Railway Relay Part 9

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Aboard The Iron Horse mixed by T4EOfficial playlist:

Bergen DJ Landscape Mix Oslo Progressive Scenery Soundtrack Trance VJ Bergensbanen

Gabriela Fuchs
01. Mike Foyle - Firefly 00:00\n02. Ben Nicky - Jet Stream 05:40\n03. Bluebear Project - Detonation (Ashes of Atrophy Remix) 11:28\n04. Jay Selway - Left Deaf (Prosper Remix) 16:52 \n05. Lee Haslam - Har-Umph (Oliver Brookes Remix) 22:50 \n06. Danny Powers - Frequency 28:24\n07. Tony Dark Eyes Feat Chela - Pure Desire (Katsarov Dub) 34:23\n08. John Miller - Viper (Traces Traxx Remix) 39:44
Kossak Princess
I love all of these railway mixes ~ bravo, and thank you!
T4eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \\o/\\o/\\o/\nBanging stuff !! where can i buy a ticket for that trip ??!!!\nfine tunes selection, fell totally like in an Iron crazy horse !! the first track put me right in the mood !! i loved it! \u003c3\n
ABOARD THE IRON HOUSE mixed by T4E. Style: Techno & Trance.
Great :~)
jane Maynard
john miller-viper (traces traxx remix) is the best. wish it went on for longer...
Oh, man, I loved this video series at first because it combined trains and Norway. No longer. It introduced me to a new way of enjoying music.\n\nThank you, to the maker of Part 9. It's the best! I'm now a big fan of Anjunabeats/Anjunadeep - never thought I would be enjoying this stuff, but it's fantastic.