Asmongold LOSES A Mount Off For the Second Time EVER?!?

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Asmon... Asmongold Asmongold Loses MOunt Off Asmongold MOunt Asmongold MOunt Off Asmongold MOunt off loss Asmongold Mount Off COmpetition Asmongold loses

Alaskan Woody
that is a lot of mounts
Alex Corv
And here I am, bought first sub on WoW 10 days ago and all I have is Hearthsteed. QQ
Basically it’s just sayin that they have no life
Anthony wilson
Stop mumbling
20:35\ncan someone tell me which arsenal this is?
Bad Max
that slow clap is the best :D congrats
Bainin Red
hm i did not play World of Warcraft in ages i think i stopped soon after cataclysm, so you are telling me all the items i kept because they look cool have some worth now?
On my main server/main account I have 1217 days/ on my second server/main account 127 days but I have 3 accounts and play on 2 primary servers so there is no telling what the overall is.
If u tell someone he only has 1k days played u know u have a SERIOUS problem.
Sorry, you are not a winner asmongold
Brian Lee
1,000 days played... could literally be a surgeon.
Brimstone Valar
From the best mmorpg to a mount contest...gz Blizz
Casper Elkjær
You cannot kill that which already have no life.
Chris Conklin
I just gotta say it's really sweet to see an Obsidum member in this that Death's Demise is from my original server happy they're still around
19:11 😂😂😂 why crab rave clap
He's already lost countless of mount offs lol. Atleast +10
Damian Damian
His life are mounts
Dan R
ONLY 1000
Daniel Scutaru
4:10 cheater
Daniel b
you take losses so well ahaha, very fun to watch
Dark Zhiro
I think it's the third time. Or the fourth time.
Asmon has 32000 hours on WoW?
This is the kind of autism I can get behind
Doc's World
This is why I am looking forward to starting again on Classic....I never kept up with these guys (life got in the way). So am looking forward to getting the chance to start again.
Double RD
asmongold celebrate hitting 1337 days played
Drew Davis
That is his 3rd loose.
Duncan 1
Asmon better step up his mount game 😂
Problaby shared account, no single guy can get this much.
To this day I still don't have any kodos because I'm too lazy to get the thunderbluff talabard
So much swearing I can't keep up with the video lol
Emily Burrows
Why does he keep calling it Asses of Al'ar? Not the first video he has done this in lol
Thanks for editing a little
Glenn Fales
doesnt play horde, they gottemmmm llol
been playing since cataclysm /played is like 100day :D
HakivsBankai Bleach
He look like is high in drug poor guy blizzard need to create a tittle NO LIFE achievement just for Asmog
I hate asmondgold so much he's so full of himself and need to stop bragging constantly
Ian Horne
19:12 Asmon busted a quickie
Wasn't there a guy who literally had every mount?
How do you even live a human life and dedicate that much time to a game.
Jack The Lad
funny lol makes contest he picks every skin im sure if they picked the skins he loses lul i think it should be a raffle thing
Jacqueline Brown
Watching these competitions have given me great respect for all that have grinded out mounts I have spent a good 10 hours doing Raid mount grinds today and have not gotten one! There are so many that are just awesome and worth the grind others that are just to much but grats to all who have a nice queue up of mounts for this comp.
Jay Bee
He has 607 mounts, of which none were given to him by viewers.
Jeremy Gress
where is Mcconel ?
shaker no life
KeNNaNS Gaming
The no-life from south park was based on real life events....
Kevlin soatrome
When I played WoW, it was cool to have ONE mount. Not a specific one. 1 mount. Uno mounto. That's it.
Question: What would happen if he was on like the last two or three people maybe four or five and he whips out a really REALLY rare mount like NO ONE has none of them have it what would happen would he just win?
Asmongold takes this game pretty seriously
Kori Jenkins
Not hard to win these when your loser viewers give you every mount in the game and run 40 man raids against the world boss to trade you the mounts if they drop.
Kubo Megela
15:19 what is name of that blue dragon
its not twitch prime time without mccool. o7
so this has become the nr 1 end game content?
Logan Locke
When you think Asmon is the biggest nerd in existence... then proven wrong
dude.. you lost 5 mount off now 😂😂
I hate asmongold face its just the definition of wow addiction and 0% social life xD
Muffin Pack
What's the addon he uses to see the skulls and stuff for the rares on the map? asking for a friend
This is the third actually
Jrammy apprentice
Casualmongold got beaten up.
i dont really like all of the video cutting. when i watch a mount off im half doing it just to see asmons bullshitting. would rather this have been a fat 45 minute chunk of video
dude i dont even play WoW and i still watch this stuff cause its so entertaining
delete your channel
Raven Wolf
Step out with a Swift Zhevra or maybe a Brewfest Ram (NOT the swift).
Isnt that 3rd ?
Romeo Red
Ive never played wow a day in my life. but i love these mount offs.
1:51 I've been waiting forever for this :D
everytime i see a scarab lord, i knee down in respect.
Fighting a guy with death's demise title thinking that person dont have wrath glory mounts.
Who else is here wondering where tf Pink is
Stephen M
bend over asmon you need more mount
Steve Nixx
hasnt been playing, aka getting cucked by a thot. I await the fallout.
Ehm he has lost alot of times wtf are u talking about \
Søren Jensen
Will Asmongold delete his life,when nobody plays wow anymore?
This one was the best :)) \
I remember I did dailies for like 2 months straight to get the netherdrake in BC lol
he never does Anzu. I thought that one was pretty rare.
The Mad Hatter
Crys about he doesn't like the game anymore, all he does is mount offs and xmog offs and dps offs id hate the game at that point to.
Toby Allen
EZ CLAP on that dude to go buy it LUL
Tomi Szix
He has 32.000 hours in the game... K
Toner C.
Imagine nearly 3 years of your life spent on one game...
and so ? whats the goal of it ?
WadummsMcGee seriously need a life. Get off wow, and do something else. smfh
Your titles make me want to shoot an orphanage, but the edits are pretty good. It's remarkable that you take time to edit long videos like these. Keep it up!
for the third time
bj H
I have been waiting for this to happen again..
when he said .. get on the swift zulian panther ... i was pissed.... atm 1500+ kills with 14 characters each days and not dropped...FML
crypsis jensen
Asmongold gets on Black protodrake but doesnt realise that he has the Death's Demise title, which is the server fist kill of Yogg +0, ofc he has done the naxx achis aswell xD
Jrammy vs Shaker for the Mount Off Heavyweight Championship when?
ex Lightning
Sure he has all that time on his account but I don't think I've ever actually seen him play WOW, Mostly just seen him watch videos while it plays in the background and do these competitions.
This dude is such a nerd... but he kinda grows on ya
where is the guy that cuss a lot i like him
lylkym malabad
I was there at that time 😏
What a legend
niall cleere
oren revenge
do you realise how much is 1k days in a game, 24000 hours I don't have 1000 hours on all my steam games combined
i NEVER seen a ivory raptor in any of these mount offs
x AquaNightwolf
Электрик Гоша
This game has nothing to offer, but showing off your mounts, that drop on each corner nowadays.