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Hi, you can thank me :) - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*How can I help you?-You can give me some money. )*Where are you from?-I from Russia*Why do videos rarely come out?-It's temporary.Soon there will be more videos:) *How do you translate songs?-With the help of an interpreter.You can help me by fixing bugs)*Where do you get these girls?-With a*How long do you have to mount?-Girls search, music search, editing, subtitles take about 5 hours----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are the author of video or audio and you do not like it, please contact me by email - [email protected] or [email protected]Если вы автор видео или аудио и вас задевает использование вашего контента, то прошу связаться со мной по email адресу - [email protected] или [email protected]

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