Felix the cat - Woos Whoopee

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Felix goes drinking while the the angry wife waits for him. Old 1930's cartoon by Pat Sullivan. THX to Original Poster on Usenet, a.b.cartoons.vintage

1930 Felix black cartoon cat old oldies pat sullivan white whoopee woos

Dipsomaniac Felix.
Dang! What was in that cigar he pulled out of his tail?!?
Abbi Desrochers
hes drunk XD
It's worth noting that this cartoon was released in 1930, during prohibition. Just a thought.
Arxoan Nixtram
I think this short predicted Conker's Bad Fur Day, then again I could be wrong. xD
Asdf Asdf
Don't drink kids..... Or you'll start hallucinating a more horrifying version of toon town
Billy Scribbles
The incredible Otto Mesmer!
So Good!
Bowen Mcconnie
I call this old style cartoon myself \
Bowser ByCurtis
someone sneak psp in the drinks?
Christine King
He's a cat, what else, a catnip tootsie!
if only 21th century cartoons were good and classic like this
David Smith
If they showed this to kids today the parents would go nuts. Sorry Felix. You can't be on the Supreme Court.
Dragon Shadow
Boo!  They edited out the scene where he gives everyone the finger.
There were 173 Felix cartoons by 4 different studios over 11 years before this was released, cartoons had been around for well more than a decade so I think the novelty had worn off some.
Egide Muhire
Felix is one heck of a party animal I tell ya
Eric Workman
The Voice for Felix in the Early Sound cartoons are Uncredited. Which means unknown
Felipe Vargas
Gabriel Quezada
I'll never know what he was drinking ... :c \n
Gabriella Levy
0:30 Wow, Felix
See what happens when you drink, kids? A lamppost turns into a dragon that tries to kill you. It’s science.
Garchomp the Romero
Felix is a drunk XD
Gavin Reichman
When I watched this when I was 4, I thought the white cat was a dude XD
Gregory R
i want what felix is drinking
Hung Nguyen
I remember watching this when I was younger and some of the scenes scared me but something about these cartoons really interested me lol.
this is some messed up shit.
James Ashley
They were sipping on that lean.😂
John Feather
The animation is fantastic..more invention than many of today's cheap paper cut out stop start styles...
José Trejo
Que gran loquera andaba Félix.
King Wasabi
2:13 \
Kovu The Lion
Felix's Bad Fur Day.
Does anyone know the Felix cartoon where he eats a tin can and hallucinates?
Lynette TheMadScientist
He was drinking absinthe for sure
05:14 ACAP 😎 F. the police.
Mark Thompson
Gone are the days of portraying drinking to excess and spousal abuse!  Oh, and he had/used a gun at the end, so now this vid will be forbidden and evil!
Mauricio Barrera
Félix the cat is my favorite
Megan Stallone
its been sooooo long scence i have seen Felix i am sooo thankfull i found this
Megan Veroneau
Surprisingly in sync with Angel of Death by Slayer...
Melon Eagle
Felix downing alcohol...
thats makes NO damn sense. when they had cartoons like this it was shown in theaters, theres was NO TV back in 1930's & once the 60's hit many had TV & this cartoon back then & Now is NOT anything that any kid can't or shouldn't watch. You'd have to be Blind not to see how the cartoons of today are alot more Adult themed.
Micah Buzan
So much imagination. I love how old cartoons completely ignore the laws of physics. So much squash and stretch. 
From my part, what makes Felix so lovable - as is the case in the old fashioned cartoons, take Flip the Frog and Cubby Bear - is that they're so innocent and don't scare you, like - sorry, admirers! - Sponge Bob scares me. Up to the Disney characters, Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry, I liked cartoons, but they're running kind of scarce nowadays. But, mind you, this is my PERSONAL opinion, I don't hold any grudge towards those who think differently.
Damn, Felix, what were you on?
Pablo 74
This couldn’t be shown on a cartoon channel nowadays because he drank alcohol
Pioneer Mega-LD
0:42 Is that Mickey Mouse?
Playing with Knives
I love Felix the cat
Ok, but they're playing \
RedTie Tux
Felix: Aw man, I'm so drunk I'm seeing things.\nFelix: You know what that means.\nFelix: Time for more alcohol.
Renzo Saborido
Shane the killer
Actually the cartoon was made in 1919, so this episode may of been made in the 1920's
Shimmering Drums
Lol 😁😁😁💖💖💖
Skye Reynolds
In this episode, things you can't do anymore in children's animation...
SloppyBush !
4:44 the first transformer
And I thought Conker's Bad Fur Day was a twisted hang over story!...
Stephen Gilberg
Seems only old cartoons and comedies depict alcohol as a hallucinogen.
Steve Nospam
The copyright is for 1930 exactly. One year after the start of The Great Depression. Nine years before movie premiers of The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind. 1930 was the first year of Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop. And it was the first year of The Shadow on the radio. Felix was of.....and beyond..... his time!
5:42 holy shit!
That One Orange Guy
I never knew he could drink... oh well!
I've been this high before
Vento Aureo time
VÍDEOS DE whatsapp
Wally Rebelparker
Cool video, that's My favorite cat!!!
Willson Willson
Glad there ain't any \
Yelaine Farres
or i mean
Zane Swaldo
Felix is the best!
i love it \u003c3
Meth is a hell of a drug..
Some of these cartoons have to be drug inspired ...I was watching Betty Boop & it's very similar to this, with a dark & creepy vibe...this shit scares me but I can't stop watching it! lmao
I love the designs which look so straight they must have used a ruler to draw them. Some of the animations were reversed repeatedly, but at least it was smooth. I feel our modern standards have become too high. I wish there was more opportunity for simplistic animation like this.
So felix the cat is an alcaholic
Wow. All in one 6 min cartoon Felix gets hammered, steals a drink from a patron, falls down the instant he leaves the bar, had several wild halucinations, continues to drink publicly on a street corner, drives a car at a very high rate of speed while heavily intoxicated, runs from police, falls down his own stairs at home, viciously attacks a bird with blunt force and strangulation, gets scolded by his wife, and then to top it off pulls out a concealed handgun and shoots his clock. Awesome
I think the weirdness came from the fact that the idea of a moving drawing was so novel, they were just having fun with what was now potential.
lady cat
lil turp
no way. my parents had a copy of this episode on vhs and i remember watching it as a kid.
How many Stoners watch this?
paul kersey
weird, wild stuff.
random person OwO
3:19 Grim Matchstick is pissed
Geez, even cartoon characters couldn't observe Prohibition.
It's fun to wacth Felix while smokin' a big fat one!
therandomvids s
Rip birb
top marinochka rangel
kid's. not drugs
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Man i use to watch felix when i was a kid good times man :)
Álvaro Martins
Felix era drogado kkkkk
Иван Осинин
Кто от Сыендука?
انا ربوع الوطن
بہت شکریہ جناب بہت خوب بہت خوب جناب کاشفی
•soren •
O man
Felix the cat 굳!