SECOND time playing Kerbal Space Program

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:D :D
7:22 Soviet attempt in combining captured me262 with captured he162.
A Soviet Tank
Try smaller rocket, like early soviet space program. Remember to always enable SAS and maybe watch tutorial. Good luck on beating Americans to moon, comrade.
AT matthew
Can Anatoli into space?
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Boris, there's a special hangar for planes, with a proper lane to take off without biuldings in the middle... you just need to click on the building to the left of the rocket hangar.
Alden's bro
Good thing he didn’t start another space race.
Is Boris PB?
Sponsorized by Michael Bay
Bastien Bolafeld
*please more*
Beast Mode 2.0
Boombozling !!
MAMA! SEND HELP! ahahahhahahaa
Psss... You can use struts to prevent shaking, for example, fuel tanks. Also, there is spacecraft building hangar (with runway you saw few times). Plus you can custom stages after takeoff. Nice video btw.
Cade Kodin
Right as i saw the title i was like Oh god no.
Caleb Williams
An accurate representation of North Korea's missile program
CarolinaKing 16
*’mama! send help!’*
Cheeki Breeki
Ever since i found out about Boris im only listening to Russian hardbass
Cocoa The Goat
Ха-ха очень смешно. Я люблю твои видео.
Coffeee Mug
Why have you been all my life Boris? Finaly a youtube to make me laugh me to squats.
Polska może w kosmos! Witaj w kolonii polskiego Marsa!
CrabbierBull 391
This is glorious soviet space program?\nUS is stand no chance against boris!
Curtis Flefingshire
polandball memes are my medicine.
DVD playerz
4:03\nAlyoo?\nMAMA! SEND HELP!
Dilpreet Chana
Doritos 424
8:54 that could be used as a weapon
*_USSR scientists trying to design a successful rocket, circa. 1965 colorized_*
Dylan Sedgwick
This is why the Russians never made it to the moon
Erik Ahl
You forgot the pin stripes of power blyat
Fucking Stalin
If Boris was in-charge of Russia space program they would of won the space race!
Hayden Cameron
Boris you should play Rainbow Six Siege, it best game.
Info about video:\n1965, montage of Russian officials trying to get Juri Gagarin into space
Hemanth Kumar
It's good to see Boris break character in this video.
I Can't Believe It's Not ButterSquids!
Boris can into space!
can poland nto space
J.D. Ethridge
Why the Soviets didn’t win the space race
Can Poland into space?
I am laughing so hard I am crying at the \
Jackaboy 8596095
Use smoke machine to deter German invasion
JakeTheGreat 803
6:40 is the best
Jeon Jungookie
10:00 Wrong wings damn it there the back of the space shuttle plane Oy blin
Jhon Stonmez
Does he not know how to cheat (infinite fuel, invincibility, object throwing)
John Frost
Why We fly up?\n\n\n\n\n\nIf We can fly circle
This is why the U.S. won the space race. :)
The real name of the game is Poland Space Program
Kalarau Takari
06:23 OOH MOVEMENT NOOOOOO \n\n\n\nHis Voice Tho
Krzysztof W
Kurwa, to jest pojebane :D
Levi Strauss
Tovarich Boris this is why Soviet union never get to moon.
Logan Ireland
AH, The perfect way to kick back after school.... Gopnik Gaming, some kvass and yesterdays blins.
Lol Lol
Just, watch how NASA make and launch their rokets
Boris tried to go to space, instead creates nuclear weapons.
Martin Perälahti
You should replace your flag on the game with USSR flag
Mr. foof
This is what would happen if gopniks owned NASA
Negovec 1881
I present you : Babushka
Nick Thompson
You went too fast and shot too far ahead of your target. If your point of aim is 12 o clock, you want the mun to be at about the 2:30 position. But the clock turns backwards. Unless you look at it upside down. Which makes no sense whatsoever in three dimensional space.
Posting this video with the SNEEKI breekiness of a ninja gopnik
Nova Frostwalker Ovan
79 likes 0 dislikes\nOnly a true Slav...
Papa Stalin
you did better than the north korean space program
This is so funny I just can't handle it :'D
Peyush Gurung
Russia’s greatest mind helping cosmonauts got to space!
Przemek Gie.
O lol kto dodał napisy po polsku?\nWho add polish subtitles ?
Ra Leo
BORIS, put 3 small tanks together in the middle of rocket and you will get ADIDAS STRIPES
Just because of this vid i wanna try this game 😂😂😂😂😂
Sam Vimes
Boris' laughter brings almost as much joy to my soul as hard bass
Sedtro Wolf
Rare footage of the Soviet unions space race attempts
One does not simply boris.
Snowy Toilet
Make a giant flying mayonez jar. Teach aliens about the slav magic that is polish mayonez.
Sodkumagaras DOD
Space Boi
Poland can into space! 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Stepan Gorelenkov
there is an airplane hangar to make planes to visit babushka this summer
Szopi PL
Polen kan, Boriz NOD!!!!!
Tadas Kasperiūnas
How u vant to fly without some kvass cheburek and mayonez!!!!!
That gay Shit
**Directed by Michael Bay**
Thomas Brown
every dead scientist is turning around in their graves
Mr.Boris, you can change the staging while in the launchpad eheh
Trespasser chan
Unknown Tentacle
Хардбасс сила и квас!
UrNeighbor Vadim
Can't wait to see the part 3 of KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM \nLOVE U BORIS U MAKE MY LIFE BETTER ❤️❤️❤️
Walter Scott
Boris you complete debil! Struts are your friends! It helps with not turning your ship into fish!
Wes/ 4chan memeLord
I lost my shit when he said:\n*HE DIED OF DISAPPOINTMENT*
If Russia had Boris, then they would've beat us to the moon
7:10. “And cut the engines, get ready for the approach, enable autopilot”..... and explode!!! Soo funny!!!
*so that's how the Slavs go to the moon.*
Yiff in Hell
This is why the Americans got to the moon first
Zakai from NobleGlobalRadio
4:28 You see Ivan. When fly in circles\nNo need for fear of not lift-off\nBecause engine become propellers
Hey Elon musk this man could teach you a thing or two
cinnamon birb
his laugh is so cute...
scottmanley.exe has stopped responding
I love it when Boris laughs
midnight de boy
My country is kinda related to russia so we are comrades
sad boi
Video footage of The Soviet Union sending first man, Yuri Gargarin into space using prototype rocket. (Circa 1967. Colorized 2006).
This a Documentary about how the Russians tried to get to the moon.