Thrift Shop Lyrics by Macklemore Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz

Thrift Shop was released as the fifth and final single from Macklemore's debut studio album The Heist on August 28, 2012.

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AdamFord 152
Best lyrics:\nI'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in mah pocket. I-I-I'm huntin', lookin' for a come-up. This is fucking awesome.
Aggie Shaver
I listen to this at school for my math tests. My exact feelings 0:11
Alyse Long
I haven't heard this song in so long
Angelica Barrick
Ariana Grande
2019 anyone ??? Nah, I'm joking ! 😂😂😂😍😘
Austin Warner
This is my favorite song ever I can listen to this song every day.
2019 Anyone?!?!?
Bakili Qaqaw
Bell Folks
Hey Stragalinos where you bein'? (or maybe it was Stragolinos)... HEY Aiden! where you bein'? Andrew? Andy?
Chante Pretorius
Who still listens this song in 2018?
Charlotte Straub
Cigy Paul
Them: Thrift shop is freaking awesome\nMe: This song is freaking awesome!
Clint The Beast
0:49 me talking to my gf
Courtney Minard
I love this song and I'm only 11. It gets stuck in my head
Dailey Duro
Daniel Oconnell
I haven't hered this song for a long time
Dayson Mooneyham
Who remembers listening to this playing mw3
Dying Inside
Electric Soap
2018 and still a good song
Elijah Alonzo
I heard this playing at a Goodwill and every was rockin out
Emmanuel Cortez
The what part sounds like homer simpson
OH MY GOD. I finally found the song I sung to my whole class and my dad when I was younger.
Five Cars Five Guys
Wait wait macklemore has a kid?
Wut wut wut wut wut wut
Gaming withIsh
I been looking for this dam song for like 2 yrs and finally finds I am pissed now
Gary Loveless
Me when the teacher says pop quiz 00:11
''Hey macklemore, can we go to thrift shopping?'' What what what what
Hana Tainter
i havent listened to this in six years and remember every word anyone else?
Harry Potter
Who else grew up listening to this song not know how dirty it is?
Hayley Idontwantpeopletoknowmylastname
Me during a math test: 0:11
this reminds me of the old days they dont play this on the radio anymore
Isabella Morgera
Met this guy on his concert love him!
Jahsehonfroy Xxx
Yo I literally just left the thrift store I got good deals 💁👕👖👗👙👢👒👠👠😉
Justin DiMaio
2019 anyone???
Kai OA
Anyone here cuz of SMG4?
Katie Mc Donald
2018 ?? Xx
Katlyn Satava
I love it to. I just haven`t heard this song in a long time. 😅
Kaylee Bailey
Keelee Lacashio
How I feel when I get money
Kendall Trancy
Real music
3:09 coolest part
Kimberly Hansen
I love the voice of the guy who has a really deep voice.
Kitty Seals
Me: Oh, this seems farmilliar...\nSong: starts playing\nMe: *INHUMAN SCREECHING*
Korinna Castro
i know the moves to the dance and this is my 2nd fav song
Kxt Winchester
_2013 all the way this was my jam_
Lil Pig
Listen at 1.25 speed😂
Lillian Johnson
Compared to today's music... \n\n\n\nThisa bop
Little Spice
Lucia Haikin
*that one person who came here because they overheard there sister listening to it on tick tock ad really liked it*
Macka Smithy
0:45 me when I win a fortnite game
Maka Smile
1.000 like
Manuel Rodriguez
in the gym this song yeaaa
Maria Contreras Zamora
ya pasaron años y la siguo amando esta cancion me encanta,me encanta muchoooo me encanta porque me encantaaaa jajajajaja❤❤😁😂😂😍
Mark The shark
Mason Dickinson
Michael French
Smells like R-Kelly's sheets lmfaaooo xD xD
Miracle Rose
who's singing this in 2017???? 😂😂😂
Still awesome...
Nick Marsala
You know I have to admit that while I love heavy metal and don't like rap this song is absolutely the exception. It's honestly really well done.
Happy Ramadamadamadingdong everyone..
2019 anyone? 😂
Pastrus S
Every college student with crippling debt and depression will relate to this. If you can’t, *you will soon*
Random Stuff Dronkey16
Im gonna fly some planes into a couple buildings in Manhattan
Rayna bryant
2018 Anyone?
Such a guilty pleasure song, honestly love it XD
Rosa 833
My six year old self is shook\n\n\n\n\n\nAnd scarred
Saurabh 88
*I'm gonna pop some tags😃😃*
Sean Sturrock
Serena Silversmith
When your mom tells you to get something under 10 dollars 1:12
Shawna McKittrick
He said \
Shook shishtar
2018 July anyone?
Sleep Deprived
*2018 December* 😍
Solid Dogg
Anyone here listening to this as a kid not knowing how dirty it was
This song is @%##ing awesome
3:34 just listen to the beat closely its freaking DOPE
The 420 Moon Turkey
I was you I would lyric pranking my friend to this a little bit ago and I got to the mall and I don't have I was you I would lyric pranking my friend to this a little bit ago and I got to the I got to the Croc shoe part and then he said he was getting no service area because the fires so then I had to stop and I was sad
The emo Puff
I'm here from Melanie am I lonely
Totally Out Of It
Okay, forget the swearing and the slightly dirty references and all the gangsta bits for a sec. \nAnd just think...\nThey are saying don't judge people for the brands they wear...\nThis could be a good message for kids\n😂
Trisha Buechmann
Don't ask Siri what she is doing shell say something weird
whos watching this in 2018?
Urlich Stern
This song have been made Code Lyoko Amv
For anyone who doesn't know. He actually wrote this song himself and put on YouTube and one of music producers loved it and got him a deal.
ima ima take it grampa style ima take it grampa style\nseriously im a girl
Zetty Aida
I love this song!😄😉
angel toast
Finally a relatable rap song. A lot of them are about how rich they are and this is the complete opposite
call of duty god
What what what what what what
divine paul
independent_ lone_wolf
2018 squad??? Where y'all at
justarandom girlhere
3:25 lol i always loved that Part... always heard the sincerely I was little but never knew how dirty it was until I heard the song again like 1 year ago
legend gameing اللعب الاصطوره legend
2k18 omg this song is the best\n\n\n\nLove u macklemore
lol lol
Who hearing this in 2018?? Lol i am
lucy aitken
Whose listening in 2019 😂😂z
mcu festus
sollux is my druggg
Why does this go good with South Park?
sullyz girl89
Walk into the club like what up WHERES THE PIZZA 😂😂😂😂 🍕
thick dolan twin sister
I remember I would listen to this song when I was younger and now looking back at it, i never realised that this song was that dirty lol 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
tyra briggs
Chucky brought me here imagine this song in the movie lol
Φανης Χριστοπουλος
fovero tragoudi.Den hortaino na to akouo!