Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Speak Life (Official Video)

Official music video for "Speak Life" by Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, off the new Stony Hill album.Listen on Tidal: "Speak Life" Music Video Credits: Director: B+Director of Photography: Jerry HenryAdditional Photography: Eric Coleman and B+Local Production Company: Orangeswitch Line Producer: Abiy SolomonProduction Managers: Hermela Feredegne & Wondwossen Yeshewalul Production Assistant: Abegaz Solomon Sound Operator: Zain VallyCostume Designer: Mahlet Afework (Mafi Designs)Casting Director: Meseret MengistuFire Controller: Biruk TassewTranslation: Bethelhem Shibru & Saba EshetuDriver: Yosef ArayaProduction Company (US): MochillaProducer (US): Michael ParkProduction Company (Africa): Visual Content GangProducer (Africa): Batandwa Alperstein"Speak Life" Music Video Cast:Mute Model: Mekdelawit TadesseBuna Ceremony Lady: GebeyaneshNational Theatre Artistes: Neberegn Besuye, Amaru, Endale Brhane, Nigussie Bayle, Samuel Akale, Tseganeh Tamene, Workneh, Yetnayet Lakew, Mekdes Kassahun, Workneh Makonen & Tsegeneh Tamene Special Guests: Haile Roots, Kassaye Araya, Ethiopia Skate, Belay Bekele, Shibeshi Tariku & Shewantasew Mengistu

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big hug from human to human . and good fortune to all who come here.
2018 this is what our generation needs!
Incredible video with very strong images that support the message. ETHIOPIA BIG UP! AFRICA BIG UP!
How many solid marley fans here?? 2 generation has been following their dads pathway !! All are into music & other business even sports never perished away !!but when we check those rappers ,popstars and rockstars kids no one was heard after their fathers passin but bob marleys family is still strong and alive !! Jah blessed them!!❤️😍✊️!! #onlove
Adar Guri
4:20 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alem Tsegaye
Peace and Love 💚💛❤️ from Ethiopia
Austin Njagi
Ayana Crane
This is why Damian always win the Grammy's! The man is brilliant and he puts his soul into his craft. This is music you can feel!!
B.9 .n
Respect 👌🏽
Caleb Mays
0:43 who is that man holding the picture of bob marley with other people?
Catch The Ripple
Relate, be able... relatable ... beautifully sung, hits the spot of soul searchers....
Danilo Figueroa
Jah Bless, Cordiales Saludos desde Cuzco - Perú, para el Wayki Damian \
Danny G
Damn ... it’s not an accident he shoot the video in Ethiopia and had Amharic subtitle on it ... he is directly speaking to US (Ethiopians). It almost made me cry. We live in a very dangerous time in Ethiopia... and Damian is right ... we have been doing same mistakes as our ancestor’s and what’s happening right now ‘all the darkness’ doesn’t feel right. We’re in a very risky situation. I wish many people listen to it.
Darash Adhar
Beautiful!! Beyond the Power of Words!! Wonderfull with all it's Fullness.. We Hear You!!
Ember Massar
I pray thee, I pray thee\nOnce again\nI wonder to be surrounded by ones with such talent... ya know\n\nSpeak life\nLive a humble and meek life\nOrdinary day of the week life\nTry to search and seek life\n\nWay up\nKeep your head up and stay up\nEven when you sore and pain love\nNever giving up til its game up\nKeep your aim up\n\nAnd focus\nDon't concentrate on what's bogus\nNever sell out for a bonus\nHandle your biz like grown ups, Own up\n\nIt's amazing\nThe way Jah fire keeps blazing\nThat's why I constantly praise him\nFor some of them it's a phase thing\nSo they're gazing\n\nOn the street lights\nTill dem catch up in street fights\nCause are pretending they street wise\nAnd put to end to a brief life\nI feel Like\n\nIt's a mystery\nHow we can keep repeating our history\nMaking the same mistakes as our ancestry\nSeem like all of life lessons missed with\nIt's risky\n\nSo give praises\nOne day you may find your oasis\nRise up to the challenge you're faced with\nBe a pool and creative\nYou'll make it\n\nIts basics (Wo-Oooah)\nPeople been doing it for ages (Wo-Oooah)\nMany other cultures and places (Wo-Oooah)\nOn the regular basis (Wo-Oooah)\nThey're so many cases\n\nLets face it (man)\nWay too much time has been wasted (man)\nBuilding military bases\nFighting our war with no basis\n\nLife is sacred (Wo-Oooah)\nAnd every baby born naked (Wo-Oooah)\nSome of em nah like raise big (Wo-Oooah)\nAnd don't care what they're making (Wo-Oooah-oh)\nThey can't take it\n\nSo speak life (man)\nAll this darkness don't feel right (man)\n\nWo-Oooah\nWo-Oooah-oh\nWo-Oooah\nWo-Oooah-ooh\n\n Embed\nMORE ON GENIUS
Fatima Nuur
I'm form Somalia I love Ethiopian people😘
Fernando Bayron
Terrific song!
Fisum T
Freddie Ramon
One love to those who see this. I pray u all have a good blessed life
Green Bio
Greg Lopez
your dad should be proud of you
Heart of Gold
Hey Marley family... Congrats on your successes. There are Non Profit organizations/schools in Shashamene in need of supplies, equipment and infrastructure development. Please remember the children there every year and for your benefit regarding tax exemptions for charity. Jah Bless.
Heni Birhanu
Hey Damian Thanks for The Subtitel in Amharic And also The message to As .....From The Mother And Blessed land ..E.T.H.I.O.P.I.A.
HennyBoy Zoo
how the freak this got 14 million and lil pump got over 14 million , sumthing is dearly wrong with this world . This is real music , touch your soul music
Hola Meiji
✌🏻&❤️ from thailand naa😌💚
Igzotik TV
It gives me GOOSEBUMPS Everytime I listen to it
Irshey Rockstar
It's a mystery. How we keep repeating our history. Making the same mistakes as our ancestry
Jade Sy
I really want to go Ethiopia to see the kid I sponsored in school before but I was raped and became a victim of a hate crime! Unknowingly my father from a different mother Bob Marley’s roots is from there. I’m proud of my God’s given intuition now. I do now back then I have the same kin like y’all.
Jahky Stan
your father was a prophet and you are his son
James Elliott
THE MATURITY LEVEL... versus the American M.U.sick(making us sick) machine poising our futures... gave my daughter an Amharic name for reference. So when I call her... I Speak LIFE... SELASSIE I!!
Jocelyn Haraes
Joel Hosein
😭 REAL, speak life
Jojo Saylor
Stoney Hill is my new obsession 💋💋💋💋How did I miss this album
Jomar Booc
i love reggae music 😊
Josh Rudy
Very deep
Julie Theobalds
where was this video film? does anyone know? ?
Kamila Kaleb
My Mama #Ethiopia My #beautiful people much Love Nice song One Love #Damian ...cheers🔥🔥🙌🏿✌🏿
King Faraah
Man only speaks the truth that’s why this generation doesn’t know him 😭😭💔
Ky Frank Films
Immense Damian Marley
Lildenzii Withthe17
I listen to this song almost everyday 💕🇹🇹🇨🇦
M Tech
How can i like this more than once?
In my life I've traveled many places.. My heart is to forward to Addis Ababa to forfill I heart.. One day I shall forward.. 1❤ \n RASPECT
Maca Fiore
Blown my head!
Marie b
Marouen behind camera
تحية للمسلمين في اثيوبيا
Melissa JahSee Dawtah Rastafari
SALUTE,Give Thanks EveryTime... LOVE.
Michael Hall
The anthem of my life🔥
Mike H
Love from Englan, the whole world needs to rebel against mondern society its corrupt the the core, why can't we just live in a world where we chill together and not kill eachother, we need to put smart and wise people in power who ask real questions who aren't psychopathic and feel empathy
Ms. Richardson
Our family loves this song. Our 3 year old son knows some of the lyrics. He will listen to this song over and over. He knows real soul music. Great self focus song.
Musaffar Patel
Nahom Wos
You made this before Dr. Abiy Ahmed. Thank you damien, we're on the right path now!!
Deep lyrics Damian ! God bless Ethiopians, you are so amazing and kind People plus with a great history, don't forget it... I wish that more People visit Ethiopia because it will change you inside, there is two words to describe them :Faith and strength ! SELAM KENANETE GAR YEHUN 💚💛❤️አንድ ኢትዮጵያ
Nebyu Samuel
i fell this song is aimed directly at us
Nepolean Rajangam
Damine i love ur song like ur dad... I love u ... Come to india once plzzz in ur life
NoName 1106
I agree 100%. I stopped listening to certain rap artist because they dont talk about anything real anymore only a few do now like big krit, j. cole, mali music, kendrick Lamar just some to name. The new rap i call it RockStarRappers talk bout the same money, women, drugs, guns, and killing. Music is ( I believe) the most powerful form of art and expression. It can alter your thoughts, mood, or way of thinking if you let it make you feel joy, pain,anger, sadness love, fear. Earlier rap NWA 2pac and etc was trying to get a message out for the voice of black society and speak the truth of whats really happening in the world. But with time comes change like the new artist that dont talk about nothing positive just guns money drugs killing and fucking....no message at all and it alters the mind of our black society youth imatating them thinking its cool (sag, go to jail, carry guns, sale drugs and kill someone) listening to that all the time is negative and posioning to the mind and soul. like i said altering (almost hypnotising our society mind) that thats cool. Yes I use to listen to Boosie, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and everyone. Just got to be to negative and depressing to me. Bob marley plus his children , erykah badu, jill scott, fugees, and more plussome newer artist talk real life situations positive messages, the truth how we been lied to about who we really are, trying to bring our people together, how strong we reall are when we work together, to love life and one another, black is the most beautiful color. They speak from the bible about our TRUE history ( not the US History BS in school) True history how we was once kings and queens in our land, some from Africa and others Israel (Real 12 Tribes) how \
Osaheni Paul Amen Ordia
The most consistent entertainer I've ever seen.. God bless YOU sir
Parfait Mombo
The lyrics speak LIFE! We are all different, that is for sure. However, i want to ask the people who disliked what exactly they did not like in this one. Please, i am really concerned.
Precious Apemiye
Bob Marley would be so proud of Damian right now.
Ranveer Rajput
Peace🕊love from INDIA
Raymond Melendez
Amen brother... Thank god for everybody that worked on this audiovisual masterpiece.
Do you want Truth. Look at yourself and see how blessed you are. Do not compare your life or wish for better. What you have now is enough even if it does not feel like it. Bad things are gonna happen and you should be glad. It teaches you and then you will know what happiness truly is. Try your best even if you don't know what you are suppose to do. Learn as well no one has the true answer. We can't understand why life is but enjoy what it is. There is beauty everywhere as long as you look for it. And the biggest truth try and do. You will never have a story if you think about what you will do, instead of doing it. Have a good day and smile\n\nEdit: You all are beautiful and thank you for the support!
Rodney Wallace
These lyrics are clear as day. Handle your business like grown ups..
Roger Jones
Here at 14mill and still here 😆😆😆
Samuel Grant
Speak everyday
Sangeen Khan
Something is really wrong with this world. Lil Pump is even getting more views than this incredible Damian Marley. What is wrong with this world man.
Shabazz 7:77
The Amharic is popping \nStep your language game up
Sharif Sourour
A lot of wisdom in the lyrics. Very nicely done.
Shawn Hardy
Beautiful woke music
Spaceman Dago
Everyone out there keep your minds open love one another no matter what color we are stay United because they are trying to divide us! Peace Love and Good vibes from Los Angeles California free your mind 🔥🌳🌬
This is LIFE! 🙏
Tayvin Thompson
Speak life🎵🎵🎵\nLive a humble and meek life🎵🎵\n\nHis father has taught him well.
That Black Legacy
That One Chick
Damn, I found this video on accident. Looking for a video that served me no purpose. Just to say I seen it, to keep up with the gossip. \nThen Damian comes along and tells me \n\
Vanessa Marshall
Speak Life\nAll this Darkness No Feel right\nBlessed love always xox ♥️💛💚😇 beautiful xox
Weir Soundz
People only thrive on praise - Never kick a horse when it’s down - lead it to the water - and encourage
Woody Woodpecker
My Sister.. My Brother.. I have not met you, yet I already love you... Do not give up... the future is ours \u003c3
Xamaica Plunkett
Jamaicans it is time to wake up and live. Thank you, Damion. Another hit!!! Powerful knowledge.
borges tchongolola
this song touches the soul.love from Angola
cathy cathy
All the satanists them dislike this song!!!! 😂😂😂😂
clark maharaj
Wow astonishingly revealing. In the music video it seems as Damian was depicted as a messiah and that just put me in a trance to view the video over and over again
🗣Knowledge is Power and this is Power✊🏿
evelyn rosalia arredondo puello
I can't stop listen this, I just can't get enough! 💜
Medicine for our souls
gamer_ boy2000
Das ist ECHTE MUSIK!!!!!🤔
gfff fff
I pray thee, I pray thee once again\nI wonder to be surrounded by ones with such talent\nYou know\nSpeak life\nLive a humble and meek life\nOrdinary day of the week life\nTry to search and seek life\nWay up\nKeep your head up and stay up\nEven when you sore and pain love\nNever giving up till its game up\nKeep your aim up\nAnd focus\nDon't concentrate on what's bogus\nNever sell out for a bonus\nHandle your bis like grown ups\nOwn up\nIt's amazing\nThe way Jah fire keeps blazing\nThat's why I constantly praise him\nFor some of them it's a phase thing\nSo they're gazing\nOn the street lights\nTill dem catch up in street fights\n'Cause are pretending they're street wise\nAnd put an end to a brief life\nI feel like\nIt's a mystery\nHow we can keep repeating our history\nMaking the same mistakes as our ancestry\nSeem like all of life lessons missed with\nIt's risky\nSo give praises\nOne day you may find your oasis\nRise up to the challenge you're faced with\nBe a pool and creative\nYou'll make it\nIts basics\nPeople been doing it for ages\nMany other cultures and places\nOn the regular basis\nThey're so many cases\nLets face it (man)\nWay too much time has been wasted (man)\nBuilding military bases\nFighting our war with no basis\nLife is sacred\nAnd every baby born naked\nSome a nah gwaan like dem raise big\nAnd don't care what they're making\nThey can't take it\nSo speak life (man)\nAll this darkness no feel right (man)
This is a legendary all time great song and music video! Holy shit!
As a Jamaican, I'll speak for myself. many revere Ethiopia because of biblical connections also, we pride ourselves as a warrior type people (irrespective of race or class) and as we've witness through our history books, Ethiopia represents an African people who stood up to European colonization. We love the independence of Ethiopia and what she represents historically. The spiritual connection runs deep in us, how that happened, I don't know but who can explain how the unseen world of spirit works. Peace
magali Mahora
Simplement magnifique !
narsing rao
This man is spiritually awaken
nomadic arti
Whenever i face some difficult situation, i remember \
Southside Chicago + Westside Kansas City, MO upbringing. It's tough out here. Fight! Find a way out! The streets ain't no joke. The devils playground. God watch over you all that experience the struggle this song speaks on. When you make it, turn around and help someone else make it out. It's our duty, it's your obligation!
personne en particulier
What is the name of this kind of rythm?
55 Dislikes.. Positive And powerful song and you have dislikes.. just goes to show u can’t please everybody
shekeil charles
Am I The Only Person That's Still Trying To Understand How There're Individuals That Dislike This Song.
simon wins
some ppl are like i dont smoke but i feel high when i hear songs from damian its not all about do you smoke or not its fellings blessing
sugerlipsx Jamie wright
Like this song
traore abdulramzy
You dressed like king Selassi I it's because you're a king too