Genesis - the Carpet Crawlers live

Genesis playing the Carpet Crawlers in concert

1976 Banks Bill Bruford Carpet Collins Crawlers Genesis Hackett Lamb Mike Phil Rutherford Steve Tony the

One of my biggest regrets is not seeing Genesis live....sigh
La chitarra di Hackett......da sciogliersi!
LSD was a nice thing to do on weekends end of the 70s...but beware of carpet crawlers :D
Alan Murphy
Phil appears to be prayerful in this video.
Alex daini
Niente da fare...non ci siamo..Peter e' Peter||
Andre MacDowell
Bill Bruford played drums for Yes, King Crimson and Genesis. How is this even possible.
Angelica Monaco
The crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridor.\nFor my second sight of people, they've more lifeblood than before.\nThey're moving. They're moving in time to a heavy wooden door,\nWhere the needle's eye is winking, closing in on the poor.\nThe carpet crawlers heed their callers:\n\
Anne Loukachewsky
Antonio Lima
Obra prima!!
Aníbal Gomes Filho
Espetacular, magnífico, música em toda sua intensidade!
Blade O’Brian
This is probably my favorite Genesis song ever, Peter sang it awesome, Phil sang it awesome, even Ray Wilson did it good
Carlo A.60
Tra i GRANDI.....
Chris Taylor
My 18 year old girlfriends queued up for tickets, I felt superior as I got tickets from the fan site (I think they had more fun). Now we have reached 50 - where did the time go?
Christine Vega
The most self visualizing song.....EVER love it!!!!!!
Colourful 999 Real
Conny Neubauer
I do love the whole world while listening to this song and watching these two guys singing it . Heart opening, wonderful
David James
this was the first tour an year i saw Genesis....they didn't get a lot of FM radio air time here at least in the Houston area at that time...but i remember seeing their records at the music stores in the 70's an i took one home out of pure curiosity...i remember being very happy that i did......awesome song....timeless...
Dino Camella
Bruford is one, if not the best progressive rock drummers in this lifetime..I loved when he played for Yes
I agree that the music during the Gabriel era was better than a lot of the later stuff, but seriously, Phil Collins' voice is like silk.
Don Bagley
This is beyond genius. It goes into intuitive magic. I would never be the same once I heard it.
Entropy wins
Damn it! I'll die and there will never be a band like that again.
Fernando Rocha
This is just absolutely fantastic!\nThis is a timeless piece of music, from a group that has no equal.
Frank Smith
Evoking memories of waking up in my girlfriend's parent's basement the day after Christmas with the scent of the spruce tree permanently embedded in my mind. I still don't know if it really happened so long ago or it was just a dream. Thank you Genesis and Mother Nature.
Gabriel Kousouros
I always thought this was about heroin withdrawl ?
Igal Flint
Phil's voice is awful, terrible, horrible; lacks power and vibration\nPeter rules!
Can u hear Steve Hackett's guitar in the background? One of the best man ever.
Ivan -Nathalie
Peter Gabriel et Phil Collins dans le même groupe, j'y crois toujours pas...c'est un miracle....
Ivan Bisetti
Posologia: Tome diariamente uma dose de \
J. Clint Lewey
If I had to guess I would say 78 to 80 somewhere in there
Para mi de sus mejores canciones y su mejor álbum, que grandes, forever forever
Jaime Vargas
Best song ever
Janilson Rocha
Música linda, conheci por acaso no Spotify. Geralmente as versões ao vivo são piores que as versões gravadas em studio, mas essa me surpreendeu ficou ótima!
Jay Stewart
Phil Collins does a good job of singing this.
Jon Carroll
Peter's antics were always a distraction in the live performances. Phil's live vocals seem more consistently good. On the recording, Peter is fantastic.
Jule B.
Amazing ❤
Jędrzej Cedro
God, this song is so special!
Kay spence
Magic !\n💋
Kelly Lynn Mitchell
This is the best version of Carpet Crawlers ever!!  I am still in awe at what I just heard. From Tony Banks who is the best on keyboard and Phil who sings this much, much better than anyone else to Mike Rutherford harmonizing. This is one song I hope stays in my head for days! :)
Lothar L.
The song falls asleep, here the voice of Phil is missing\nAuf Deutsch, der Song schläft fast ein und die Stimme von Phil fehlt...
Luis Guilherme Alcala
once in a thc trip i saw the crawlers :X
Marcelo Oliveira
maravilha de musica genesis uma das maiores bandas de rock progressivo do mundo , phil collins astro pop
Mark Scutti
Friends laughed when I was listening to these guys in 73. From Genisis to Revelation to Lambs,Peter and Steven were an awesome part of band! This has always been a favorite song! Have seen them 12 times in different variations! Favorite album--Then There Were Three
Mauro Cuttano
144OOO Raeliani Alleluya...
Maurício Castro
Espetacular, será que conseguem fazer músicas assim?
Michael Türpitz
I was born in 1962 and this is the Musik for my young Life and i have thousend of Memories of this time! Its a timeless Musik and i love this Song forever, for all times!!!
Amazing. If only Hackett's guitar was louder on the mix...
Ya gotta get in to get out.
Observador Refundido
There is lambs wool under my naked feet\nThe wool is soft and warm\nGives off some kind of heat\nA salamander scurries into fame to be destroyed\nImaginary creatures are trapped in birth on celluloid\nThe fleas cling to the golden fleece\nHoping they'll find peace\nEach thought and gesture are caught in celluloid\nThere's no hiding in my memory\nThere's no room to avoid\nThe crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridor\nFor my second sight of people, they've more lifeblood than before\nThey're moving in time to a heavy wooden door\nWhere the needle's eye is winking, closing on the poor\nThe carpet crawlers heed their callers\nWe've got to get in to get out\nWe've got to get in to get out\nWe've got to get in to get out\nThere's only…
Ofra Matzov-Cohen
Oscar de' Grouch
One and only Bill Bruford. Fascinating to watch - so mechanical! Loved him in Yes, King Crimson. Now he has his PhD. Professor Bill.
Peter Gabriel
Not bad, Collins...
Fermez le yeux, une des meilleures de Genesis : que du bonheur, merci les gars (avec ou sans Peter)
Ricardo Amaya
Rob Burfy
Was this after Dave Hackett and Peter Rutherford left the group?
Ron T.
I love Peter Gabriel but I think Phil taking over as the lead singer was the best thing that happened to Genesis..I know that Peter left on his own but I think it was meant to be..
Sebastian Sänger
Endless classic Genesis Song...😁👍
Silvia B.
was für ein schönes Lied , da kann ich so richtig abschalten.und mich fallen lassen , durch die zarten Hintergrundtöne :)
Simone Tanzi
love rutherford's big smile in this... pure joy
Smart Business4u
old and very good!
magic song...
Stephen Lewis
I remember listening to this live, great times!!
Steve Dwyer
Pete has the deeper voice, stronger, can't compare to Phil's higher voice In fact that's why they sounded so good together they played off each others differences in voice..
Sérgio Conforti
Phil Collins e Bill Bruford juntos. Não é qualquer banda que teve esse privilégio.
Tezza DEO
Great performance - in the recorded album version of this tour (\
That green Apple
oh God... why m i born in 1993 ??? I have missed all these great concerts ....
For me it's alwyas Phil who owns this song, though Peter sang it before. But that's for preferences.....Awesome. Didn't realize what eerie lyrics they had, though.
I was directed here from the Ebow links page as an example of one of its early users, Steve Hackett. Now I might wonder why we can hear Hackett's wonderful Ebowed guitar here but hardly at all on the Seconds Out version from 1977. Well the answer, as Banks said, \
Titus Andersen
Lied, das ich mir immer wieder neu anhören kann. So was ist unvergänglich! Ich höre Fenesis seitich in den 20-ern bin und jetzt viele Hahre später stets wieder. Meine Ex-Freundin nannte diese Songs Wiegenlieder, aber warum eigentlich nicht, wenn es stimmen sollte, ich hatte da nie Probleme damit, ich steh auch dazu.\n\nThis song I can listen all the time, it is unfading. Since my youth.time I listened Genesis. My former girlfriend called it cradel.songs. But why not cradle. songs if we feel really good, for me no problem.
Genesis is my favorite band EVER hands down. I can just imagine what it was like to see them in concert!!  omg!  I NEED to see them!!
Weldelon Soares
So lovely...
I don't think this was merely written by Gabriel. It couldn't have been. See, the spiritual gravitas that this song beholds and the emotions it invokes can only mean one thing, that this song, from somewhere in the ether, found him. It is utterly perfect.
berengaria17 m
this song is why I love phil collins
carlos jorge almeida
chris jung
I don't know why, but this song makes me tear up every time.
chris ott
for this alone Young Phil.. all your sins ...gone way gone
Almost 4 million views and 10,000 likes; a lot of Genesis fans still out there! #GenesisForever
Phil Collins looks like a teddy bear.
don reid
sinatra had it .... but not as good as good as phil collins
elisabetta macinanti
Phil, I love u very much. But I think that Genesis begin an' end with Peter Gabriel..
ernesto montivero
evidentemente unos de los mejores momentos de genesis con la agrupacion original sublime
frank d
close my eyes an feel the music.
Super schönes Leid...
giovanni spons
La chitarra di Hackett sembra che parli
even Peter said Phil did it better. I agree
That moment from 2:24 to 2:45 is what I believe Heaven will sound like.
IMMENSI!!   i miei anni verdi......
manfredo lamborghini
One of the most beautiful music pieces of all time
Have loved this song for 4 decades, my top 5 favs since the 1st time I heard it 35 yrs ago...\
philip poulos
one of their best!! But Rock Radio was too stupid to ever play this
This was one of the last times Phil sang \
Really interesting.. as high as Collins sings this, he actually goes lower in the parts where Gabriel goes really high, most notably in the fourth and fifth verses of course.. I wonder if Collins was simply putting his \
I've never got to see genesis either but word has it Phill Collin's is coming out of retirement and will be touring.
Imagine an era when there was Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Traffic, Queen, Eagles and others not to mention...
Sweet Meloncholy Music for all times!!
ven hennessey
You got to get in, to get out
Phil made this song his own !! FACT
ɾoʌo oɔıʞ
Go ACAPULCO again, u got it