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👉 FREE DOWNLOAD: Featuring Sharleena RayProduced by Odd Chap*** Credits ***Offbeat: HimselfSharleena Ray: HerselfOld man: PyeBarman: PyeAvocado scoffing friend: Odd ChapHipster Barman: Russell ArnottHipster Guy #1: Tom HamidHipster Guy #2: Marcus SmithHipster Guy #3: Dan SchwartzHipster Girl #1: Saida MelgarHipster Girl #2: Priita IsokääntäCorner Shop Owner: KokbunFilmed by Col HajeeWith special thanks to the Rope Walk pub in Bristol for letting us film there (it is not a Hipster dive!)*** Lyrics***Verse 1:I used to live in a nice place, well it wasn’t that niceYou’d be kept awake by the sound of shouting at nightPolice lights that flashed bright and sirens that were audibleBut it was our home and most of all it was affordableBut then something happened and it all changed foreverI was in the corner shop buying beans for my breakfastWhen I saw something that I thought was kinda freakyA shelf I’d never seen with something on it called TahiniI shouted to the owner “Aiyyo man, what’s this?”He said “I dunno but we’ve had requests to stock it”At the time I thought that it was nothing to be fearingBut shortly after more weird things began appearingA coffee shop popping up, where before there wasn’t oneThe gym doing Yoga classes instead of body pumpBut the point at which I knew things had gone too farWas when the snooker hall turned into a juice barChorus:Ohhhh you better start runningHead for the hills coz the Hipsters are comingThey took our town and they left us with nothingAnd now they wanna take yours tooooooooOhhhh you better start runningHead for the hills coz the Hipsters are comingTaking over every damn thing that they’re touchingAnd they wanna do the same to youuuuuuuVerse 2:It spread like wildfire it was too quick to stopEvery building in the street just became a hipster spotWith exposed brickwork and mis-matched chairsAnd staff with big fat beards and slicked back hairSelling veg that was seasonal, bread that’s artisanalFree from every single allergen that’s conceivableOrganic spelt leaven rye sourdoughAn absolute steal at only £5 a loafI tried to warn my friends but they just said to me:“I think it’s good that we’re joining the 21st Century”As they tucked into the smashed avocado they were scoffingI was like “Damn man, they’ve already got ‘em”I started to research if this had happened beforeBut what I saw left me floored coz it was worse than I thoughtFrom Shoreditch to New York and Portland it was spreadingTo Kreuzberg in Europe this was an epidemic!Verse 3:I was shell shocked so I hit the pub for a hard drinkBut when I got there what I saw made my my heart sinkThe place I’d been coming for the past 5 years nowHad changed and become yet another craft beer house– I marched inside and yelled “What the hell’s this?”The barman asked “Is there something I can help with?”Yes there bloody well is, this place was respectableNow it’s just a hipster dive that looks identicalWith drinks in glass jars and food served on wooden boardsAnd prices no normal human could affordHe said “Yeah but at least try the menuCoz I’m sure we can tempt you if you let us attempt to…We’ve got bowls of ramen with sriracha to startAnd wood-fired pizza with artichoke heartsRaw cacao brownies with ice cream made of kaleAll washed down with a local pale ale…That sounds alright actually… (BE LIKE US)No, wait! (BE LIKE US)You can’t tempt me! (BE LIKE US)I don’t wanna! (BE LIKE US)Get away from me! (BE LIKE US)I’m warning you! (BE LIKE US)Please! (BE LIKE US)Help! (BE LIKE US)Aghhhhhhhhhh!Verse 4:I managed to escape and was able to break freeSo ran full speed til I made home to safetyJumped inside the house and I slammed the front door closedThen barricaded it with some planks and a wardrobe– I fell asleep but awoke the next morningTo the sound of my phone and my landlord callingHis name’s Owen which is appropriate I guessCoz that’s what I was usually doing with the rentHe said “It’s with regret that I’m giving you your noticeCoz house prices round here have recently explodedSo I’m selling up and it’s sad that I’ve got toBut with the offer I’ve been made, I’d be mad not toSo I left town for a new place to dwellBut I know it won’t be long before they come here as wellSo when you see a juice bar open don’t waitStart running coz by then it’s already too late…Pie: It’s funny you say that, Stranger…Me: Oh?Pie: We just had a juice bar open up last week…Me: Oh my God… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… it’s already too late…HERE THEY COOOOOOOOME!Chorus 4:Ohhhh you better start runningHead for the hills coz the Hipsters are comingThey took our town and they left us with nothingAnd now they wanna take yours tooooooooOhhhh the Hipsters are comingBut now it’s too late coz you thought I was bluffingYou waited too long and you wish you did somethingBut now it’s too late to dooooooooo

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Hey Offbeat, I think there is something wrong with the online Album! In the folder \
Awww yes baby. This was one of my favourites, along with the ones about being late and overspending.
Add Infinitum
What on earth did the bartender say to him in that intro bit? \
Top notch mate
laught true half of it. had to watch it two time to get true it without laughing, best one made so far, but i hope you can top that, lots of tracks left ;)
Rising to new heights man! This song is awesome!
Atraxus Wraithe
I'm a simple man. I hear the call of the Swingpin, I see what's going down, I listen to the music, I click \
Barely Edited
It’s like that line from The Incredibles: ‘when everyone’s hipster... no one will be’\n\nCan’t go outside the cultural norm if it is the cultural norm - let them take over everything and it’s a self-solving problem!\n\nLoved the song, good fun with a fun video to boot
Bezzy Does The Internet
You disappear for a few and all of a sudden the hipsters take Offbeat...\n\nI've gotta go now, they're building a Juice Bar nearby
BiT vanyA
Я вам язык не знаю, но мне нравиться.. LIKE !!!
Really really catchy, have been humming the chorus all day.\n\n....although seeing as I had a toasted gluten free sourdough avocado and pulled pork sandwich for lunch that may not be a good thing!
Buster Brown
Great video. Highlights for me were old man Owen. The bit with the hipsters creeeping and Sharleenas slow decent into becoming a hipster.
I think you've outdone yourself this time, this is my favourite song of yours by far, even more than Just Clicked. Sharleena's voice fits it perfectly, too.\n\nI'm looking forward to what's next..
Corinne Connon
Love it but by Jove I'd be sending those pints back, ever heard of a head!?
Another weekend started with the newest Offbeat song, these always make me happy!
Daniel Clark-hughes
Why am I just hearing this now?!
El Ra04
Yea meeen
Golden Skull
This is great
Henrik Kiertzner
Cracking stuff. I smiled, several times. Good job by all.
The king is back
Haha, brilliant!
This track was amazing and convinced me to buy the album! Fantastic work to all involved!
Johnny Shields
I can't tell if this is ironic or not.
Jonathan Huband
Absolutely love it. keep up the good work man!
João Augusto Vargas
It is the 7th time that i am listening to this and i have not made it a single part of the lyrics. Keep it up with your work man!
Kian Caine
Very nice!
Lachlan Mann
Produces non-mainstream music, complains about hipsters.\nPretty sure that isn't how this is supposed to work...
Lonesome Twin
Anyone seen this and not fallen in love with Sharleena? Thought not!
Lord Korferus
So at the beginning there was this absolutely perfect song and after that there was this absolutely perfect ending. Love it!
Masturbatory Tales Of Wonder
This is great.
Mazobo Jo
Such great voices, and a catchy melody
McPRO krasimer
Everything is amazing about the video and song, loved that the alpha male from \
Michaela Oflynn
Love it one bast
Michelle Dean
I was in this very road earlier today!
Mixtinplater[AMV's, Lyrics, & more]
This looked amazing, can't wait to see new stuff in the future
Muskett 23
4:24 the face of pure terror
I've waited a whole lot for your album man, finally!
The irony being, it’s sung by a proper “New Bristol” Mockney.
PasiBer LP
this song is so amazing... nice text nice story and nice beat... i love it so much. one of my favorite songs now. great work dude \u003c3
PoisonIvy 00
Woo! This made my night! 😄\nLove it! ❤️
Terrific job!
Ričardas Baika
Idea is good. But I think they to late. It was that hipster \
Robert Ford
This is brilliant clever! I'm getting your album
Sax Panther
This is like reverse White Flight lmao
Sean Maddocks
Love it!
Sharleena Ray
All the lols fella. Though the screen doesn't change much straight after the zoom-in on the beard and slicked back hair guy, returning to your Geoffrey-like face. Uh oh.. banana chip and some pumpkin seeds with that?
Sir Frederick Bum Tickle
The thing that scared me the most, space invaders being sold 2 for 40p.... what has the world come to
TJ Reynolds
Yes this one is one of my favorites! (expect this comment for most of the other videos lol, the whole album is great)\nReally love the video, keep up the great work!
TTeaMeister Inspector Tea
Very nice
The Great Gell
Damn man this was incredibly produced. Props to all involved in shooting this.
The Working Man
That rope walk pub at 4 mins in. I Used to play in there when it was derelict as a kid. Grew up round the back there. Bedminster is so different
Bloody hipsters. Well time to get the shotgun and go to town
Valerie Kiertzner
Bloody brilliant, says Unbiased of Cirencester:-)
Wolfito Seb
Doooood, it's been so long since i heard from you. This sounds DOPE! Hope to see more things soon!
Hey Offbeat! I got this song from the 3 free songs you were doing one time. Can I use this in my video? If not I have plenty other royalty free music so I don't mind if you say no.
armando zaragoza
Excelente canción ❤️ 10/10
bjarke lyk
This is alright. (kinda feels a bit like your older stuff, loved it)
j black
Is that Dr Syntax at the bar? Edit: realised that it's not.
this made me realise i'm almost full hipster
Amazing job, friend! I love it all! To be honest, I prefer this classy hipster trend to the \
This is great, i love it!
Loved the inclusion of Sharleena's slow transformation into a hipster, chorus by chorus
Nice one!