Fields of Gold

The lyrics to Fields of Gold by Sting.This is what Sting had to say in his lyrics book:"In England our house is surrounded by barley fields, and in the summer it's fascinating to watch the wind moving over the shimmering surface, like waves on an ocean of gold. There's something inherently sexy about this sight, something primal, as if the wind were making love to the barley. Lovers have made promises here, I'm sure, their bonds strengthened by the comforting cycle of the seasons" (Sting 167).

field gold lyrics of sting fields

I remember were , I have walked in the fields of gold after my Father Died for spiritual Guidance & Plan on going back their soon .\nI Would Love to film my walk someday using this song...But You tube can be Butts
Airton Rodrigues de Oliveira
So beautiful this song.
Al Standridge
Simply beautiful. Thanks Sting
Alicia V.
Andre Diaz
Everytime I hear this song makes me sad
Archie Hartgrave
Nice work Pretty Blue People.
Ayee Albores
April 27, 2015 @8:36pm. Love singing along!!
Beautiful Disaster
for my
Brian Perera
Carol Ihrig
Love this song!
Claire Pierson
this is such a wonderful song i can see those feilds and feel the sun when i hear this song
Damon Short
thank you! for posting can't stop playing it reminds me of my first deep relationship I can still feel her hugs 40 yrs ago and I still love her she created a deep void when she left I would give it all just to see her again
Dan Godwin
My VERY FAVORITE Song of Stings. Puts me in a beautiful place of yesteryear- Green, and fjords,etc.
Dennis Ryan
Thank YOU  P.B.P.   Dennis
Dieuvens Joseph
One of my favorite wonderful song!
This song makes me want to cry it's so beautiful😢😭
Dominique Hodges
HI this is my spring music for school and it make me cry because how people be mean to two others and make people hurt their parent and you should listen to the song because it makes you cry and I hurt your feelings a people to be mean to you because don't never give up your life because if you are a good person you stay like that and don't be like other people your life can be better than other people if you have kids I'm a kid and I'm 10 years old and I'm about to be 10 years old and May 16 how hot will keep you for this life because distinctive even woman and men and I'm in fourth grade now I have a great mom and have a great sis and I'm the oldest sister and I love my family so much 😭😭😭😭😭😘😘💗💗💓💓💕😪
Enemesio Mendes
It’s a brilliant song! The best song ever.
Eric Ras
it's kind of hard to explain but listening to this song for a moment i felt like it was to be in love and i haven't been in love for a while so it was a real nice for the 3:38 minutes that the song lasted to have felt that feeling again
Ethan Hanson
RIP grandad
Eugene Cattouse
I have walked in those fields in my youth twice and took them for granted. I want to walk those fields only once more and it will not be in vain.
Farah Dina Raden
Is nice to hear this song again💜💜💜
Frank Soria
Yes...sadly,nothing lasts forever...what a beautiful song...
Frederick Christusten
Frog Butt Dragging
Beautiful Song.......Hopefully we will all walk the fields of gold.........✌
Gordon Genes
We can all create a heaven on earth if we try together but humanity if flawed so many miss out but never give up!
HEM Moes
I love doing yoga to this song.
Jason Elliott
Such a beautiful song. Brings back memories of 1994.
Javid Bencosme
This song is great but to short, should have been longer
Jay Fisher
I love this song. Loretto Reid did a beautiful rendition of it on the album \
John Brydels
Jurka Pimpia
such a strong word's I love this song
K3m P3
The Office
Kevin Driscoll
I used to occasionally thing that Sting's ego exceeded his talent but this song proved me wrong!
King Wacky
I never made promises lightly.\nAnd there have been some that I've broken.\nBut I swear in the days still left.\nWe'll walk in fields of gold.\n\nThat part is really beautiful and I could play that part over and over for hours
This uploader's username reminds me too much of my traumatizing experience last night! O.O
Lawrence McKeon
Awesome tune, Sting. Gracias, señor.
Lee M.
I looked up the lyrics because I wondered why he was in \
Leo theChibowow
Lilly Freer
Doing this song in chours and I absolutely love it
Linda Brault
I just love this song by Sting, saw him perform this tune and many others!
Beautiful. You’ll forget the sun in its jealous sky as we walk in fields of gold.
Longjammer III
tears fell from my eyes singing along to this most beautiful of songs ever. Thankyou.
Marina Brunner
I remember you when the wind goes to the west, and the sun want stay with me...;)\nThe run!
Mary Stasko
This is one of my all time favorites!! It is a beautiful song a classic, thanks for the lyrics!!
MaryAnn McLaughlin
fields of gold have loved for years.
Barley.... I always heard \
Nelson Ricardo
Nicky Tikkitavi
my childhood....😞😞
Olive Lpte
Why do you want to forget the sun ? \
Om Tat Sat Namaste
What a beautiful song ! I love to sing it and wish my girlfriend would like the song as much as me. I still want to sing it as it is so poetic and sweet.
Pack man
This is the kinda song that you listen to walking the streets of downtown San Francisco and just gaze down at it's beauty from the hills!
Przemek Gawłowski
R.R. S.
I want this song played at my memorial. For all the good times that I had in a place I didn't necessarily want to be in.
Richard Mcguire
Rita Moutinho
Wonderful... with or without wind but with th strange feeling of too little time. Never mind ! It´s life as it hás always been.
Rita Wong
very nice song
Roberto Penalver
Sting is the Man!😎
Rolf S
A masterpiece of music! LIKE!!!
Shashanka Das
For my father for whom I never showed my love to him 😞 \nI miss like I never missed anybody
Sherry Koshka
I love this song so much the lyric remind me my late
wow....I never knew it was Barley.
Stella Tuifao
Facebook posts pics of Abandon Mall covers with thick snow and icy ground all over and this song pops in my head. I bet in early years, that mall was beautiful place to shop, sad it's not a Mall anymore
Super Man
this song haunted me for years cause I never knew what it was called or who sang it
Susan Withers
Harvest time and so blessed to have the vision to see what beauty surrounds us and not live in a Tower Block in a City, all kids should be able to experience these sights, they will always remember when they become adults and possibly share these wonderful colours with their families....we might complain about the rain but what a reward, fields are clothed in Gold, Crimson & Green....
Telman Mammadov
I hope you’ll remember me when the west wind moves upon the fields of barley
Oh man. this song is 25 years 😮
Thomas Edouard
I seriously love this very song
Tomi Igo
Sting's Voice
Wilco Timmer
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William Archibald
Listening to this and I'm back in childhood with all my friends along with the places that we had such good times in.
Wolfgang E
Sentimental journey......great song !
Zach S
Sting has a unique way of telling a story in EVERY single one of his songs. This being the prime example of the many. Once the true meaning behind the song is revealed through lyrics, it brought many tears to my eyes. :')
Zack Andros
This song hits me right n the feels
Zen Man
A subtle work of art 
arthur riley
You have all the words right my favorite song my STING________thank u\n
b l o s s o m
5 year ago we moved to a new city. im 17 now and i spend my whole childhood there and my father used this song on every child video from me or my sisters. listening to this again makes me cry.
bill ballard
I've always liked this song.
one of the most beautiful songs EVER written
Thanks for posting this lyric video. Sting is such a brilliant song writer it's like deep poetry to a melody. Beautiful.
At least three people shall never walk in fields of gold...
daisy duke
Did Sting write these lyrics, I wonder? Damn, I adore his music 🌼🎇🌼🎇🌼
dale zylstra
a beautiful song. Celtic Woman also does a beautiful version
love the celtic style sound it has makes u think and feel of an acient tale ❤❤❤
ed menuis
If there was a song ever written that could take you back …………………………..
elin elin
Thank you!!
Thanks for doing this. This song is a true gem!\nBut by way of proofreading, I see four instances of \
hawk eye
i remember my first  high school love story
I remember this was on the office when Pam was staring at Jim!
jackie floyd
mututhanthrige cooray
What a song. Hauntingly beautiful.