TIME FREAK Official Trailer (2018) Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner Romantic Movie HD

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Asa Butterfield Cinema Film Movie Official Sophie Turner Trailer romance romantic movie

I can't name one movie Asa Buttetfield has been in that wasn't absolutely astounding.
Didnt Netflix already make something like this
Abena Campbell
Love this movie omg. ......... need part 2
Adel Lia
sansha stark is here
This movie is good guys just watch it and make sure you watch it till the end coz the ending is the very best part for me. And don't care anymore if Sophie looks like Asa's older sister...well I used to tho. XD
Allona Jhane Sebial
I really like ASA BUTTERFIELD \u003c3 \nhope I can see him :)
Asa has grown up a lot, he's now my celebrity crush
Amar Fawwas
On that party gay night, he said: \
Amarantha Zapata
I am so in love with Asa! I need watch this, please! Hahaha ya mátenme por favor ⚫️
So these two basically time stalk these girls? That's really creepy.
Ariel Fabian
This seems like a pretty cliche movie but it has Asa, Sophie and Skyler... So I'm watch it cause I stan
Arshana Ramautar
Deceive your other self. Deceive the world. That is what you must do to reach the Steins Gate. Good Luck. \n\nEl. \nPsy. \nCongroo.
Autistic Hope
Bloody hell, I still remember him as a kid playing Mordred on Merlin...
*When* *We* *First* *Met* Part II looks terrible.
Bill Russell
This is movie reminds me of the first time we met
Cassandra Anne
The music and the whole vibe i'm getting from this trailer is so 2000's ❤
Clyde Navs
This is gonna be good
Critical State
These guys have practically broken all the time rules of the fictional world. I love it.
Delusional Whore
Sophie Turner is gorgeous 😍
Dok Sampson
When you can't take no for an answer, and can't move on.....
if anyone's wondering the name of the song, it's 'stop freeze time' by parker theory! :)
Eleeth Tahgra
As long as he didnt end up in a place with a phrase \
Firman Firdaus
Peter parker and marry jane
Francis Pineda
First he blows up a planet, then he goes to Mars, and now he builds a time machine? Dang, Asa Butterfield really is talented
Gino Tan
Asa still needs to bulk up more to fit Leading Man roles to him, atleast kinda. Sophie so gorgeous and mature looking than Asa. Also bigger body frame.
Gracey Baker
Whatever the story is I just want to watch Sophie Turner's movie!
Harry Louis
and that last part hahaha what bad timing
Incognito ONE
Great american accent by the Brit girl
Every time travel movie ever leaves out winning the Powerball, literally first thing I'd do.
John Cline
lol a movie about stalking....
John Kevin Silagan
Asa getting way bigger and he's becoming so cute... I remember when he was still \
Joseph López
So Jean grey and ender start dating.
Junaid Inam
Who told u this couple could work? Fire ur casting people...
Mordred grew up well
Omy. Asa and Sophie? Will definitely watch this. Plus Skyler Gisondo? Omymy.
Khen Wenry
I'm a huge fan of GoT and Merlin. Why the hell didn't they just make a British film?
Krombopalous Drexal
Hope this is good cuz I really like this cast.
Lia K-J
what kind of Steins Gate is this...
Lt. Fireguy
Still waiting on enders game 2..
M.L. Soll
She kinda looks like his older sister which is creeping me out\n\nAlso he is cute but that lack of lips....
Ma. Alexa Ezquer
Asa 💕💖
Maneki Neko
A time machine to repair your relationship... \nGod I need one.
Mariane Silveira
Asa Butterfield seu lindo, me beija.
But if he doesn't get his heart broken, then he won't have a reason to build the time machine, thus he can never get her back.... such is the Time Travelers Paradox.
Mia Kim
My crushhh❤😍😗😘😙😚
Asa? I'll see it! 😍
Michaël Brakel
So basically the do-over but with younger people..
Mr. Faunta timspa
I have seen that story many times
Click 2: the teenage years
Mrj 1195
Why not ask miss Peregrine to make a time loop?
Neri West
I have watched everyone of Asa'a movies and I love them all, especially Space between us and Brilliant Young mind. He does an excellent job in every single movie and I am so looking forward for this one !\nAND WHY THE HELL HE DOESN'T AGE AT ALL ?
Nevada Donnelly
Oh my gosh yaaassss if Sophie is in this I’ll be watching it
This made me realise Sophie is not as good an actress as I thought
Both British, i'm a fan of them. Gonna watch this
R Ed
Asa looks amazing. Ohmygoddd.
R. B. M
the song is Stop Freeze Time by “Parker Theory”
Rafael Carbajal
What happens at the end
Review Helps
About Time ????
Asa he is so cute
Salmo Ali
Asa never ages. The boy looks 15!
Sean Jeung
ah, finally a time traveling story that wouldn't go dark and hopeless.
Shannon Iverson
I am such a sucker for time travel movies.
His eyes. Wow.
Suckame Jones
Anyone else notice at the rave the Asian guy dancing alone is still dancing alone in the morning when he wakes up lmao
Taehyungiee Is Lifeu
I just finished Miss P's Home for Peculiar Children and Space between us.And there's a new movie withthat this good looking guyy ❤️
She looks uncomfortably older then him.
Thomas Christopher White
The craziest thing about this movie is he built a time machine and he's not a billionaire having orgies 24/7.
Thomas Thas
Litterally the 2 most wooden actors of my generation. .
Thug Life
Adam Sandler's Click with less comedy
Tracy Low
LOL Netflix has a similar movie that came out earlier in the year called When We First Met
This was perfect imperfection.
This is actually the best representation of what Peter Parker and MJ would look like in a film.
Vinny Berry
“But it’s a time machine movie” \n\n•me trying to convince myself to see this•
X Tina
Lol Sophie Turner look more like Asa's older sister than his girlfriend
Zouzou Bin Fethi
I can't wait to see this movie \
It looks like they have zero chemistry plus she is just out of his league.
I think every guy out there who isn't blessed with the ladies charm would like the chance to redo their mistakes with a woman. We have to do so much to get the girl we like and sometimes, we end up failing because of the small mistakes. For guys like us; it's hard finding love with a woman. If only girls out there would appreciate a man more for his efforts rather than what is offered.
Asa Butterflied does it again.
When Jean meets the Martian boy ❤️😍
jermuel kim
jihad rafia
his friend though is so funny. \
like and subscribe
is that boy In the lead role from the film HUGO??
matthew miller
When the boy in striped pyjamas and Sansa Stark hook up 😍😍😂
mustafa ibrahem
The movie ( About time ) did the same idea before
finally he looks kinda like adult. kinda cause he still looks teen
Isn't the trailer spoiling the whole movie? 😅
Respect the female decisions, dude.
so a movie about a guy that doesn't understand what 'no' means....
psychedelic thoughts
So it ends w him realizing they needed to break up and that's fate and no machine changes that. The end. Your welcome
rez maknae
This was so much better than 50 Days and that was a great movie
ritz25 winters
its awesome movie😘
safire parker
me seeing this on my recommendations: Asa Butterfield AGAIN?! Man does this kid not get tired?\nalso me: Man this kid is damn beautiful.
some short asian
it's kinda sad that he plays an american so much that he's losing his accent\nalso, it's weird seeing him be w someone who isn't ella purnell???
sukul handa
expected her to say : im sansa stark , the daughter of lord in the north
Can't wait for this movie....it's gonna be great!!!! Sophie and Asa is dream! 😍😍😍
willian marques
He looks like he could be a good spider man
wizard lizard
I had a dream like that.
zachary lord-rule
Guys he's a year younger than her, stop saying he looks like her younger brother!