Genesis, The Carpet Crawlers - The Lamb Comes Alive! 1975 2DVD set

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... Carpet Crawlers Genesis 1975 Genesis DVD Live Genesis Live Peter Gabriel (Musical Artist) Phil Collins (Musical Artist) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

THE LAMB - One of Rock's Greatest Albums - Period !!
Alan MacKay
One of my favourite Gabriel - Genesis tracks. Gabriel was only 25 when performing this but his vocals are incredibly mature. His haunting, at times rasping tones bely his youth and perfectly complement this track. Phenomenal. Thanks, Tommygun.
Aurelio Lopez Corbacho
Peter....LA VOZ
B Parker
Peter Gabriel, unique, lovely, fantastic talent, still love him and Genesis. saw them first tour without Peter
B Wigley
It seems the older I grow the more I'm drawn to Gabriel-led Genesis, , , their work continues to amaze, what a great great band, Tony Banks number one for me, laying it all down to be painted upon. 
Bernie Ecume
The lamb... probablement un des plus grands albums de tous les temps
Man! Peter & Phil singing together on the chorus!
Blu Halo
Peter più Phil uguale Genesis. 💙
Brian McCall
150 true fans, and 9 sad folks. Brilliance on stage. Saw The Musical Box do this on tour. Fantastic stuff.
Buff guitars
C. Martin Barraza
Carpet crawlers:With PG: Artístic With PC: Emotional and more realistic
Camilie Townsend
Gabriel \u003c3
Carlo Semeraro
GRANDI e dito
Carlos Kôrner
He is not Peter Gabriel.This is a lie
Carlos Molina
please playin back
Chris Williams
those not influenced by Lou Reed do not understand Rock, I saw the Lamb at Wembley Empire Pool 1975 and it remains the most amazing concert I ever saw. Musical Box was the final encore, as it turned out on the final tour with Peter Gabriel. When the news broke he was leaving I was very sad, for a while though it seemed the Phil collins led band would carry on being excellent, but they fizzled out...
Cmel F.
was such an epic song, it deserve more credits that it has today
A living legand without question
Denise Gambini
Grazie Genesis. ..e Peter Gabriel 😃😃😃sono cresciuta con voi
Seriously, what happened to music? We must preserve these great works!
Enrique Morales
Eric H
Its better than nothing but not much, maybe expecting too much, nice job anyway tommy
Eric Yamalen
Let us not forget who wrote these lyrics.
Esteban Granados
Fedherico Deustua Ortiz
impresionante , me emociona siempre
Floyd Zepplin
We’ve gotta get in to get out...\n\nBeautiful...
Gr1th1n 1!
Sad that they have now finished touring and I didn’t get a chance to see them live. Glad to see that this was their last track. No offence to anyone but Phil needs Peter to sing this track. You know bread and jam. Still loved it Mr Collins
Epic. No other words for it. My first Genesis album. It makes me cry to think it was 43 years ago, and also that nobody made any better music than that ! Glorious
Hassin Nundah
The best performance of Peter, ever.
Heiko Stegmann
a masterpiece in the history of music
Hop.e Hopq.e
Phils version remains in the minds, women like dirty effects. Phil had been the best for genesis. Also his solokarriere can be confirmed, his fans, his sold records, his worldwide success to this day lasting.
JJ Moon
I prefer Peter Gabriel singing this song rather than phil collins.
James Hopkins
Duchamp Bowie Eno Dali...... all rolled into one!
James Murray
I've heard that Peter Gabriel wrote every liric to every song on this album. Is this true?
Jason Barbush
virgins five wise and five foolish. don't forget the oil in your lamps. glowing bright.
Javier Pavon
Ahyyyyy, que hubiera pasado si hubiesen seguido juntos Génesis, con Peter Gabriel por supuesto, aunque Peter Gabriel me gustó las veces que pasó por España, eso sí, descarao
Joy Matisse
Thank my ex for the gift of this great band
Lennart H
It's just magic 
Breathtaking! This song and the whole album is a masterpiece!
Leonardo Pinto
Les Roediger
I'm not finding this on your website. How do I get it?\n
Linda Rapsis
Thank you!
Lloyd Stuart, M.D.
This album gives me goose bumps.  I really doesn't get much better.....  You gotta get in to get out......
Lucia Delia
So live. So beautiful.
Lydie Urevoy
je plane souvenir annee72 lycée manif loi Debré BD Raspail
Mauro Cuttano
144OOO Raeliani Alleluya...
Patricia Rosa
amo todos, amo a música deles e na minha opinião foram e sempre seram a melhor banda de todos os tempos , comecei a ouvir aos 10 anos de idade e até hoje curto 😘😍
Peter Fussi
Old ans so gold! Peter Gabriel is the best performer!
Peter Green
What a fabulous key change at one minute. Genesis genius.
Rachel Fernanda
Peter,sempre! Porém, Phil nunca foi menos! Perfeitos!
Renato Netto
Ficar recordando músicas que ficaram eternas na voz e interpretação de Peter Gabriel é lastimável !!!
Rob Davidson
so cool love Genesis with GABRIEL only
Robert Vidervol
God golly Tommy ! every time I listen to the 6th and 7th album , I wish it was Gabriel singing !
Soa K
Je viens d'écouter cette chanson chantée par Phil en 76 et maintenant chantée par c'est très intéressant car les deux façons de chanter sont magnifiques!\nVraiment une belle qualité de son cette vidéo! Merci!
Steeve Therrien
une chanson qui m'a marquer tres profondement
may I ask this version of the song is from wich bootleg?
The 40 Year Old Vegan
Genesis , Peter Gabriel & The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway ... what more can any rock music fan wish for ?
Thomas Dixon
This album caught a lot of extremely unwarranted flack.   This is--by far---their grandest and most adventurous work.  I think it was their best album and caught the band at their peak.  It is a travesty that the band broke up.  What might have been if they had held together for 1 or even 2 more albums?  Peter Gabriel on Dance on a Volcano and Eleventh Earl of Mar? Genesis on Solsbury Hill? Great post!!!
Tomas Schnabel
When I Was 17 years old,thank you !
Tommaso Di Lillo
It's on my website, lol. It's 3rd row down right below Styx Live 1981 DVD set and to the immediate left of Six Hours Live. The link to my website is right below the video in the description
Uwe Weintz
i see the show with my brother and two friends we came from amsterdam . it was 1974 or 1975 in saarbrücken. it is nice to be young isent it?
Vilmar Moura
The Genesis masterpiece!
Wladimir Auilo
Peter Gabriel . The Master
amalia silipo
Peter Gabriel FOREVER!!!!
angelbabe dawg
Peter Gabriel is a god..
thanks M8 , from Ventura moved outta L.A. married a brit am 58 GOD I MISS GREAT MUSIC
You'ne done it again +Tommygun1028 !! Another MASTERPIECE!
bram duprez
Lyrics:\n\nThe crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridor.\nFor my second sight of people, theyve more lifeblood than before.\nTheyre moving in time to a heavy wooden door,\nWhere the needles eye is winking, closing in on the poor.\nThe carpet crawlers heed their callers:\nWeve got to get in to get out\nWeve got to get in to get out\nWeve got to get in to get out.\n\nTheres only one direction in the faces that I see;\nIts upward to the ceiling, where the chambers said to be.\nLike the forest fight for sunlight, that takes root in every tree.\nThey are pulled up by the magnet, believing theyre free.\nThe carpet crawlers heed their callers:\nWeve got to get in to get out\nWeve got to get in to get out\nWeve got to get in to get out.\n\nMild mannered supermen are held in kryptonite,\nAnd the wise and foolish virgins giggle with their bodies glowing\nBright.\nThrough a door a harvest feast is lit by candlelight;\nIts the bottom of a staircase that spirals out of sight.\nThe carpet crawlers heed their callers:\nWeve got to get in to get out\nWeve got to get in to get out\nWeve got to get in to get out.\n\nThe porcelain mannikin with shattered skin fears attack.\nThe eager pack lift up their pitchers - they carry all they lack.\nThe liquid has congealed, which has seeped out through the crack,\nAnd the tickler takes his stickleback.\nThe carpet crawlers heed their callers:\nWeve got to get in to get out\nWeve got to get in to get out\nWeve got to get in to get out.
bruno bbt
This was my first rock concert...One the best obviously... like a dream coming back again and again.
chris moss,
This song still gives me the chills, all these years later, and the tears
saw the full concert with original band in San Diego...
jean-francois payette
un génie Peter
kusman kersim
i like Genesis Band
lilli Red
Why am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a bad school band?! I love Genesis, but this is messy and unprofessional, I can only assume they are mostly stoned.
luis cecilio
the concert alive at Cascasi/Portugal was a formidable show of music and theatre.Great Band; one of the ten best ones for me.
mossa hallo
genial peter the best ever
The Crime of the Century\
muzquiz sebastian
Gabriel is true living legend.
da brividi....per me forse la migliore canzone dei genesis e PETER GRABRIEL.... maestoso
pedro ruiz plis
El mejor concierto que vi nunca, Genesis 1975 en barcelona
Danke Papa, dass ich mit so einer tollen Musik aufwachsen durfte. 😙
ray morii
the zenith of...where the blurry red fox dapples to join the rising sun greeting these mummers BanksHackettRutherford & Collins while PETER Gabriel STILL summons as THEse magi so do within ours to REST authentic memorium to do do do do the reality of 1970's magik... to spree with gnome and taste angel wing flowed by i too was a teen 1972 kite loosened to BE FREE with Genesis NOT a bullet fired just the lovemakin of YOUR FIRECRACKERZ...
rick langenberg
A very underrated song.  One of the best on the Lambs album. Wish Gabriel would play more of this stuff today.
Epic & beautiful all that is great in music...rapped up in this little song ~
tano man
Genesis with gabriel was like jesus christ with gid
When I see Peter singing this...I tear up....
Awesome work ! impressive, thank you so much
I'm 54 years old this year ...\nBeen listning to this band since -73 - so many memories, think I must cry a little bit ... ;(
this brings back great memories of the summer 78!
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