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This is a Literally video of me going AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!BE A SIWANATOR AND SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW! - Heyyyy! It's JoJo!! Welcome to my vlog channel! i upload here EVERYDAY! So make sure to subscribe RIGHT NOW!! i love you guys so so much and i will see you tomorrow!

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I think everyone in the shop hates her becauses she's screaming all the fu king time
Abdus salam Tafadar
All i hear is chatter scream and exitment
Abigail Knapp
Honestly if I had earrings with my face on it I still would not get it
Addi Romero
Your buying your own stuff
Aimee Worrall
Imagine being this annoying.... I’m a couple months older than her (I just turned 16) and I went and got my second ear piercings done the other day and I just sat there quietly. I also have my helix done and sat quietly for that too. Imagine screeching at the top of your voice and making a scene in the middle of the store like an overgrown toddler. There are children 10 years younger than her that handle themselves better than she does. She needs to grow up. It’s an embarrassment.
Amanda Cortez
Omg she needs to take it 20 notches down
Amanda Nawrot
I got my ears perced when I was 5 and it hurt ;-; but I got screw in earings and I will never put them in again
Amy patin
Stop yelling we are right here!!!!
Andy Fennell
J just have one question. Was there anaesthetic? She looked happy when it was being done.
Annika Grace
She really meant it when she said she don’t wanna grow old too fast she legit acts and dresses like she’s 5 over reacting about a piercing 🙄🙄
Audrey zacarias
She was acting like that lady was killing her
Belen Castillo
At 0:40 that lady is my MOOD when I see her on my timeline on insta 😂😭
Betty Oliver
i now that i am a boy i love you
Bts & Blackpink
She’s literally acting like they are about to kill her 🙄
Cristina Frutos Losada
I like pearcin
Cute gamer
I got my ears pierced yesterday i nearly cried but i didnt
Da Squad
The whole video is her screaming, which hurts my ears more than her getting her ears pierced
I would be so disturbed If I had earings, clothes and bags with my face :)
David Slater
I LOVE YOU JOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻💕💕💕💕💞💞💕💕💞💕💕💖💖💖💖😍😍
Elle Lux
I just got my cartilage pierced a couple days ago when I watched this!!!
Everyone in the comments, STOP HATING ON JOJO! SO WHAT IF SHE SCREAMS!
Everyone's favorite Basketcase
I hate this so much...
Imagine hearing her screaming in the mall😂
She has 0% pain tolerance your 15 Jojo. I got my ears pierced when I was seven and I barely flinched😑
Giselle Ramirez
I would hate to be the poor person having to work on that animal.
Gracie Girl
2019 anyone?
HD Walls
I got my ears pierced for the first time yesterday, I heard the second piercing are more painful then the first. So I will give her some credit, but yeah
Hannah Shutt
Is it just me or did the piercing make her have more energy?
Hatice Sude Çetin
Hayden Marie
Stop screaming in public
Irrational Radishes
Umm I got my second piercings at claires when i was 12 and i barely flinched. WARNING FOR HEADPHONE USERS DURING THE VIDEO!
It’s Jess
People ARE different stop saying about how loud she is for screaming that’s who she is don’t bother commenting if you don’t have anything nice too say!
Jada Cunningham
I feel bad for the lady doing her piecing
Jeff Edwords
I'm going to buy you a new dog it's going to be a husky I'll beg you like Huskies do you if you like Huskies let me know and I'll get you one
Jesus Loves You so MUCH
her talking gave me anxiety bye
Julianna Nicole F. Giordano
i thought claire’s went bankrupt
Justine Carbonneau
Kaylee Partin
I got my second this may and im 11
It doesn’t hurt as much as you acted. And stop shouting
Kimberly Branam
I got my ears pierced 6 months ago and I dident scream or eny thing and dident hold the stuffy for both at the age if 9
Kiran Kewalramani
Why the hell she is screaming it feels so irritating
Kiwi koala
1 like= new ear drums for all the people in the mall.
Kono natun pic. PainiBharati Chatterjee
You are my favorite person and vlogger on Earth
Layla Dooley
Click this promise it will tearn blue \n\n👇🏻
Lillian Elmore
R.I.P. headphone users 😂
Lillie Duncan
I think you can talk a little bit slower......and quieter
Lisa Connolly
This should be year 3 day 6 not year 2 day 371 30 days has september April june and november all the rest have 31 except Febuary alone
Lucas 0.0
Its not that Bad i pierced my second hole when i was twelve 😐 and i didint Even scream a little bit
Lynden Tube
I got my ears pierced second time when I was seven and I am seven
Maeli Roblero
No hate but if y'all are going to hate then why are y'all even writing your thoughts in the comments keep it to your selves
Maria Bojorquez
Olayoyosiwa teestoyes crivi endo enespañolporcea ses mucqusvideos enespañol asunvideo enespañolporfavor💖
Master kain
she screamed like my little 3 year old brother when he does not get his ways
Megan Brown
On a scale of 1to 10 how painful was it
Morgan Wrigley
I really want my ears pierced but I am not allowed 😢
Natalja Ivanova
Can she calm down??!!!!!
Nelia Glover
How are you not shamed screaming in the store
Nevaeh Dorsainvil
hi Jo Jo
Nicole Carr
This is you 😲 this is the lady piercing your ears😤 \
Puppy Lover
Hmmm and people call me hyper and CRAZY!!!! She is CRAZY!!!
Rindi Thompson
remember when you saw me when i got my ears pearsed i was six years old and im now seven and i cant spell the words that are underlined but im in second grade and my name is avery and i hade gold earings so thank you so much for being there because when i saw you i wasnt as scared as before and i was even braver than screaming like that and i love ur vids so thank you for being a youtuber and i dont know why my name is underlined but its avery all right
Sarrah Siano
Jesus Christ jojo you are so weak, screaming like that in a mall for a little pinch, I'm 12 yo girl and got my ears pierced yesterday, with a gun too (and not at Claire's but at a pharmacy where they did a really good job), It was like a little pinch, I didn't even flinch, & they are also gave me some products to put in my ears 2 times a day for 5 days to heal, and they are now perfectly healing, no big deal ! Gosh 😂
Sasha The Gymnast
i went to walmart to get my ears pierced to be honest its better there than claire's because it doesn't hurt as much and i was only 7 years old..... and it didn't hurt one bit i didn't even scream like jojo i closed my eyes kept my mouth shut but then after i got them pierced it kinda sting but they're awesome now ;)
Selena4 Eva
Her normal voice level is SCREAMING \nso it was hell for me watching this ears are permanently DESTROYED
The way Jojo yells when she is getting ur ears done even look at the girls face the owner who’s doing the piercing she got scared to ima like my own cmt cos no one will
Silka Rouse
stop yelling we are right nere
Spicey Icey
You know that's not fun because I'm really exited about having my 2nd piercing but after that scraming I'm thinking twice. 😡😠
Stephanie Lopez
R.I.P my ears
Sumeja Hošo
I pierced my ears when i was 2-3 years old.
Sunny Bunny
6:14 “I love it cause it’s my face” damn she full of herself.
Thierryand Tyriony
The last part, she was so talkative! It hurts my ears! My gosh!! Chill girl!
Todd & Cindy McKenna
I'm getting my ears pierced and I am so scared
Trash !
Gurl got it done at claires *sigh*
Trixie Obirai
Literally if I only have my volume on 1% I can still hear her like it's on 100%
Vani S
Omg I love your earings. But I hate to hear scream 😣🙁
VeganTeen Lal
Ngl i love how positive she is but she can give you a real scream down the ear😭😂
Vivi Vivi
I would never want her face on my ears.
Wendy Rosas
WHEN they pierced Her ears She Sreamed Like A Goat
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nU came for the title\nAnd it’s at 5:42\n\nThank me later :)
XxXAlexes Garcia
Stop it get some help\n\n\n\n\nDead vine
Yasmin Irani
Jojo if you see this comment please reply one day I'm going to mail my self to you also my name is yana
I just got my ears pierced like if you have ears pierced
Zoë Eisinger
If I was jojos parents I would slap her for screaming in public!
cute dog
When I went to claires to get my ears pierced, THEY WERE LOPSIDED!!!!
flower pot
Jojo siwa I love your videos so much I wish for Christmas that I can have a jojo siwa make over but I can't because I don't have the stuff so that's sad but I love your videos I really want to call you but I don't have your phone number so year
ha crumbelina
Jeez, how much energy does she have? I'd be dead after being like that for 10 min.:)
hayota t.v
it’s Paytyn
for a second there, she was bald..
The same thing happened to me the first time I got ear pierced my mom had a tackle me and put me in the chair I scream so loud everyone in the mall hear me the security of the mall even came and asked me if I was alright I was just on the floor crying and all of them ask me if I was okay I said it hurts\n.
Omg why she screaming in the mall that loud, disturbing all the customers there. No offense but so rude.
liliana sanchez
she’s so loud help this hurt my ears more than the piercing hurt hers
megan ho
neil cortez
*jojo siwa trying to annoy everyone in 7 mins straight*
raluca olenici
Why is this on my recommend videos???
ruby lovelace
SHE IS SOOOOOO LOUD its like my 3 year old brother when i dont play with him!!!! omg!!!!!! have u ever realized her hairline #snached NOT
I just got my second piercing today :)))
why tho?
Why r u always sooooooo loud? Relax it's not the end of the world.....
Сат Kitten
Now im scared getting earrings because of her