"Kikky" as Kiyoyuki Sakiyamas solo dance / 無名 / キッキィ

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Mr. Kikky's amazing performance movie.tags: 無名 キッキィ

Kikky U-min dancing electro dance キッキィ 崎山清之 無名 無名の心

Aiesha K
what is the second song he uses until the end of the video? :D please tell me. please.\n
can we put kikky and Kite on the same team please!!!!!
I too would also like to know why he is no longer with them but haven't been able to find anything.
Raymond Mogg
@5diddo @twtsm It's a remix of the song Popcorn
Spencer Lukela
Can't find that Popcorn remix ANYWHERE...
germaine green
yeah does anybody know what is the name of the 2nd song kikky used?
justin Alcantara
Why did he left? also Ryo recently left world order too.\n