Have Fun with These 7 Creative Photo Ideas! Phone Photo Hacks and More DIY Ideas

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Find new ways to update your profile picture using these creative photography ideas! Improve those boring images by adding an original lighting twist with everyday kitchenware or simple DIY Lens Filters. No extra hands to help you out with your picture? As long as you have some earphones laying around you’re good to go! Discover how to dress as your favorite fruit and learn other cool camera tricks!If you enjoyed this video you might also like:

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A can of beans
I think the hacks are cool (not the gold digger one), but they focus too much on the story or situation...
ARZ_ Mikii
Jesteście Polakami ?
Abby Warren
7:25 the girl in the dark red bathing suit you can see her ...
Abena Amankwah
Gold digger
Adela Ventura
Yo hablo español
Adele A
Aistė G
Paulė.. thats a lithuanian name
Alijah Miller
3:20 is how to get yourself a gold digger . . . Or someone who knows what you did and calls you out . . .
Alyshia Harper
I promise to like this 😂😂😎 \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWell you promised😂😂
Angel Avakin
Anjali Singh
Anybody tell me that what is the name of red hair lady please
Anna Rose
Troom Troom and 5 minute crafts can go do they’re weird not useful crafts together. I’m watching this from now on
As dar negimes
7:10 but you can use a timer ! 🤣😂
Basketball_ Is_Life5154
2:39 that's basicly lying..... that's sad that he has to lie to get a girlfriend
what's the music ??? 7:40
Brennan Jones
t\nth\nthi\nthis\nthis i\nthis is\nthis is a\nthis is a c\nthis is a co\nthis is a cop\nthis is a copy\nthis is a copy o\nthis is a copy of\nthis is a copy of 5\nthis is a copy of 5 m\nthis is a copy of 5 mi\nthis is a copy of 5 min\nthis is a copy of 5 minu\nthis is a copy of 5 minut\nthis is a copy of 5 minute\nthis is a copy of 5 minute c\nthis is a copy of 5 minute cr\nthis is a copy of 5 minute cra\nthis is a copy of 5 minute craf\nthis is a copy of 5 minute craft\nthis is a copy of 5 minute crafts\nthis is a copy of 5 minute craft\nthis is a copy of 5 minute craf\nthis is a copy of 5 minute cra\nthis is a copy of 5 minute cr\nthis is a copy of 5 minute c\nthis is a copy of 5 minute\nthis is a copy of 5 minut\nthis is a copy of 5 minu\nthis is a copy of 5 min\nthis is a copy of 5 mi\nthis is a copy of 5 m\nthis is a copy of 5\nthis is a copy of\nthis is a copy o\nthis is a copy\nthis is a cop\nthis is a co\nthis is a c\nthis is a\nthis is\nthis i\nthis\nthi\nth\nt\n\n\n\nPlz like i worked on it for 5 MINUTES. (see what i did there?)
Brittany dat queen Official
There was a whole \
Camila Fiorella Meza Calle
7.26 se le salio un poco el seno de la pelirroja👩🙊🙊
CandyMelon *glitzy*
can anyone explain me when they take photos..,let it be troom troom,blossom ,crafty panda......the photo that they take is normal....but when they show the picture to us , that how it came.....it comes so real and real photography....but if i take picture it comes so normal and plain and wierd and low quality photos. So whats the trick?\nedit: pics like - 0:07 and 4:40
Cheez it'z INC.
Lmao the girl on tinder is a freaking gold digger why would u have someone that only likes u for money or, have money to spend on your self 😂 jk but you get the point
Chris Auer
yes, lie to people with obviously faked photos with a toy car haha. i mean you probably get someone you deserve that way, so whatever
Comet Drawz
How do they make it so smooth?!1?!1!\nDrones.
Crafty Panda
Hey Panda Paparazzi! 🐼📷✨\nI have continued to improve my camera skills! 📱😎 Got extra creative this time and brought you a chunk of new DSLR and smartphone photography tricks! Hope these hacks will inspire you to update that old profile photo. 🤩🤳 \nLet me know which hack you will try next?! 👉📷\nMuch love from Crafty Panda ❤️❤️❤️\n\nP.s If you enjoyed this video you might also like 😉: https://youtu.be/KMMb6qVrOqA
Daniel Oliveira
7:28 what music
De Gucci Pinaaples
And when she comes... where is ur car?
DragonFlame GamingYT
10:03 SERIOUSLY IM GONNA LOOK LIKE A BROKE PERSON TRYING FASHION\n10:16 may kinda look good but still NO
Emi -Chan
6:52 elle a un iphone x et a 7:00 iphone 6?
Emily Andrew
It's kinda sad how they think its making your instagram better by lying about having a cool car, a boyfriend, etc
Eshan Salman
Eva Eva
Врете на 5:12
Faty Durán
Me encanto lo adoro
How do they get it so smooth? \nWhy, they are professionals and don’t use roll chairs 😌😉😂
Flora Styles
The car one\nIs not good\nThat's like catfishing\nWith cars\nNot looks
Gabriella Diessel
Because everyone washes the dishes with makeup on and their hair looking perfect.
Gacha_ Potato
5:29 because they use drones duh
Hafizam abran
What song play during 7:28 - 9:40??
Happy Toys
I am c00l
I’m that blonde girl in the background at 9:38
Isabella mendoza gomez
like si eres la unica que habla español
Isobel Corbett
At 7:09 the girl changes her phone!\nIt was an iPhone X but changed to a iPhone 8+
Jake Beardmore
She's sexy
Jay Cullen
2:43 there cat fishing people
Jens M
7:26 the girl with the red hair has her nipple out of her bathing suit
Joan Druggiero
like si hablas español y te gusta ver vídeos en ingles
Julie Majova
95 nhgìn
Katana Shina
This channel is very different rather than the other life hacks \nGood job panda 👍
Kenay Yair
Mirror???? \n\n\n\n\n\n\n2\n 0\n 1\n 9?????
Kessi Renee
okay but what happens when they match and find out he don't have a nice car
8:44 *i sUfFer crIpPliNg dEprEsSiOn*
Lan Pham
7:07 I need those nails.
Laurinka YT
Lolly Pop!
6:19 no offence but who would do that in public\nEdit: Omg in just 1 day I have 4 likes! Thx!\n1 month later: 62! OML
Mar y
Ok who the hecc go around with a chair
Marely Perez Arauz
Like si son españoles
Mark-Ass Brownlee
How did u do the car one so well? Like how did u have the whole picture in focus??
She love your CAR, NOT YOU. What a sad life -_-'
Mel !
10:00 and the ones after that that’s not even a camera hack😂
Meme Troll
Crafty panda should have another Channel with blossom 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Min Adams
3.25 how to get a gold digger
Polacy łapki w górę!!! 💜
If faking your life on social media is a side effect then you probably shouldn’t tell us to do it.
Nicole Ng
Hey I got a suggestion for you how about a behind the scenes video or videos for us and thumbs up if you agree.
Pablo Leon Ezquerro
6:50 iPhone X \nAnd later \n7:00 iPhone 6
Pop pop boo
At 7:18 we can put it on timer too!
Qnarik Asatryan
👍👍👍👍💒💕beautiful pikture
Radhu Thakkar
Hello crafty pandas 🐼, \nU are doing such an AMAZING work that you are helping many of the peoples... \nI’m proud of you..🐼 \nThanks for sharings new things to such...! \nBest of luck for your future videos... \nbecause present videos are amazing 😉...!!
Random Stuff
wow! the quality of this video is amazing 😉
Random Vids
haha that girl’s face after she took those pics of the guys w/ the toy car pretending to have a lambo
Reese Freeman
10:21 : curvy girl problems
7:28 what the music?
Roblox/Gacha Mika Love it
9:38 That girl blonde one is pointing at the girl sitting on the bench
Sanseria Moore
The first one seemed like the girls were gold diggers like if u agree👉🏽
Scarlet Nomai
The one with the Lamborghini was cool, but all the girls who want to match with you are gold diggers
Sh00k Sis
The ice cream was dripping on her hand 😂🤣🥴
Small Fry
so who copy's who 5-min crafts or Crafty Panda
The Puth Brothers' Basic Fangirl
Expectations: hot guy with a nice car\nReality: pause at 3:28\n😂
Usha Rani
The best part of them is they don't repeat the same things 😊😊😊😊
Vanessa Berrios
As if you’re boyfriend is taking pics of you 🤣😂
Vanvan Teng
Vegar Melby
That girl on tinder was proboaly a gold digger
Vih Sena
Zainab Bagalkot
At 10:27 I was like Hannah stocking
atmopawiro david
8:23 now thats wgat you call dating wiht your phone
biti B
The Lamborghini part the girl is a hold diger
cat girl 2
10:31 5 minute craft !!!😡
ela primc
7:29 the way she liked photos on ig 😂
eman asghar
Nice video
guillermina patroni
Like si piensas q estas chavas le robaron el lugar a troom troom es
h i
7:20 the cord looks weird
helin yodas
hey famosos fama Manoela
1:34 amei
maryam emad
victoria Escobar
I like this part of the vídeo 8:55 up 9:40
xxx cassiexxx
The woman w the red hair looks like cat valentine
6:50 iphone x\n7:00 no iphone x
Кира Кобахидзе
حلوة أو مغرورة أو ألناس مني مقهورة
مين عربي لايك👍💟
كاظم عماد ،،،،،،
Ae skreim Love,