X-Men or Game of Thrones Character? w/ Sophie Turner

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Sophie Turner plays Jean Grey in the X-Men universe and Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, but how well does she know all of the other characters? We give her 18 different names and ask her which world they are from.More Late Late Show:Subscribe: ---Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

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Abdlmalik Mohammed
i hate Sansa Stark but i freakin love Sophie Turner
Alexandra Dale M. Peña
Andrew Chisholm
i really like xmen and game of thrones. sorta bums me out when the ppl doing it don't understand the lore. she is very cute in her ignorance. cant wait to see her at conventions for the next 20 years
Andrés Falcone
She doesn't have to know all the characters. But I would expect her to know that characters with normal names are from X-men 90% of the time.
Anol Protim Boruah
Victor Creed?? Seriously?? She doesn't know Wolverine's arch enemy Sabertooth??
Arturo Jara
Su acento es fuerte
Ashok Piano lover
Seriously Victor Creed?? How did you get a role in X-Men???
wtf was she not in that crappy movie with archangel ?
Caleb Q.
Sophie is more hottest day by day. \nShe is like a vine.
Can Kahraman
most beautiful woman in the world sooooooooooo far.
Carl Jan
wasnt this already been posted before?
Chinonso A.
Sophie is really beautiful 😍🔥🔥
Chris 8
Victor Krum = Victor Creed ? 😏 Guess he doesn't have to worry about crashing when doing a Wronski feint then.... But Ron might have to worry about Hermione if this super villain takes an interest in her. Rhha this cross over mind of mine is never letting me rest...
She‘s hot asf
Daniel Knapp
Man, this girl has grown up so much.
Debtish isVodka
definitely love her new look
Diamond Wilson
In real life she’s badass
My friend played Leaf in Season 4 of Game of Thrones 😂
Elmer Son
So freaking hot.
Emilia Blaschke
How did you not know Warren Worthington hes a pretty wall known character
Eon Lee Music
Who watched this before it was reuploaded?
Escobar Furious Sr.
I feel she'll become a bestselling author in the future.
Ethan Aleman
Already posted this video
Evelina Shadow
Hahah this is gold😂
Firmansyah Kusumawardhana
She looks stunning with that blonde hair
Gracey Baker
She is so pretty!
glad the people making these movies are so familiar with the source material... smh
She doesn't even know who Angel, Beast, Iceman, or Gambit are. She's literally been in movies with half of them. Smh.
Idk Idc
47473772 idk
She's much better with her natural hair color.
I’m Gabe
I actually get annoyed when Emilia Clarke refers to Daenerys as Khaleesi
James Pittman
I like Sophie Turner she is a great actress.
Jeff stahr
I would tongue punch your fart box
Jeison Wolf
At least Sophie/Jean knows Scott Summers ...
Jordan Miller
One thing is for sure, Sophie Turner knows very little about both Game of Thrones and X-Men.
Josias Lieputra
she miss gambit and sabetooth
Victor Creed = Sabretooth lool GAME OF THRONES AHAHHAHA
Kento Kobayashi
Girl doesn't even know Viktor Krum : ^ (
Love james
Love Me
oh can't wait to see Sansa Stark (The Lady of Winterfell ) in Season 8 , she is one of my fav , haters go and braying somewhere else .
Marit Müller-Michaels
I love her so muchhhh❤️❤️
Marwane vlog-sport
Matheus Valestra
She looks better than ever, stunning!
Isn’t she with that bible bashing kid who used to wear like a chastity ring or something? Is that the lad? If its the same kid then I’ve genuinely a more mismatched couple in my entire life.
MessiTheSnow Salam
Giantsbane?\nX-men? \nReally...???\nBut, I love u sophie.
Mezo Fouad
Money Singh
She didnt know victor creed??? You are in x fuking man film sophie!!! Do your homework right
Holy testicle Tuesday, she's mindblowingly hot
Naresh Poudel
I always love sansa stark🇳🇵🤘🏻😍😍
Nathalie Ng
Even if you don’t know the character you can just tell if it’s a Game of Thrones or real world/superhero-ey name lol
Nayops 18
What took so long to upload this vid.
Nicholas Prasad
Must be why they delayed Dark Phoenix again!!!
Objective Ninja
You know nothing, Sophie Turner.
I thought she got more wrong than she did. 10/18. 55.56% correct. While that fails in America, I believe it's a passing grade in her home of the UK, so she passes. lol
Preston Chandler
Flowers is the bastard name for those born in high garden geez! 😒
Is your brother a pirate\n\n\n\n\nI’m only asking because his name I WILL TURNER\n\n\nWhoever understands that is amazing
Rahul John
Something not right
I am surprised that she did not know so many of GoT characters. I mean I did not know few as I have not read the first two books, but have read the rest, but mostly it was quite easy - GoT characters I knew and the ones I did not know I automatically assumed are X-men (as I don't know the most of their real names). Got like 2 wrong only, she got loads more, wow :D
Raouf Ghojoghi
such a disappointment ... but u know we all love her so fucking much 😍😭❤️
Raymond Calitri
That jonas is lucky
Rio Obe
Road to 100k subs without video! !
Im close to 300 help me boys
Rock n Roll
One thing common between me and sophie, we know nothing!
Rupert Murdoch
I bet she does A+ throat work
Ró Smith
Gente do CÉU!...
Sam Ledbetter
I wonder if she read from a auto-cue at the beginning. 😂😂
Sophie Turner you are so hot!!!
Shermuhammad Burgutboev
As stupid as Sunset in the GOT.
Soham Roy
Tormund giantsbane!!!
Spicy B.B.
How about Wade Wilson?
Sushanth Ramesh
It should be illegal to be that pretty!
Syed Naseer
How the fuq would she not know leaf?
Tamanna Habeebte
she doesn't recognize victor creed! good luck with logan 😂
Teri Henri
WTF! How can she not know Giantsbane is in GoT but knows Victor Cruz plays football (NFL)
The SinnersBlog
Tita Moris
looool she's clueless but I love her
Wait what!? She didn't know who Henry McCoy is although he is one of the characters in the new X-Men movie...
Walid Morera
1:12 When i show her my thing :)
Weirdo Reborn
Flowers are bastards from The Reach how difficult is that? She doesn't know either fandoms well
Woop! Sh*t
So shes not a natural redhead?
abu yazid81
Hit like if you've seen this video already lmao
Theon Greyjoy and Varys, (e)X-men.
the queen in the north, whose name is stark \u003c3 .
jazzy enigma
she cool.. sansa was done well... but she was a horrible jean grey.. hoping she pulls it off
madness at its finest
early squad where you at?
md obaidullah
superb game
mohammed akil
Why the re upload ?
norah almajed
She didn’t read the books so weird if my whole life was about this show I would not miss reading the original thing
lol she definitely didnt read the books
sandra beshara
Her expressions through out this give me life.
somali Bilow
She became a woman
teen drolls
James you are the best
venkatesh .............
Go home, Sophie. You're drunk.
vuthina roeun
Sophie seems like a bad girl :) that's why I like her
İbrahim Açıkgöz
Warren is Angel, girl, camon
Эрдэнэбилиг Буриад
oh come on, its freaking Victor Creed!