Shalamar - The Second Time Around

CD " Shalamar - Ultimate Collection " von 2006

Around Second Shalamar The Time

50's baby
one commenter said, remembering this song, he must be old. no sir, we better not older. we had that real swag back in the day. I for one am glad being 58, I may have aged. but I'm a better version of my \
A Cherished Gem
Love this song. I have it on my MP3
Adrian Palacios
I'm proud to have grown up with this music don't make it like this no more good times
Oh my goodness,  God,  I miss this old music.  The great memories and a super time to be young.  Where did the time go?  This was the music we partied to and had such great times--lots of dancing and hitting the roller rink -- all pure joy.  All that lived through that time knows exactly what Im talking about.   Love and Peace everyone!!
Alex Ceparano
bei tempi...le feste a casa ..i primi baci....i love this song..
Almighty Allah
to be 25 yrs old again
Ange Ortiz Felix
Angela Jalil
Thanks to You.
Anne greer
I believe you I can feel it all over as I said I wasn't looking but some how you found me and it's beautifull 💖 💕 💓 💟 💝
Shalamar is even better than the second time around. Turn up the disco music and dance those booty's off.\n.
Antoine Antoine
rip to my mom Pauline cowans this song is for you mom love you mom thank you mom i miss you mom oxoxo rip
Antwain Kerley
this song is for my mommy pauline cowans we love you and we miss you turn
BJ Drake
Yes Leon did. And your soooo right DAMN lol
Beautiful Light
This music makes u wanna go back for a second time around ...miss those days!
This is a great New Years song when the ball drops. I feel it.
Black Winger
Damn.... I´m getting old - this was my Music !!!\nGreat song
Someone needs to take musicians of today, strap them down and force them to listen this. Maybe afterwards they'll start making better music.
Carine Donfut
Christine Jojola
this was the best music to dance to back in the day and still is.
YouTube. I need a auto-repeat button.
Cora Harris
Courtney Gibson Jr
I think I was only a baby at that time. But I love this kind of music
David Silva Ligeiro
Dennis Honor
The second time around is best when it's the same one from the first time!. I got to marry mine on the second try after she turned me down the first time!
I was only 22 when this was popular. I was at a Christmas party in 1980 and this song was playing. I had a crush on this girl at work. Too afraid to ask her to dance. She finally walked up and yanked me on the dance floor. Second chances are a good thing. Gosh, made so many awful mistakes in life.
Eliot M
1980 at the Atlantis nightclub never got her name but every time this song came on we knew it was time to meet on the dance floor
Francis Allen
I would love to have a million $ I danced to that on a dance floor
George Martinez
Shalamar's \
Herbbie Clarke
The good old days.
Hulk Hulk Jr.
What old school is really about; Makes you feel happy, and sad but always satisfied. Soul...
Jacqueline Leclercq
I love this song!!!   thank you for posted
Jeannette Galindo
Saturday mornings watching Scooby Doo , Fat Albert n Soull Train line dance...damn THOSE were the days!!! Luved it!!👍
Joao Batista
Bom, muito bom!!!
John Hodgins
I'm so glad that I came up listening to music like this I've watched music go to shit over the years
Jose Santos
1979 carson. ca.francine reyes
Joseph Samuels
If I ever get her back this will be our wedding song love you t. M
Judah Tribe1969
When music was worth listening to
Judie K
need my roller skates
Kimberly Everett
sound is perfect !  how did you do that ? 
La Rosanna Ottonello
The Second Time Around
Lory Love
My stomach hurts listen to the old songs, i was a 5 year old child....didnt know that i have get thrue so much pain...but will be lucky enough to get saved by christ jesus......! God bless our children*
Malik Arvette
Matt Toledo
Brings me back to my childhood hood in the early 80's!
Miss Jaye Last
YO, this was the jam !!!!
Monica Lima
what is there not to like about this song???
Monica Prince
Yes indeed I love this music 2016
Mr Man
Song reminds me guys who got married twice. Fools. MGTOW IS FREEDOM.
Good vibes to This DAY :0)
Naomi Roy
liking the beat to this music a lot.
Noel Williams
Soul train line
shalamar,les meilleurs,the best!!!
Patricia Jackson
Yes old school only 15
Paulinha Sol
Deus do céu!!!! Som maravilhoso!!!!
Pretty nana
omg see how all there songs sound different and you understand what there saying songs today sound the same like fetty wap his songs sound the same idk if yall notice but then sometimes i really don't understand what he saying and this why i love old school songs and im only 17 and ik a bunch of old songs get into old school music yall
Reba Pilot
If I don\
Richard Palmisano
A lot of memories
Ricky Torres
This song always bring tears to my eyes because I'm a believer of second chances, since I was given a second chance in life.
Rosco tabasko
Que des bon souvenir putain ils m ont tuer
Rui Santos
Great Gerorge Benson and beautfull music...many nights remember.
Russell Regan
I had a big crush on Jody Watley back then but I couldn't pull her away from Howard Hewett😞
Sasha Taylor
I love this song.  Every time I hear it I just want to put on my foxy lady shirt, Farrah Fawcett hair, my high waist bell bottom jeans, and my roller skates lol!!!!
Saudara Perempuan
Thank God for YouTube
Scott Lutz
Was not born in the 80's but man I love this good funk soul shit
Scott Meckley
They sure don't make music this good anymore.
Scott Teramae
Howard Hewitt' voice is pure gold. Shalamar was a true class act.
Shannon Stephens
Second Time Around Is better than the first time
Solomon Osuolale
Listening to the echoes of my past renew my youthful heart with good replenishment. God bless my era. it was an era of good life and good music. What a fulfilled generations. Thanks to our musical icons and talents, also tributes to the departed souls amongst them, they are the salt, sugar and honey of our world. I say sleep tight. Good artists they were, good music they played and good life they lived. Adieu Luther vandross, Barry white, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and more good years in returns for the compatriots that were still alive, retired but not tired.
The second time around! Ooh, the second time is so much better! Yes it is!
Tasha Betta
At some point around 1990, music took a turn. Things have not been right since. We have singers -not Sanger's as my grandmother would say. Where is the soul in the lyrics? Where is the soul in the vocals? Aretha still sounds the same. I heard her at the WH Honor for songwriter Carole King and just about passed out. This lady still has it. Unbelievable. I look at the Hip Hop industry -and at times wish it were dead. What is really going on? What happened to the great male and female groups from back in the day - and I am not talking about the 90's? What happened to the great solo male and female performers? Something has got to give.
This music is so wonderful!!!! It takes me back. Loving the vibes!!!
Uncle Rho
Leon Sylvers III doesn't get enough credit!!! Amazing bass player, songwriter, producer!!!
Victor Hood
good song as well. i think so anyway. kay
Vincent Thompson
my day
Yvonne White
Real old school  lol
chris krueger
Love this song. Went through an ugly divorce in 2005 after my wife cheated on me several times. I never thought I would find love again. A year later I started dating an amazing woman. 12 years later still together and married with 2 beauriful children.
cynsonya simpson
Love that old school music.
destiny swopes
The second time around...or third...or fourth.
eric zerkle
Takes me back to fall 1979 when i first started elementary school...
gena cole
Love can still be found!
ghelli renato luigi
souvenir de la belle epoque
jean-luc CARBO
Superbe voix, putain ! vraiment magnifique !
even in 2016 i listening to Shalamar.
kiki wilson
I danced to this song all da time when I was a lil girl :)
Lyrics, when music was music.
Just pure positive energy! Thank you very much!❤️💭👍
marisol cruz
let do it one more time
One of Best Vibrations
Jodi's voice DID make a difference in the sound of Shalamar. For years they had her thinking she was no more than a background singing, dancer who was very replaceable ultimately driving her to quit the group. To me it's not Shalamar without Jodi Watley. She may not be an acrobatic vocalist, but her voice was still instrumental in shaping that sound we fell in love with. And Jodi proved this with her own number one solo projects years later.
This is what I grew up with!
richard mctere
All this great music brings me back to my junior high and high school days,All good memories
senta black
I love this song
Damn Howard Hewitt can sing. Good lord
It sounds just like Kylie Minogue on backing vocals