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Genesis - The Carpet Crawlers 1999 converted from 440 hz to 432 hz. 432hz sounds fuller and nicer on the ear whereas 440hz sounds thinner. 432 Hz touches the full 12 scale octave overtones of all music, whereas the music of today vibrates at 440 Hz. This 440Hz only touches 8 scale octave overtones. 432hz music touches your heart which makes listening to music a more emotional experience.

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Anyone know what the heck Peter say's right before the \
I prefer the buildup of the old version more, as well as mike's bassline and tony's original keys, but overall, I don't mind this one. It works. It's groovin'
Anthony Hunt
I love it and I also loved the original.Brought it up to era and era-audio standards. NOTHING wrong with that, it extends the life of the song in some vitality.......!
this song is AMAZING
Austin Centolella
Great haven't actually heard this yet- very pleased to have tonight
For anyone who dislikes this version, I have two words for you… Don't listen! Two other words came to mind also, but I won't go there. There is a reason it's called \
Cesar Flores
The greatest
David Friley
superior to the original!!
David Timber
I prefer the original also. This version is a great example of what might have come from Peter Gabriel and Genesis collaborating into a new millennium. I have always been impressed how well Pete and Phil compliment each others vocals. Phil sang backup when Pete was the main vocalist, adding color and expressions. I prefer Pete's voice over Phil\
Demétrio Tarcilo
Nesse dia eles acordaram inspirados em outra galáxia e falaram: \
Denise Noles
I love this damn song & I don't know what the fuck they are talking about. One day I will sit down & dissect the meaning of this song.
Empire Goodness
I like the RECORDING quality, but this version is TOO NORMAL / GENERIC... are they trying to do some reggae in here? \n\nI prefer the original by a mile.
Eugenio Basualdo
No dejo de escucharlo !
Falcon Bleck / Schimnesthai
lol 432khz meme its so 2012.
Faris Hilli
Wonderful remix and remake of this classic genesis song with an updated rhythm for new audiences which makes this song work well in 90s music. It is great to hear Phil and Peter sing together for the last time since 1975
Hunter Christopher
I want to hear more about 432hz
Isidor Huber
Joel Frankford
I like the vocal harmonies in this version, but I think it sounds a lot colder than the original. The original was trance-like, warm, soothing, and slightly disturbing (that's how it made me feel at least). This version is missing most of that. Not that they should have just rerecorded the original, but I think they could have done a better job in re-imagining it. Just my opinion.
John Doe
Where's Ray?
Jorge Stasiak
just perfect !!!
Karen Kemp
i love this version so much... peter!!!!!!
Lucrecia Perez
Lynne Ralston
Just a to what it would have been like, had the divas Collins and gabriel hadn't gone at it so much....and went on and TOURED together when they remade this. What a shame. Love this version, as well as the original. guys TEASED US ALL by throwing this out there and not picking up with the tour. Too bad your egos got in the way.
I'm sorry, but this version is horrid. The drums don't fit the song, the additional sounds are annoying, the instruments are distracting from the vocals which I've always felt were the main part of the song. The soft, low, vocals are pleasing to the ear especially with light instruments in the background.
Mai Hansen
what layman would be able to hear ther the difference mister?
Mauro Vicente Sales
I used Audacity to switch the pitch from 440 hz to 432 hz
If it weren't for PG, this could've been anyone.
N o 9 BASK
Magnificent!!! \n
R Browne
This remixed version is so beautiful! Far surpasses the original. I would pay anything to see Gabriel and Collins on the stage together on this and many other Genesis tracks. The harmony between the two voices is stellar.
Do the original in 432hz
Rjames Elliott
Just Great 
Rod Castello
I really don't care for either versions. Considering all of the great early songs by Genesis when Gabriel was leading the group, this song pales in comparison. This version CC1999 is just more pop that Genesis became. Not for me thanks. I'm sure many disagree, and that's okay. We all have diifferent musical tastes. By the way, Phil has great singing ability, but he never emotes the vocals in the manner of Gabriel, and if and when he does, he's simply copying the earlier style. Phils a singer, Peter's a theatrical performer.
This song is so kool. One of a kind.  Not sure what it signifies.   Still Great!  :)
Scott Udell
Great remake, but nothing comes close to the original 1974 version... I have The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway on vinyl, and nothing compares to listening to the version on that all the way through for the first time.
Shane Mooney
I'm a huge Genesis fan and really, really like this version. I think it even surpasses the original.
Tim MacIver
Collins KILLS it in this version.
Tudval Stone
Unfortunately this is a crappy re-mix, not nearly as good as the original. the extra sounds are out of place and not helping to appreciate this music.
They only made this version because of the pop Genesis fans who were like \
Yvonne Riley
Is this a remix or something? It's certainly not the original from The Lamb...
Hated how they omitted the last verse.
Well, whatever you wrote, it works! Being a musician, I notice a \
Classic Genesis with Trevor Horn production.... unbelievable...... incredible....
3 years after the last comment, this recording is confirmed again as perfect.
They left out the entire last verse \
john elton
even when they did the reunion tour in 2007 they did the original version which is slower and more boring? but then Peter Gabriel was not back in the group, and either was Steve Hackett.
luc pellerin
j'adore beaucoup cette version..
robert howe ll
Its so much better in concert when the whole place is singing along with it, did this 3 times , got better each time.....
This totally misses the feelings of the original
steve lane
They have no equals!
It sounds like  marimba congo.
The original was the first Genesis song that attracted me, partially because of the mysterious lyrics, partially because of Tony Banks' swirling electric piano. This version, of course, loses all that, but it's still pretty good. I put this in my \
This brings back memories for me; I remember listening to this for the first time while on the bus ride home from high school.