Born to be alive - Patrick Hernandez

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1979 World Disco finals - who's your fav dancer?..

born to be alive dance disco disco dance patrick Hernandez yt:crop=16:9

Cyrpus 4tw imo.
Alex Ander
Fantastic ...
Alicia Santos
discoreview gracias por compartir me gusta saludos desde Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico
Ana isabel Toledo fernandez
Me encanta la musica me alimenta el alma gracias
Andrea Mackinnon
Born to be alive 💃💃💃2018
Andrea Ponce
*Alguien más en Noviembre de 2018?*
Anny Vieira
Alguém em 2018 da um like
Anoma Hettige
This was in 1979 and Motown 25th was in 1983 - compare #4 contestant (Hollis from Bermuda) with MJ performing Billie-Jean (when he takes off his hat and throws it) hmmm ..looks very similar... Love MJ and this video always makes me laugh and smile!.
I guess Disco did have a purpose after all\nIt brought people from all over the world together.
I'm much happier for watching this. My life is complete
Boca Nejra
Damn everybody was so thin, agile and fit back then... dancing was healthy for sure! Now we spent sitted and watching our damn phones 90% of the time! lol
Boss Bitch
the guy from iceland definately got laid that night
Brock Sargeant
Look...not a single cellphone out recording. I swear I was born in the wrong era.
Charo García Medel
podria verlo 1000 veces..❤
Christian Volkert
Critical Bill
Hey..f those ear buds...Where was i..Tending Bar at the Club back in the day...Hey it smells like bacon in here??? I right?
D Vá
Damn everybody had moves back then even the white guy.... what happened nowadays 🤷🏼\u200d♀️🤦🏼\u200d♀️
Danny D
So spectacular wow I just loved everyone had their own little thing for their Nation
David Bustamante
People don't dance anymore! How sad
I didn't know I needed this in my life.
Duane Kleppe
Cocaine + Disco = Born To be Alive
Emilio Guevara Allende
Arte, clase... Gente feliz y nada de bullying, redes sociales y basura... Cantar, bailar, compartir y soñar... La energía positiva les sale por los poros....
Felix Scharnberg
That really looks like fun!
Forte Hoje
70s was crazy.
Fred Jackson
I use to could do this, every Saturday morning, Soul Train. 2018 too fat and lazy now..
Fredy Barra
Alguien lo esta viendo a las 12 del mediodía del año 2019 con cielo nunlado .Jajajajaja que par de pájaros que son los que ponen esos comentarios por gusta
Gavin Singh
I'm Laughing at all of the people making fun of this. This is probably one of the most uplifting things I've ever seen. Disco didn't die because it was corny. Disco died because of all of the homophobics, racists and cynics who couldn't comprehend with others having a good time
Goo World
WAIT A MINUTE 2:12 is that *Logan Paul* ????
Granny Fairy
Northern cypress crushed it.
Iceland🇮🇸 is an absolute *Hoot!* 2:27
Hector Martinez
When I’m depressed I watch this video and Then im good to go!!!
Hennie Hendrik
Today's youth can learn alot about dancing from this video
Hospital Food
Oh Savash Omer! Now that’s how I want to dance! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
I Like Turtles
From what I see here. Julie Brown deserve to win.
❄❄..HAPPY NEW YEAR..❄❄\n💋💋..(2019)..💋💋
Isabelle Fleur
Patrick Hernandez peut se vanter d'avoir fait danser le monde entier sur sa seule chanson ! Vive nôtre France ou ce qu'il en reste ♥
JJ's Life
This is back in the day when people weren't just on their phones all day. Went out just to dance in the clubs and enjoy themselves. Not just to get wasted and drunk. People actually just went to dance!
Jay Soto
born 2 b alive 2019 still rocking this joint
Jennifer Mixson
If Disco came back, there'd be fewer obese Americans! These folks HAD to be in shape just to keep up with the beat!
My vote is for Savash Omer, #21. Dude killed it.
Jizzy GAMER1350
Que bueno bailes
Johnny Boy
I wish my generation knew what it was like to enjoy music without having to be drunk to dance or a pro dancer. Everybody seemed to love to let loose and have fun and got what music was all about.
Jonathan Muniz
I want to wake up one day and live this era.
Kymberly Abbe
Japan, Singapore and Northen Cyprus were the best by far
Salvatore Presti era hermoso
Lisa Surlie
Downtown Julie brown from mtv
Lorna Hay
Marcelo Festa Constantino
wonderful, amazing, spetacular, i love you all.... ;D
Maria Papa
2019?? Still strong again
Michael Stoneman
Everyone should wake up to this tune in the morning 😁✊🌅
Natural Organic
WoW ... people was not afraid to dance.... not like now... everyone dance almost the same way in club and some just dont do even that because they say they cant ... \nPeople in this video have so much fun :D
Norely Bazán
Me encantó!!!! Diferentes países 🕺 que espectacular!!!
Pauley Pavillion
Notice alot of young people were in shape with lots energy to dance in contrast to the concdescening/nasty hip hop and rap lyrics these young people listen to since 1990 and onward today. Most young blacks are mostly nasty, racist and perverts due to rap lyrics.
Paulo Mendonca
2019 prá entrar quente que todos os povos se entendam que Deus nos abençoe
I kept thinking they were gonna trip over, but nope.
Robert Herbert
2018 everybody hates everybody, 1979 , everybody just wanted to be the best dancer. what happened to my world? oh socialists. they hate happy dancers.
Rufino Chapan
Alguien en el 2019 lo esta escuchando saludos y feliz año nuevo lleno de muchas bendiciones para todos bailando con todo el positivismo ea ea ea ea
I was born in 1984... I feel like I missed a lot of cool and fun stuff. Yes I know this was probably the 1970s but if I had a time machine I would visit the 70s and 80s.
Just imagine the kgs of coke at the backstage. What a time to be alive...
Born to be a light, lol
Santo Paok4
70's energetic & Happier era Vs 2018 Zombie i phone depress era, which win?
40 years ago. I think I'm going to cry.
Shaun Allison
If ever you're feeling down, please watch this. Just fantastic! 😀👍
Northern Cyprus took the cake. Same moves as most of \
Steve Ross
I miss disco, it was so much fun!
Damn, be honest, the Cypriot’s smashed it! Number 21 Savash from the North laid the foundation and my man Costas number 30 from the South brought home the bacon!
Sue Lee
Born to be alive!
The Gruddie
This makes me realize how lame we are now-a-days.
I think I actually watch this video everyday.
Played this song the day I won the lottery!!!
Tim A.
OMG … I love all this crazy dancing guys and girls from the past….thank you for this ;)
Tommy Sands
who won?!
Toñi Herrera
eso es tener ritmo en el cuerpo y no lo que hay ahora con el perreo y el tuerquin, arriba la musica y el dance
VideoRocketz007 Millar
@ 7:06 that's Julie brown from MTV. Yikes...everybody is a grandparent...
Wayne Anthony
I am now 58 , to be 59 in August in this year of 2018 , and I am less then one year from having my second brain surgery , and I'm a white boy , and I'd love to get up dance to these kinds of songs and show everyone how these moves should and can be made. I can do it now. And would love to dance with the World !
Wisty Boy
3.34 Italian dude comes out dressed like Super Mario! Classic!
Yahir Justo
2018 December ?
And the Italian guy shows dressed like super Mario. Hahaha.
amanda mi mundo
El mundo, los géneros, las razas...todos unidos en un baile...así debería ser el mundo siempre...
clara bustamante
My fave is number 4
I watched the whole GODDAMNED THING.
Is that Doentown Julie Brown at the end?
eg se
😱 No sabía que Luigi Bros había participado en un concurso de baile representando a Italia jajaja 😂😂
This video have a good amount of late 70s and the beginning of the 80s in it, so much energy
today this competition would have been dragged on over 10 weeks of which 8 weeks would have been weeping over their sad background stories
To be honest I was never a fan of this kind of disco music but when I saw this video it really touches me because I was thinking so many women and men from different countries enjoy to dance, to have fun with this music and nothing else! No violence, no hate, simply wonderful!
kane duke
What a fantastic video....what a time to have been alive,carefree and enjoying themselves...they were dance music pioneers
make america great agai please from canada
milton Mejia
Alguien mas en novienbre 2018 19 de noviembre.
Played in Planned Parenthood waiting rooms nationwide.
ruthy heras
Love this song
suelem susuca
Finalmente achei essa música 😁😁gosto muito 🍻🍻\n26.12.18 as 23:30\nFeliz ano Novo galera🍾🎉🎆
So many Styles of hearing the same rhythm. Amazing
toby semler
I haven't smiled this broadly in a while.\n\nPick a favourite? They're all winners!
willie willaims
USA BABY !!!!! remember going out to the bars in the good old USA and this coming on the dance it was wild to say the least )::):) enjoy like there is no Tomorrow ...
zed zardoz
it'd be so much fun to dance like that.....but I'd never want it to be filmed hahhah