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Sansa Stark is a redhead. Other than that brief period on Game of Thrones when she dyed her hair black, the lady of Winterfell never strays from her signature red color. But the actress that plays her, Sophie Turner, is far more experimental. She's dyed her hair from blonde to red and back again more times than she'd like to recall. Turner's also been the face of haircare brand Wella Professionals since June 2017, so it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about good hair.Of all the hairstyles on Game of Thrones, braids reign supreme. To test her knowledge, we asked Turner to look at a series of hairstyles and guess whether they were from Westeros or the runway. Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar:

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She's the cutest. The Queen in the North!
A.E. Jabbour
Good lord she's gorgeous. And she seems to have a great personality.
God she's damn hot
Abu.yaqop 95
What is runway??
Al Cafacci
She's gorgeous!
Alain Bruno
She killed it in Game of Thrones 👍
Albert Brammer
Sophie's natural voice should be used in other projects than Game Of Thrones. Still stilted in X-Men: needs a better director.
The best one featured here definitely is Sophie's own blonde hair. :) It looks amazing!
Amelia Dainz
shes so pretty
Andy Stark
Jesus she’s so hot!!
Anna Lyle
Atlas of Alice
Belle Slay
Sophie: Oh maybe they copied it\n\n😂😂😂
lmfao the explanations. she's so good at it. i've watched GOT a dozen of times but i couldn't tell most of it. I got the first one wrong lol
She's gorgeous, and she seems to be a very cool person.\nIn my opinion, the people from GoT never made justice to her beauty.
Blue Sky
Love her outfit
Brent Dreher
Ten out of eleven, actually, Sophie, so you scored even higher than you thought you did.
Busan Nuts
She is so beautiful
Charley Brewster
Does anyone else feel like she is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood right now? I do. :)
Charly Jimenez
I love you Sansa 💜💔💓💛💚❤💘💙💟❣💞💖💗💕💌❣💟💙💛💓❤💘💝💝💞💖💛💌❣💚❤💙
Chu Ming Min Luftig
Her hair is beautiful
Cleo Patra
Did she say she got 10/12 right? Wasn’t it 11/12? I only saw her get one wrong.
Creepy Chan
i love how she know maisies hair lol
Dr br
Why the hell is this beautiful woman already engaged ? Isn't she like 20 ?
Dre Marley
I like her as a redhead. I bend the knee to Lady Sansa Stark.
Elina H
Sophie is a sunshine. Love her
her eyes wow
Extraterrestrial Horse
She's cute.
Fiha Rani
You can tell from the backgrounds for most of them. Sophie has a great personality
Fiona Flandorfer
she's just so cute and nice and aww now she's so grown up girl stop growing older 😍😱❣️
GM Dahar
for this whole day i have been watching all videos of sophie. i am addicted to her.
That is the hottest she's ever looked, she's seriously stunning.
Hanan Yamini
Poor thing she went through so much hell on the early seasons of GOfT
Harry Nelson
Hazuk.i Sonohara
She's gettin married? She's only 22, but happy for her anyway.
High Street
I wanna pat her on the back...
say what you will about about sansa.... \nSophie Turner is just a cute, lovable, beautiful, sexy treasure!!\nso hyped for GoTS8!!
Joel Widgins
Julianna Kopa
Damn she knows her stuff
King Cobra
Not judging but Joe Jonas, seriously? I mean, look at her! She can have anyone and she settles for a Jonas brother?\nOkay, I'm judging.
She's perfect
L b
Wow love Sophie’s blonde hair. She looks amazing
Can we have a feature length film of just Sophie Turner playing this game?
Marit Ørndal
yea boi
Her engagement ring totally pops in this 😍✨😍 The Lady of Winterfell totally owned this!
Miha Ocvirk
she is soooooo pretty!!
Milena K
She's awesome, seems like such a fun girl to be friends with.
oh my god she is stunning i think she's the love of my life
Mr P Franklin
Such a beauty 👑
I luv sophie she is a real british beauty, luv her face, accent and her long hair...omg yumm
Havent watched runway, still knew the answer to all of em 12/12
Pedro Gil
she is amazing damn
Puppetboy Phillips
Sophie Turner you are looking so wonderful!!!
Rachel Cramm
She looks so freakin' gorgeous here.... and all the time.... but seriously
Rachel Lieberman
OMG how gorgeous!!
Raymond Kidwell
haya. Let me get my English to American dictionary here.... let's see, oh yes \
Riya Eats.
'that's a wide head' 😂😂
Rock n Roll
The only thing I wish to take away is her accent....
Rose Samy
she's a beauty
Rupkatha Banerjee
One of my girl crushes
S. Y.
She's so funny
SY Life (สะใภ้ตุรกี)
Love this eye..make up
Talented and beautiful. She's so lovely.
Sarah Weasley
Love her as Sansa😍
The future Mrs. Jonas
Shiphrah Shiny
Queen Sansa...!!! Omg I love her so much..!!
Soundarya desai
I could guess all of them
Stephen Cooper
Supreme Ameriterran Emperor
If Daenerys doesn't gain the Iron Throne this season, then I want Queen Sansa sitting on it. 👑
She's soo beautiful. By far the best looking GOT cast member.
Suzy Q
I may sound crazy but I just love Sophie’s voice, it’s so soothing to listen to! I can listen to that all day haha
TS Xtina
She looks absolutely beautiful. This just proofs my theory that she is the younger more beautiful Queen to cast Cersei down and take all she holds dear. THE QUEEN IN THE NORTH!!!!!? 👩👑🐺
TVD Forever!
She's so beautiful!! ❤️ ❤️
Girl crush forever!
Can’t even describe the amount of love I have for Sophie turner 😭😍❤️
Van Damme's Frosty Mullet
You will always be a redhead to me...Sansa...
I really do love her hair in this one
Vincent Martinez
Sophie Turner is just too cute for words only!
Vinck Nade
Its basically just runway runway runway runway runway \nsuper obvious game of thrones \nrunway runway runway runway
Yannick Muja
she's stunning
afro symphony
yeaaaa boi, looool she has the coolest adlibs
1:18 It's runWAY!
queen in the north!
dracarys dragon bay
Unbelievably beautiful....queen of.north and many hearts
el kay
yea boi
She's awesome
NO ok. You guys don't understand I love Sophie. Ok im done fangirling
isha mittal
so beautiful
Troppo figa e simpatica.Mi piacerebbe prendere lei ed Emilia Clarke e dargliene tante ma tante...
What an elegant girl
yeah boy 😍
proxy X
She is the Best
rogelyn torralba
so pretty!
sebastian alegria
she's an amazing woman, l fell in love with her when she did jean grey's role in x men apocalypse, l'd like to know, is she prettier with blond or red hair?
skander bensalah
she is a goddess !! \u003c3
srihari kollu
Her voice and her eyes ahh
I'm offended they didn't include a picture of Margaery's hair
She's just stunning!
Αγγελιάνα Ιωαννίδου
She is gorgeous wow
ولد البوادي
Gorgeous smart funny cute lovely\n\nyou own it all Sophie