The Carpet Crawlers - Genesis - Lyrics

"The Carpet Crawlers", also sometimes listed as "Carpet Crawl", "The Carpet Crawl" or "Carpet Crawlers", is a song originally from the 1974 Genesis concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. The song was re-recorded in 1999 with the name "The Carpet Crawlers 1999"

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Alan Werner
Cont. What does \
Andrea Durazzo
Arte mode
Votre vidéo est tout simplement magnifique, les images sont d'une beauté, tout cela sur cette fantastique chanson que j'ai bien du comme le dis si bien Don Lawler, écouter 1000 fois au moins en 43 ans. Depuis cet étrange et absolument merveilleux concert à l'époque. Merci Suzie \u003c3
Bob Molee
Great song.....Great video :)
Brian Campbell
Why does every video made have be so literal to the song. Feet on carpet, babies crawling on carpet.. ugh
Bruno fernández
Claramente habla de las relaciones sexuales y la concepción, \
Carlos Jones
Dear Suzie, from a small town in Brazil, I like to say I appreciate a lot your works, do you like Allan Parsons Project too? Can you do something similar
Carlos Marques
Amazing music!!!!
Caroline Beardsley
peter s voice to me is so pure here,its like nectar to my earsxxxxxxxx
D Lokey
well done Editor.
Daryl Farley
I truly admire anyone willing to attempt the Gabiel interpretation task. But I'd also point out some key symbols in 'Carpet Crawlers' that you may have missed. The 'Lambs Wool under my naked feet' is RED which is verified by Gabriel himself in the following line 'Red ocher corridor' Hello... Red Carpet! Ocher is also another word for GOLD. Now we have Red and Gold. (Hollywood) or more directly The Music Industry which Gabriel was more closely associated with. It is quite obvious these days that to be in the music industry 'You gotta get in to get out' is by now, a well trodden cliche. The 'Crawlers' are the people willing to walk the red-carpet corridor to the place beyond the '...heavy wooden doors' to receive the Golden (ocher) prize. They all 'heed their callers' (MK handlers) I also don't think that he (Gabriel) would not mention the word 'celluloid' twice for no apparent reason. Once you apply this theme to the song, the residual elements begin to buttress his disdain for the music industry. \n\nThe Gabriel genius is only emerging in 1973 when the Genesis LLDOB was released, and there is definitely a bundle of information to decipher in that one. His solo career from that point is quite literally glowing with symbolic reference. I would love to hear your assessment of 'Here comes the Flood.'
Dennis Frank
Don Lawler
a very interesting visual interpretation... I've listened to this song 1,000 times since 1974 - and I saw lots of images in my head to go with the lyrics - but, none like these... I enjoyed what you did.  I never considered babies or love making or sperm - I always saw the song as a symbolic reference to money slaves - and people in general missing the 'bigger picture'.
Francisco Araújo
Gabriel Kousouros
Quality n cute
Gary W. Wade
Interesting concept
Gerry Papa
I believe it to be about going to heaven, carpet crawlers heed there callers is praying and its about church not birth
Giuseppe Gabrieli
Beautiful and interesting point of view, maybe this gives us hope for a better future
They were 19 years old as they wrote these lyrics and composed the music, unbelievible
Iris T.
Jan-Erik Andersen
Im usually very sceptic to many of the lyrics videos of great bands.This one proved it wrong,it is a magical piece of work that progressed in the tune wich is the best from Genesis ever !!\n\nThank you very much :-)
Jason Barbush
sperm needs to get in the egg for a boy to come out. it's a beautiful thing in profound meaning.
Karina Reza
I love this song!
Kibas Mommy
I enjoyed this very much! The visual images you used were absolutely perfect and really matched the song extremely well! Thanks for your hard work!
Kristin Crumpler
what an interesting song.
Lisa D
Loftur Hjalmarsson
is this the only lyrics video , photos are not good enough, must be all video .and no repeated scenes, needs a redo
thank you for this amazing visualization. i love this song. it's pure magic
Mark Anon
Lovely video that adds to a song I've loved for a long time... thank you.
Massimo Saccomando
Great video and lyrics and so well compiled! The presentation explains the song's content very clearly, thank you for such great work Suzie. I will check out some other work you've compiled!
Michael Hegyan
I was fortunate to see genesis in concert, in 77', however minus PG.
Moacir Silva
Dear Suzie, I got very sad when I did not find this great job you made here, I liked so much that I decided to play the keyboard along and I finaly learnt cause your great work.\nVery happy it returned to youtube.\nOnce more, thanks a lot for this wonderfull video!!\nCongrats!!
legendary music from another time, Genesis  was truly Pink Floyd's contemporary
Paul George
Excellent vid suzie!!!\nThe song?\nIt somehow makes Genesis first album,\n\
Paul TheSkeptic
My compliments to Suzie M. You have both an artistic eye and exemplary taste in music.
Pedro Bottesi Neto
Pédrau Ramirèze
Merci beaucoup . J'ai toujours adoré cette chanson et ce depuis des dizaines d'années , sans même comprendre aucun mot ! J'apprends l'anglais au fur et à mesure , tu m'as fais découvrir à ta manière la signification des paroles de cette belle chanson , et à ma grande joie , cela rejoins ce que j'ai toujours ressentis en l'entendant . Alors un grand merci ! Thank you very much .
Richard Bisp
An intellectual masterpiece
Roberto Rabello
Thank you, Sultanasuzie. And of course, thank you, Genesis
Sandor Deak
As hard as I try to understand what s in Peters head I realized we all the same...
Sergio Galvez
Sharon Bell
Sherri St. Pierre
Thank you, Susie M. ,well done
Shrek Lover
I love this song but I hate this video. Sorey
Stephen Hill
WOw never thought about it befor like the way you put it...Babies \
Susan Devoy
this made me cry. beautiful and moving images.
Traversable mgtow
Its about the delusion of the middle class . \
alexander Kato
Absolutely Lovely interpretation Sultansuzie! Love it!!!
angelbabe dawg
..Peter Gabriel is a god...........
francesca pinto
iam iam
GENESIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jesus patricio alvarez
great video m´amie
keldra alpine
Thank you so much--you did such a good job!! I practice singing to this often. Would love to sing it in public some time and freak people's doors off with the imagination in this song. Gabriel's, I guess. I mean, duh. ;)
lisa anne
♡ such a brilliant, wonderful video for this song. \nthanks Suzie.
mama baehr
Life is truly a miracle, no way could it be by chance, perfectly designed, by our All Wise Creator....
marty one
I think it was on on the making of the Lamb Gabriel said this was the most difficult song to produce
mi ro
Viele Grüße aus Deutschland super gemacht !!!
this is my life-song \u003c3 always in my heart, my mind....don't know why?? but is
still pg
Circle of life.....get into life
terry crookston
this is only one of so many supreme if a miracle boringness creating life\ndig the action called life/procreation even if we need to adopt babies left\nabandoned and foster kids.
torsten zart
Thank you Suzie!
bellissimo video per un brano .... che non ho parole per descrivere.....