unlimited/ Football/ Comps
Be honest Man United fans, other than De Gea and Rooney, would anyone get into Arsenal's starting 11? Not a chance. Blind is average and scared to lose possession, Herrera is a neat and tidy player but not good enough. Smalling and Rojo are not United quality, Van Persie is ageing and declining, Falcao is gone. Di Maria is quality but he doesn't look like he wants to be there. Worrying times for Man Utd.
Vishnu Subramanian
Glad to see the team that dived around like c*nts lost the game and got knocked out of the cup. And I'm glad that refs like Michael Oliver have the courage to book the divers and send them off for dissent at Old Trafford of all places. Can't see that happening if Fergie was still there. Kudos to him for a great refereeing display that hopefully improves the standard of officiating in the league from now on. #FACup #AFC #Arsenal #MUFCvAFC #ManUtdOut #JanuzajDive
Yasin Hashi
What Goes Around...Comes Around, Welbeck\u003e\u003e\u003eRvp
Zain Rahman
I am so glad welbeck celebrated that goal...
brian 6891
Cech makes a that save against Rooney :-)
brihan menkir
believe in arsenal and love arsenal
cút ra cút cút ra
Ok ok ok wellbeck.^^
6:28 'puta' xD
United's defenders are sloppy as hell
jason joey
i dont 1-2 make fun of man utd loss
why have man utd got the premier league badge on when it was an FA cup match??
nethalands vs Costa Rica
I am a arsenal fan
Arsenal need to find a replacement for mertesacker in the summer.
Lord Welbeck
richard egid
arsenal forever
If smalling had been running to get back before Welbeck went around de Gea it could have been stopped
smog da draggin
Stupid dives, they could have gotten atleast chances if they didn't do that.
souhitya sen
Let's do it tomorrow again (19/11/2016). COYG !
theach8, M.D.
0:40 is one reason why I have not given up on the Ox even though every Arsenal fan is slating him right now. \n\nNot many players can beat 4-5 players and lay an assist like that.
United always overspend and attempt to buy success. But they cannot buy class