Thrift Shop- Macklemore Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz (Lyrics)

Thrift Shop- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz, off their album The Heist which is released on October 9th.. Sick Song!! Rate, comment + subscribe !

9th Album Lewis Lyrics Macklemore October Ryan Shop TheHeist Thrift Wanz

Angela ?
this song remeber me of the movie of tammy
Anthony Bailey
I got rucka rucka Ali's lyrics in my head...OH NO!! Hey macmud can we go hijacking. DAMIT RUCKA ALI
BangtanGot7 TV
türkler burdamı bakalım :) ♥
Benjamin Bernabe
disis faquin asom v: ¿Alguien de México? \u003c]:{v
Bloody Butterfly
NIce song !
BreadBox Productions
That shade on R Kelly though😂
Bryan Sturgill
I'm wearing your grand dad's clothes right now as we speak
Calamardo Dab
OMG es la mejor music
Cam Dbbx
It's a good song !!! I like !!! (Je parle français)
This is fucking awesome!
Capitão Meliodas
para 0o para de gritar
Caroline Ray
I swear the “what what” part sounds like Homer Simpson
Chill Kaylee
This was my JAM as a kid (kids bop of course)
Chyanne Fogle
anyone still listening in 2018? been trying to find this song for awhile cuz I forgot the name
Combined Gaming-420
I miss this song and the age I was when this dropped so goddamn much. I wanna be 12 again. Life was good when Macklemore was huge back then
Cool Person
tHiS Is AwEsoME!!!
Cor VD
die is flipping awesome
Damerion Degree
I Listend to damerion kids bop version and couldn't believed all the cuss words wuuuut!
Daniel Torres
Who wanna help Squidward to do more dabs? 1 like = 1 dab.
David Jaramillo
Dis is foking auesom :v\nAlguien que la escuche en 2017 :v
Donald Moxham
It is, in fact, my grandma's coat.
Are there anyone who still listen to this song in 2018?
Emir Bıçakçı
İ wear your granddads clothes i look icredible im in this big ass coat from the thrift shop down to road İ wear your granddads clothes i look incredible im in this big ass coat from the thrift shop down the road. İf this part is your favourite leave a like
Hotdog Channel
Hunter cool cat
0:03 - 0:13 Me in math XD
Is it me or did this just bring me back to old school 2012🤔😱
Itzel :v ツ
Replay buttons!!!\n[00:00]\n[00:00]\n[00:00]
It’sa me mario
This was my favorite song when I was 8, I don’t think I heard the lyrics right back then
J Melo
mitico jovem
Aye somebody 2018?!!
Jane Doe
sounds like Donald Trump saying wut wut in the beginning
Joe Borkers
Walk into the club like greetings i have exceptionally large genitalia
Jonathan Lomas
I have 2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ⁿⁿ00000000000000))))0)0000\nL
Joyful Vision
The saxophone in this song was amazing
Juan fernando Cadena
holaaa yo hablo español, porfin me se la cancion
Karla y Sarahi Pataditas de unicornios
como se llama la canción alv:v
Koo Coo
When I was young I thought when he said \
Lane Patterson
Lane Phone
Lavenderstar The Dragon
Elementary school nostalgia. This song is actually really funny now that I know what all the lyrics are, I like it
Leeza :p
Cheer Song. Pep rally tomorrow. Excited and scared because i Haven't cheered since Kindergarten im now in 8th grade. 1,576 people gonna see my cheer. RIP ME
Why did everyone comment the same thing?
Lunar Walker
His flow is sick! 👌
Madam Pug
Jeffree Star *can't relate*
Malycea Scarlet
I'm gonna solve a case, only got John Watson as my partner... 🎶
Martin Sabounjian
Like el que la escucha en 2017
Mashal Hussain
Awesome Brose !!!!! ☠️👌
Master Xavier
like si escuchas esto ebn 2017 o 2018
Min Zuzu
im still listening in 2018
Mina The killer
DUDE im so dead now i was listening this in front of my mom.....AND I FORGOT TO PUT MY EARFONES!!😂\nI ONLY NOTICE WHEN THE MUSIC WAS DONE......I LOKE AT MY MOTHER AND SHE WAS WITH THE FACE OF \
Because there is not much to listening to ⬇️my friend the tune is good, the lyrics are pish pure makes me wanna poo
Mr. Osford
lol i think this song was used in a life insurance ad or something XD
Nathalie Ruby Gordon Garcia Arias
i love this song i member it in 2011 or 2012
Nico liev
I can't believe I've just found the song of the century.
Paula Ramos
Quien la escuche en el 2018 es el puto/a amo/a\nViva ThriftShop!! SUUUUUUUU! !!!!!!!!!!!! (este mensaje es para toda people
Puppy Nether
I’m crying \n\n\n\n\n\nI miss those days
Queennie Chong Lee Lee
This song publish on year 2012. Now is 2018 and im still listen till now. Who are still listen this song please thumb up XD
ROBLOX player
This song is fucking awesome, dude! XD
Ryan Alves
Foda pra pakas veiiiiiii...
Sa Šenka
Scarlet Goldenriver
Most of the words dont even make sence but its the guy who sang it, but you did a good job on the lyrics.
2:18 It’s “up here stuntin” not “up in her skirt” wtf can u listen properly lol
Sirius BLACK
My favourite part 1:44
Skyy Long
Why does this sound like a 2016-2018 song
Smile Tea
Singing the wrong lyrics because of Sherlock...
Syeda Jakia
This is Fucking Awesome...😍
Ute die Hekerin
Omfg that beat man
Vanesa Martinez
The \
Video joker Emmie
All I can hear is that Rucka Rucka parody
Wagner Costa
ele renunciou da sua boa vida de papa
William Chong
This song is fucking awesome
I try to sing this buttt... I can better stop. Right now!
Zaid Zuniga
I feel like if I'm in elementary school again
awxhcuse shister
This song reminds me of Emma Chamberlain😂😂😂
dajana martinez
yeah eres el mejor macklemore♥
dhary alhowar
the lyrics are not right listen at the first part the lyrics say \nI'm I'm I'm hunting\nlookin for a (come up)\n \nwhen its says (come up) thats the first false of the lyrics it supposed to say dollar \nthere are many other false in the video \n\nall I'm trying to say is next time when making a lyric video please listen to the song carefully\nrepeat it it helps getting the right words.
dona iasevoli
This is fucking awesome!
honeyy y
Who’s watching this in 2018 like if u r also this song is OLD BUT GOLD
my pockets
jack wronger
you got skills b
julieta scarda
like si solo les gusta el estribillo
just anotherguy
like the beat
kadir koç
Türkler nerdesiniz basın burayi
kayli maker
I've only seen the night core version and I feel like I'm in slow motion lol
kelvin lor
Imma be that one guy who has a truck and windows open friends on the back slowly driving by with the music playing everyone has to bob there head to the beat of the music
3:19 is ALWAYS the best part
makis spanos
ramiel conchetas
this is foking awesome :v alguno que able español y que siga escuchando esta cancion en el 2016? v:
Rock dat mudda fuka
squash 101
The young kid sounds like young steph curry
tiffany rance
This song made being broke cool.
4867 anyone?