Steam Train - Mangapps Farm Railway

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Mark Found visits one man's private railway

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Alastair Gray
So cool \u003c3
How great it would be to have your own private Railway!
David Frobel
nice..i remember thouse coal wagons,,no brakes if i remember right,,they had a sighn on the side of the track on top of a hill that said,,,all goods trains must stop dead here,,,so the gard could get out and set the hand brakes on a cople of them, and then go down the hill slowley,,my dad worked for british rail,,years ago
Ian Taylor
Super, super, You obviously have worked very hard to get it all in place, it's a great credit to you and your \
Never heard of this before. Is this site open it to the public?
Jack Johnson
are the railway channel going to visit the newly opened Epping and Ongar Railway?
And after all that, there was absolutely no information given on when the first tracks were laid, or whose tracks they are, or the development of the line, or what it might be used for.\n\nDid they purchase and take over nearby tracks after they were abandoned? Did they lay their own? If so, how long did it take and who actually did the work? What tracks were laid first, and when did they start actually running trains on it? Is it purely for private entertainment, or do they now run a regular passenger service for tourists and sightseers?\n\nWhere did they get the engines from which they use on the line? Which came first? What condition was it in? Who does restoration and repairs?\n\nSo many unanswered questions.
Justyn Keeble
I'm a Middy man so it's nice to see two more of the MSLR's stations preserved. =)
Metric is meters and Celsius. Imperial units are Fahrenheit and miles. You should switch to metric it's much simpler.
Lewis Reeves
13:19 that belongs to my local railway :)
Mark Duxberry
sorry i can only give you one like if i could i would give a lot of like,s do like this video . must pay a call there myself
Matt Seymour
Great video :) would love to have my own private raiilway one day
Oliver Goldsmith
I know of a private railway thats been laid over the last 30+ years.
Pete Knight
In reply to KiwiPower NZ, as a truck driver we've been using metric for decades. All our speedometers are both metric and imperial. All our weights are metric, i.e. gross vehicle weights. Refrigerated temperatures are Celcius but 37degrees means nothing to me, I want hot temperatures in Fahrenheit! All our groceries are in grammes but I dont want to buy a half litre of bitter, I want a pint. Also we buy our fuel in litres. We're gradually getting used to it, thanks to our Eurocrat (Eurocrap) masters.Regards Pete
Richard Moses
I would hope they would extend the trackage farther.  Then he could have a more operational historical railway.
Samuel Turner
Nice Video
The Railway Channel
@Isochest yes it is - check on the times but it's well worth a visit.
a nicely done private railway :)
Tyler Bell
know what small steam engine are call in the usa ? \n\nthey are called switchers..
allan egleston
superb....everybody will want one of these :) great video and I have sub'd to see more !
awesome vid hello from houston texas
mark carey
Great stuff! Best wishes for all the work you're doing and pleased to hear you all have fun doing it.\n-Mark\nSteam enthusiast from New Zealand.
Nice vid cheers.Also who give a .... about metric?
patrick lavers
where did he get the money to buy all that stuff
paul kidger
No. Industrially and scientifically we use the SI system. This is generally similar to the metric system but is slightly different in a number of ways. There are a number of Imperial units, such as the pint and mile, which continue to be allowed because they are part of our heritage
Fantastic video John; great to see Mangapps farm thriving after it taught me WHY railways are so much better then road:\nI was helping to lay track and we had one of the 18 ton flat-wagons with sleepers on. Having laid a couple of sections, the boys asked me to push the wagon down a bit for the next section. I thought they were joking, but I was able to single handedly push this wagon along level track; Couldn't do that with a bus! A great demonstration in the efficiency of metal on metal!
steven rowe
Railway nuts really are strange people, i got married so that ended that dream didnt it\n\nSeriously my wife is good andshe knows im a big kid but am kept in check\nAh steam is next to godliness\nI may become a vicar then I can.have a railway and my own peal of bells too.\nJust need a good village pub too