Sophie Turner Creeped On Ryan Gosling Steve Carell - CONAN on TBS

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Turns out that quoting "Anchorman" at the back of Steve's head won't actually get him to turn around.More CONAN @

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What a beautiful lady, i love redheads! \u003c3
Arif Chasan
i think she's high...
Aris Arthur
Is it just me... or Ryan Gossling kinda looks like a doing Petyr Baelish? 😹😹😹😹
Armando Sanchez
wow, celebrities are just like us!...................
Beauty Effulgent
I feel like I'm the only straight girl who doesn't think Ryan Gosling is that attractive. Tbh I think I would fangirl more over seeing Sophie Turner irl than Ryan Gosling...
Ben Crawshaw
Blue Spirit
imagine this...\n\ngosling goes up to her, kisses her on one of her cheeks and whispers...\n\nthe lannister send their regards
BlurryFace Nick
GoT table is by far cooler than any other tables.
Brandon Gutierrez
she looks and speaks like she's stoned
Brandon Mumek
She looks like a female Boy George. Anyone else think the same thing?
She either drunk or high af here!
Bud Mon
She's only 20?! Good lord
Bumble Douche
Used to find Sansa irritating in the earlier seasons, but she's grown on me... But when I decided to listen to one of the Blu-Ray audio commentaries with Sophie & Maisie Williams... Sheesh, that was when it hit me. Those two together are nuts, it's hilarious lol. Anyone who skips out on that special feature is missing out lol
Good to see Boy George getting in shape again.
When I do the same, I get restraining orders.
Darcey w
She drags her words and it's driving me crazy...
I can't wait to see her as Jean Grey.
Conan seems annoyed with life.
She sounds drunk. The way shes slurrying her words
*creepy voice* \
Feris Yunos
I'll do the same thing if I see Sophie Turner.
Gabe Williams
I love when someone is interviewing someone on these late night shows, and suddenly it shows a wider shot and you realize theres like 2 other ppl there XD
Gavlick Apthesycerski
God she's gorgeous love it. I have a weakness for redheads tho as wEll
George Cobelens III
Sophie is too young to know what a terrible cornerback he was in remember the titans.
I love how she's a fangirl too XD
Hanna Buntin
She is such a babe
Am I the only one who lately notices that Sophie speaks with an american accent ? lol
I was meant to be Tuesday
Apparently Ryan Gosling is a huge GOT fan anyway.
She seems high
0:56 she sounds high ahha
Ifeoma Ndigwe
She could play Gal Gadot's sister.
Sounds like she had a few drinks before going on!
It's Britney Bisch
Sophie has a plumy English accent, same as Kate Middleton and Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey. Anyone saying she's high is just ignorant and completely stupid.
When is Conan going to have Maisie Williams as a guest? She deserves the spotlight.
Joshua Jones
Complete hottie
Juan Rodriguez
0:17 alright, alright, alright \u003e;)
Juuso Mäki-Kuhna
That conan death stare
She's so pretty..
Kasper Joonatan
I think Steve and Ryan were the lucky ones.
Kass Etolle
Im a fan of GoT way back before but it is only until now I'm starting to appreciate Sophie Turner. She's soo beautiful 😍
Is it just me or is Sophie Turner an ABSOLUTE future Bond girl? Anyone?
she has a winning personality and her acting is good but damn her roles are just.. meh. in GoT her character is so frustrating i just wanna punch her in the face and i really don't see her as Jean in x-men she just doesn't look the part
Lautaro Quiroga
I hate being from the same world as Sophie. She's like so perfect and then... there's me.
Ledgers Joker
Fall to her feet?
Lee Hutchings
Sophie, you are completely exceptional.
Legendary Brox
Who cares about Ryan Gosling... THE BATMAN WAS THERE!
Leonardo Mello
Mr. Nealon always delivers... the most underrated comedian...
A man feels something rising in his pants. A man knows what to do.
Luis Campanella
I love her, this will be her year with X-Men apocalypse! and GoT
Damn,the amount of makeup!!?
Mad Dog
she seems to take a lot of drugs.
Marcos Rosales
She's adorable
Michael Moretti
I'm kinda shocked by all the hate in the comments. She seems perfectly lovely to me. You basement-dwelling wannabes to to pull your heads out of your arses.
Mitch Cain
Ms. Private Kitty Ⓥ
Fall to my feet! Hahahaha
Nerv ClaX
Rumor has it she smells... like heaven.
Ollie Raderecht
It was clearly The Big Short table.
Sansa High AF
Pauline Smith
I love her hair,so pretty!
Quinn E
She looks like Boy George! Or perhaps this is what Boy George would have looked like if he had been a woman dressing the way he did...
Roman R
shes beautiful but that outfit doesnt really work on her.
Salem Bin Tuwalah
😂 she's funny and cute great interview 👍
Shadu Shah
that photo of conan in the end, god damnit, and i thought the old subscribe to this channel was creepy
Shams Naseer
whats wrong with her voice
She's so gorgeous!
Simón Salgueiro
Conan is so damn good at making instant jokes
Stoli Pineapple
Oh god, she's drunk
Weird she looks so different in the picture
The Min0taur
she is such a babe.
Sansa Stark and The 40 Year Old Virgin.
So she was sitting with The Big Shot table (aka the best table for a fangirl) and I would've freaked out completely just like her.
Tuana Xx
She is truly the meaning of beauty
Her voice's different. Is she sick during the interview?
She is such a sweetheart. What is with all the hate.
She comes across like an English valley girl...
I'm going to marry her.
She could have \
she's going for the whole 'I'm relatable' thing like Jennifer lawrence...
She's a babe....
Damn, Sansa is all grown up.
why is her voice so low in this interview. its weird.
bhargav boruah
Aletta ocean is Sansa.
Maybe it's just me, but if some of the people mentioned were not actors and/or famous, I'm not sure anyone would be talking about them the way they do? Just a hypothesis...
Okay the picture at 1:43 looks like the worst photo shop ever.
She is really funny.
She is the hottest thing in game of thrones. Those curves. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
george mikal
I have no idea who she is but she could get it
geralt the witcher
Don't read the comments they are perverts af
0:17 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ... *grabs lotion*
She needs a new makeup artist. Unless she specifically wanted to look 15 years older, that is.
she can creep on me anytime, i bet Gosling wouldnt mind either lol
Sansa is such a turnoff but Sophie Turner is just amazing
what a babe
tanaka sigauke
she looks like shes his daughter.
A girl is fit......
ı ąɱ ą ʂῳɛɖɛ
she has a very deep voice in this video :|