Naruto Peeping On Hinata And Gets Caught [English Dub]

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?????? Loner
Jariya taught him well...
ALT Gamer
i feel bad for naruto and lee because lee is just practicing and naruto is blamed by sakura
Allan John Galanza
I love nejis voice
but tell me why the music was so emotional lmfao, like it’s the same music as when itachi killed his parents i don’t understand why this was so serious
...what-is this like a real episode or a fan made thing? 😂😂
Asuma Sarutobi
Are they all (Not Naruto) seriously idiots? Why would Rock Lee try to peep on the girls, that's not like him at all, everyone knows that!! (BTW, Hinata's voice is so adorable! :3)
Ayden Morton
What episode
Badboy DCX
Whose bra is that •_•
Bat Cat
they get mad at lee for accidentally falling in and are totally fine with the rest of the guys barging in.
Big Boi
Top 20 anime betrayals
i can't wait for the day when naruto gets serious and dodges one of sakura's punches, this is why she is such a hated character
1:34 the only time sakura came close to naruto's mother
Calabi-Yau Manifold
When no one lets you speak and are overwhelmed by them this happens 0:44\nFeelsbadman
Daniel Misher
Sakura and I would have been boxing, if she uppercut me
Naruto is almost peeping and almost never get caught, I think there is one Ninjutsu he learned and it's called Peeping and never get caught jutsu and taught by Jiraiya, Pervy sage taught him well XD
DatBoiKirby Chase
Hinata is waifu
De'Voy Edwards
This is actually sadder than Itachi's story, all wrapped up into one episode.
So they went out with only towels to wear? Wow what happens if one of those towels just goes down? Ohh wait anime logic
Derek Bates
His sensei must be smiling from perv heaven; the student has now become the master.
Dominik navarro the killa!!
Rock Lee's is my favorite!!
Dragon sin of drip
0:46 them faces tho 😂
Erastus Arnon Brethren Catapang
i feel bad for lee 0:45
Eugene Quiñones
Naruto is a true hero. He knows his friends
Eunique Gonzalez
when you know its clickbait but you click anyway
*closes laptop*
Fairy Law
Wtf after all them ran after Lee Hinata didn’t run after him tho cause she stayed behind to put clothes on. Did Naruto realize he was still standing there
1:44 song?
Frags points
Ion was a few inches away from nailing naruto I. His chidoris.
Gianna Garcia
He got kick in the genitals
Goku Sensei
If ino continues to punch. Naruto family jewels will be broken
Ishmael Furuyama
Jack Frosty
THis video is gold ;-;
Jadel Hidalgo
Don't get caught that's the trick
John Kurt Morados
0:46 that's the most funny face of Rock Lee😂
Joker 313
Jiraya would be soo proud
Jory Johnson
Funny how Sakura is so swing happy when everyone knows he could take on everyone there and win without breaking a sweat lol. \n\nThe whole ‘peeping’ joke kind of falls flat if the person you’re trying to punish is a god level Shinobi.
Justin W.
Hinata Bewbs :3
What’s the outro music?
Kagune Ken
Don’t try to kill me for saying this, but I like Sakura
Kaizo Bro
Kawaii Hime Niyah BTS ARMY
0:45 & 1:32 lmfao😂😭
Keya Malaluan
Nejiii 😍💓😭
1:30 \nLee was staring at that print 😂
Kolz J6
Rock Lee be like when he saw a bra in Naruto's back
Ino was about 2 inches away from nailing Naruto in his rasengans
my man Lee was having depression
Lordofice 18
1:28 when u stand up for your friend but some bad evidence is on u
Mr. Pixel
Sakura went full on super saiyan at the end
Rocklee is so cute when he is crying 😢😢😢😂😂😂
NaJee Prodigy
Ending music please !!!!
Naruto Uzumaki
poor lee
1:30\nrock lee is like wut the fuq
Hinata got shy when Neji came in( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No U
(Opens bible and reads) The real trick to peeping is to never get caught (me closes book)\nI have truly read the words of wisdom
O Dawg
1:10 if Ino did not stop her punch Boruto would have never been a show😂😂\n\n\nEdit: Wow thanks for the likes guys☺😊
Phantom Troupe
Neji :,(
Prototype S
I hate sakura so much
Puptiny and BlueMods
RS TechStudios
1:36 it was at that moment he knew HE GOT K.O. ED
Remco F. Gerritsen
This whole scene demands an hentai adaptation xD
SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza
Hinata I bet you want Naruto to see you in your towel\n\nAnd how could you people making Lee cry.
Sergio Moreno
Jirariya taught Naruto well.
Shawn J
We all know if sasuke was their this would been a nude fest
Shy Ranger
Damn it Naruto, I thought you were pure!
Sonic And Mario And chris!
Such a big deal :( poor lee
Sonic The Hedgehog
I was hoping Ino would've hit that. I can only imagine Boruto disappearing.
Stiles Kuchiki
Rock Lee is so cute. Also, what was the ending song you used?
THAT PERVERT!!! Lol when Neji said that i cried laughing 🤔😂😂😂
The Real Thanos
i don't know why this video in my recommended
TheRhythmGoddess a towel.....well DAMN!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Thomas De fayard Mackey
I thought pervy sage would do something like that
Seriously who would peep on Sakura lmao...
Vincent Landson
Rock lee was peeping on us. Tenten, would you shut up. You love him and end up with a kid with lee
White Nymph
After Naruto gets punched\n\n*Goes into 4 tails mode*\n\nSakura: *Oh ;-;*
William Cherry
and he calls other people perverts
Wiremu H Is so cool
Naruto was a perve bruh hilarious
Xander Ellingson
Poor Rock Lee. Just wanted to get some training in.
It's funny that Neji said you did what considering in road to ninja he was peeping 😂😂😂
Youngz Uchiha
dirty socks
Lee just doesn’t stop training does he?😂
dragonleo 2009
Naruto could have said Lee put it there lol
greg tietze
Well maybe now naruto Will see hinata in a new light, so what his view of her now he see how 👌 hinata is
josiah clinch
LORD SEVEN! THE PEVY HOKAGE! the sage would have be proud.
just a dude
Man they jump to conclusions so easily if Naruto wanted to snag that bra he wouldn't have hung it on the side of his towel\nThough I guess that was karma for trying to peep
*trust your comrade*
king games
who felt embarrassed for Naruto when they saw the brawl on him after his speech. 😖
lolo kun
0:43 naruto is choc but he really tries to see girls naked
lonia's so E V I L
Neji is so adorable 😭 he’s tryna protect the girls so they can have there privacy 😍 he has so much respect for woman he woulda made a great husband
nill punto exe
eso sakura así se ase \ny me encantó ver a neji en tuaya
panda _gurl2K18
I still love how he stills calls rock lee bushy brows
that moment when 5 guys entered the room and Hinata only noticed Naruto and became conscious after seeing him...\n\n*awww* lol
ss aa
naruto should just rasengan sakura. and kill her she ruin the whole series
x Texas Trill x
1:35 damn inferno style
{RFKZ} NoLxve
1:10 HELL NO