Sophie Turner- Best Moments || Funniest Compilation

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Sophie Turner- Best Moments || Funniest Compilation game of thrones bloopers sansa stark funni... sophie turner funniest moments sophie turner funny moments

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I will beTurning 70 next week. Just wondering if miss Turner have any adice on early morning cramps.
Adam El Fassi
6:58 well she's not Innocent As she look like in the show !
Alejandro Huerta
I LOVE SHOPIE TURNER... beautiful beautiful beautiful !!!
Alexandra BDB
she has a great personality but i dont find her funny.. beautiful no doubt but not funny. i guess is her english humour.
Alliyah Dabo
Masie’s laugh is so cute 💞
Andrei Danilov
I can feel my soul slowly draining out
Arya H'ghar
0.38 XDD I love Sophie !
Cam Ramos
@1:15 lmaoo i love them!!!
Cathy Carver
She's not my fave character but she's got beautiful eyes. Her eyes definitely brought out the Sansa character.
Christian Bacud
Sophie with blonde hair is everything 😍
Clyde Ztryper
Blue eyes,redhair & funny what a rare breed of Gogeousness!
Pretty girl
Dano Duncan
gorgeous, funny and witty... man I feel like Petyr Baelish... :S
Dante Gallo
Erika M
Love love love Sophie \u003c3 I also get defensive whenever someone tries to talk smack about Sansa. She was one of my favorite characters since season 1 and my instincts knew her character was going to be great! It's weird but I'm so proud of Sansa and Sophie xD
Fernando Javier Aldas Valencia
Beautiful baby
Filippo Salmaso
Where does she makes this videos?
Freeski Swizzy
love her sense of humor
Gol.D Roger
I fking love her so much . I just wanna go out for a drink with her 😂😂😂 she seems cool
Grok Effer
Sophie is so pretty. I hope Sansa survives.
SHe is so hot she doesnt poop I hear..
I love no bullshit xxx
damn she's hot
Imei Fares
I love you sansa
James Thorpe
like, how many times do they say 'like', like.....
Jen Vincur
I'd ship her and Evan Peters
Jonathan Mega
Feeling like Lit'le Fingaaah after watching this. :)
Jordan Lu
12:18, she thinkin \
Karin Green
She reminds me of Diane Kruger
Knight Artorias
t h i c c
Laura Moreno
is she practically confirming that area died in Season ^
Lord Dracoliche
cringe but great actress
M Irwin
They love each other.
Почему тут нет русских комментариев ??? Красивая очень актриса )))
Martina Balić
She is such a good actros
Maximilian Oehmichen
8 ads... really?! ...8!!!!!! 8 video stopping ads!!!!!!
she looks like boy george. even talks like him.
Michael Liu
Nadeem Shaikh
I thought she doesn't have any power in GOT but some how I realise she is gorgeous and then..
O3 Reppin
i don't normally dig gingers but she is bloody beautiful
Prong Praison
I love her!\n#mophie
Angel from Paradise!!!❤😍😇
Rebecca Blackwood
Lmao Evan is so awkward.
Rob B
She over 18? She's pretty hot; she needs a good stuffing. You know it to be so!
Sami Matrouk
What you sayin dragon stone? Come at me bro!
its a shame that she doesnt do porn... :(
am I the only one who thinks she's gonna win in the show?
I like her sooo much she is perfect: Funny, Knowledgeable, Fit, easy to get along with, not bitchy, down to earth, humble ,is the best actor and is my celebrity crush. 1,000,000 percent.
Sophie Turner reminds me of Conan O' Brian
Name of the song at the end?
Tide Pods
I'd let her fart in my mouth o_O
Timmy Too Turnt Up
Is it weird that I wish she was my wife and I could rub her feet every night?
She's beautiful and that accent is great.
Victor Delgado
I love you Baby!❤😍😚😘
What If
Sophie looks like joffrey in the thumbnail lol. She's still so beautiful tho
amanda lulu
I died at the dragon stone rap lmao😂😂😂
She is very irritating. Both in real life and in the series. Way too phlegmatic and conceited
darkmster 6
hate interviewers at carpet awards no actual premise to there questions
guy tremblay
she's sexy with make-up but i find her even more sexy without
Real purrdy!
lucian george
queen of the north!!!!
reiwell del
I must have ravened you a thousand times lawl.
Sophie Turner singing Adele as Jon Snow is the greatest thing ever.
She's so funny. Great personality. I hope the best for Sophie
Wth? Making fun of Milwaukee. Yes my 2nd city is where people come to learn proper pronunciation. Why the hate, I love Wisconsin.
tom brinkman
Toxic comments.
truth cker
God she's mine
vili 57
RIP Vine
Джинзó Аркайдия
If she styled her hair into curls and let it grow in volume, then she would be a living Merida from the Disney film Brave. She is smokin' hot and her voice is sexy.
Лорд Болтон
sophie turner 💩
【Rose Reiss】
Wow she is beautiful