The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Genesis [Full Remastered Album] (1974)

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It's about what happens to you when your life and entire existence are suddenly snatched away. It's about hurtling down the dark tunnel to a frightening and mysterious rebirth. This is pretty heavy stuff that asks the only question that matters to us ..... why do I live, why do I die? Why? And is there really a Lamb at the end of the road who will save me? This album will never die, in any case. I just talked to my brother-in-law yesterday, he'd dead today. That's what this is all about. The candle suddenly snuffing out. Heavy. Deeper than I expected from the guy in the paper mask.
i can't believe this post has 335 dislikes- they must be lazy minded. i love this album.\nread the lyrics straight through, it's a euphoric poetic masterpiece
I was taking acid in my friend's dorm room at the University of Florida in 1994 when I first heard this album. When that weird guitar solo thing begins at 33:23, I started laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. Fell off his top bunk and cut my forehead real bad on the side of a table. 9 stitches needed. Still have a long scar!
I bought this off a market stall when it first came out ..Best buy ever ..I loved it at 16 and I love it at 60 . Fantastic music never dies .
Andrew Zeegers
Burnt in my heart forever. I Am branded by this album. Touched to the very bone-marrow. When traveling, this album went with me. I held it to my chest, I slept with it. And it still is... and remains... It is written on my soul like a tatoo.... Some people breath air, I breath this album.
Angel René Serra
I no longer have any doubts: \
In a parallel universe, Peter Gabriel never leaved Genesis.
Antonio Di Fiore
Absolute Masterpiece
First music I ever got into, later I was sidetracked by Heavy Metal (I confess) but damn, in retrospect, Genesis were so much heavier.
Asktelevision Martin Gremmelspacher
My favourite Genesis Album is Selling England by The Pound, which always makes me smile.  The Lamb...  was also a masterpiece. The first two sites brilliant, third great fourth a bit poor but still fine.  I saw the real Thing twice in Colmar and in Offenburg in 1975 and I saw five times the copy of the \
Augusto Maini
One of the best album of rock in all time Peter Gabriel genius
Brian Swan
Some kind of God or angel must be upon Peter and Phil, it's not humanly possible to write and perform this stuff.
The absolute greatest Progressive Rock album ever created, bar none! An amazing journey through musical wonderment, and exceptional playing, writing, and of course, Peter! I can listen to this ANYTIME and do so often! I will put the CDs on and listen to them both all the way through without stopping and enjoy the album today as much as I did when I first discovered it! Just a pure musical masterpiece that would be hard to top by any band!
Charles Cavanaugh
Never get bored of this album \nA true classic
Cindy Logan
It is chicken, it is eggs.\nit is in between your legs.\nIf you think this is pretentious\nyou've been taken for a ride! PG
Clay Miller
I saw this live. 😜
Cliff Carr
I love this album, outstandingly intelligently produced by guys who were way ahead of their time by many years. Unbelievable talent on all of this album, and it is a credit to mankind.
Dana James
By far, Genesis' best album. Finally, they let Peter Gabriel write the bulk of the lyrics and in doing so, put to sleep the nonsensical, over blown crap of the previous albums. This one is gritty, disturbing and it's rising up from the filth in the streets. If there ever was any doubt who was the real, creative force of this band, the Lamb settled the argument. Just an amazing collection of lyrics with some great melodies. Gabriel's swan song for the ages.
Daniel Scott Schiffer
I rather trust a man that works with his hands......
Daylan Barbosa
Sincerely, Peter Gabriel deserves a literary award for this work. How can a young man of only 24 years achieve a lyrical and narrative prowess like this? So many references. I hope in the future critics will understand the strength of this album.
Dennis Benzle
on reading through the comments I also agree that genesis died in the eighty's alongwith moody blues king crimson focus etc I think most bands have a use by date after a commercial over haul.the only survivor I know is pink Floyd and of course roger waters most bands sold out with out going forward Peace
The Lamia is one of the most beautiful piano pieces ever.
Eleuterio Ramalho
A master piece of Genesis, Lyrics so mature, a social analysis also mature, for guys with only twenty few years.
Emilio Martin
Maravilloso!!! Pero no supera a \
Emmanuel Farmakis
...And that's the end of a remarkably short journey (lasting only 6 studio albums and a live one) to artistic godhood! It always brings tears to my eyes, because it concludes the breathtaking attempt of 5 (plus 2) very young English lads (mind you, in this album they are 23 OR 24 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!) to create Immortal Art-----and they did it, with flying colours!!! GENESIS was, is, and will probably remain the greatest band of all time, and it is to their credit that they have created the only fan base that believes they are the greatest almost in its entirety! And I sincerely hope that this stunning album will be etched on the metallic disc we send on the next probe out to deep space for other civilizations to learn about us!......
42 years later. Still, one of my favourite albums.
Falcon Bleck / Schimnesthai
Anthony Banks, Philip Collins, Peter Gabriel, Stephen Hackett, Michael Rutherford... the perfect mix of people and music, and as everything so incredible, it lasts too little, but even if it was for too little, i'm glad i know about it and that i can listen to it, thanks uploader. \n\nUpdate: Shoutouts to Anthony Phillips, they would make a good 6 people band... and i would add Daryl Stuermer, Chester Thompson and Phillip Collins Jr. as supporters.\n\nUpdate 2: Ray Wilson also, i like what he has done with Genesis lately... why not just add everyone? \nAnd also, more shoutouts to Anthony Phillips because Lilywhite Lilith was created in part by him... a song that went unused for 4 albums!
Fernando J.C.C.
Una de las obras maestras de todos los tiempos INMORTAL
Frank Ruben
I listen to this album at work b/c work sucks. Work doesn't really suck, it's the people. I can't help it but people aggravate me so much. I listen to this album rather than blow my brains out all over the walls of my cube. I remember the early 70's when this album came out along with other prog rock bands. That was good music. Things were fun back then. Now things suck. Anyway, thanks for listening. It's prolly just me. Never mind.
Frank Troisi
Always debate with friends , zep or Floyd , stones?, yes, elp, tull, then l remember the lamb and foxtrot, and Peter the great, maybe it's Old Genesis
Fuzzy Kossoff
My all time favourite album. I love it!\nSaw them back in '75. Grandios.
Gab Pinto
Quite possibly the greatest concept album in the history of humanity....
Gary Rawlinson
Greatest combination of musicians Hackett, Banks , Gabriel , Rutherford and Collins.
George Texstel
mystery, magic,music... This should have received a Nobel Prize. For something.
Hunter Koester
*_The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway_** - The Story: Part 1*\n\n Keep your fingers out of my eye. While I write I like to glance at the butterflies in glass that are all around the walls. The people in memory are pinned to events I can't recall too well, but I'm putting one down to watch him break up, decompose and feed another sort of life. The one in question is all fully biodegradable material and categorized as \
I was 12 when I first heard this.\nIt made me stop what I was doing\nand just listen\nThe greatest album for me :)
James Kovacic
My experience with listening to this album: At first you don't like it, then it confuses you, then it disturbs you, then it scares the living shit out of you, then you get it, then you love and cherish it for the rest of your life. The point is, this album will require multiple visits before you can truly understand its raw power and musical beauty. I'm glad that I was patient and didn't give up on it. I'm a fan for life
Jan Pfeifer
the best thing i heard in my live,i think
Jenny Briggs
Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats is so beautiful it makes me cry.  I can't explain what it is but it makes me feel like it's the music you'd hear when leaving life.
Fly on the Windshield transitioning into Broadway Melody of 1974 will never stop being one of the greatest moments in music. Been listening to this album since I was in diapers, and it just doesn't lose its luster. And what's amazing is it's not even my favorite Genesis album. They were truly titans of prog rock.
Jim Reeves
The drum work on this album are fantastic.
Jim das Selvas
I think a lot of classical composers of past centuries would hear naturally - with vehement sympathy - the Genesis music. Above all works from Gabriel/Hackett years.
Jordan Hendy
7:37 \
Kenn Cramer Hanberg
Genesis through their entire history just have something no other band has. Its like a fairytale everytime I listen to them. Like a book that you just cant stop reading.
Kostya Pakhomov
The greatest Genesis album ever.
Manuel Almeida
Music for inteligent people.
Mariano Luna
And the lamb lies down on Broadway.\n\nEarly morning Manhattan,\nOcean winds blow on the land.\nThe Movie-Palace is now undone,\nThe all-night watchmen have had their fun.\nSleeping cheaply on the midnight show,\nIt's the same old ending-time to go.\nGet out!\nIt seems they cannot leave their dream.\nThere's something moving in the sidewalk steam,\nAnd the lamb lies down on Broadway.\n\nNightime's flyers feel their pains.\nDrugstore takes down the chains.\nMetal motion comes in bursts,\nBut the gas station can quench that thirst.\nSuspension cracked on unmade road\nThe trucker's eyes read 'Overload'\nAnd out on the subway,\nRael Imperial Aerosol Kid\nExits into daylight, spraygun hid,\nAnd the lamb lies down on Broadway.\n\nThe lamb seems right out of place,\nYet the Broadway street scene finds a focus in its face.\nSomehow it's lying there,\nBrings a stillness to the air.\nThough man-made light, at night is very bright,\nThere's no whitewash victim,\nAs the neons dim, to the coat of white.\nRael Imperial Aerosol Kid,\nWipes his gun-he's forgotten what he did,\nAnd the lamb lies down on Broadway.\n\nSuzanne tired her work all done,\nThinks money-honey-be on-neon.\nCabman's velvet glove sounds the horn\nAnd the sawdust king spits out his scorn.\nWonder women draw your blind!\nDon't look at me! I'm not your kind.\nI'm Rael!\nSomething inside me has just begun,\nLord knows what I have done,\nAnd the lamb lies down on Broadway.\nOn Broadway-\nThey say the lights are always bright on Broadway.\nThey say there's always magic in the air.
Mark Connors
Released on today's date, 42 years ago. Enjoy your weekend everybody and what better way to kick it off listening to this classic!
Martin Green
Gabriel v Collins, Gabriel wins IMO. Just saying :)
Matt Podjeski
The climax of Hairless way was that made by humans...this kind of music must have used some divine intervention to make
Michael Noeldner
This is my favorite concept album of all time outside of jazz.
Mike Malley
I self-identify as a Slipperman.
As a fan of Pink Floyd, and my personal fav, Rush... Dark Side of the Moon and 2112 ( I preferred Hemispheres over 2112) were great and a must have for any prog fan. However.... as far as creativity, music, and story, there is little that tops this is a masterpiece, invoking heavy imagery, no drugs required. It touches the soul. Those who like Dark Side of the moon should love this. \nI was born OVER A DECADE after most of these albums of the Gabriel most of the Collins Era. But I can say it's better than most of the shit out there today. Anyone who loves Dark Side of the Moon should Give this a listen.... Sorry But this blasts DSOTM out of the water... The only thing that would have made this any more epic would be a video like Tommy, or The Wall. \n( Never saw Tommy) \nIf DSOTM was a mansion, this album would be a full-blown palace. When Peter left the band his departure was not a whimper but a bang, a full blown supernova with this album. \n\nMy highlights ( or favorite parts ) are Fly on a windshield- In the cage, Grand Parade, ( I picture a bunch of twisted looking people marching like lifeless toy soldiers) Back in NYC, ( great use of synthesizers and guitars) The chamber of 32 doors, ( as if often feel lost and entering corridors that take me back to where I started, and trust few people) The Lamia ( very melancholy but great use of guitars... Colony of Slippermen is a great followup with its beat and tone changes And the last two seem to present to me ( from my point of view, anyways) the discovery of truth, freedom and something mysteroius, intangible, and powerful yet insubstantial that we have, yet cannot grasp or hold... Unchanging ( It).. Something nowhere but everywhere, around us, and inside the core of everyone.
This album is not on Spotify. Really weird.
Oscar de' Grouch
My ultimate favorite double album set - any album for that matter - of all time! Have had Genesis The Lamb in my life since 14 and it's still new to me. The music you offer us is ALWAYS top shelf, Hunter... THANKS!!!
Patryk Czarnik
One of the greatest albums in rock history, very underrated, probably overtook its time.\nWhen I heard it first, it was hard to receive. Each listening I went deeper and deeper into the music and the story.\nAnd when you realise that such a concept album was composed and recorder in 1974... As a concept album it's comparable only to Pink Floyd The Wall, but Lamb was released 5 years earlier!\nThen you take a big respect to Genesis. All members. Peter for the story and unrepeatable live performaces, Phil for incomparable, innovative, brave drumming, Mike for accented bass and novator (at that time) effects, Steve for his beautiful string sound, but at first place Tony, the leading composer in the band, one of the greatest composers of rock (then pop) music, and also a good performer.
Pierfrancesco Natale
I've never been a big fan of Genesis, but this album was really extraordinary.
Piero Ciriotto
Mio fratello più grande di un anno rispetto a me, aveva 11 anni quando è uscito l'album. Sembra strano a pensarlo adesso, ma un anno dopo l'avevamo in casa.\nA quel punto ero io ad avere 11 anni, ed un disco da ascoltare. L'età di un moccioso senza testa.\nMio fratello a quel tempo era \
still a favorite album since i bought in summer of '78
Quiet Knight
The only Genesis album I've ever been interested in, and it's a masterpiece.
Here comes the supernatural anaesthetist..... If he wants you to snuff it, all he has to do is...... Puff it. He's such a fine dancer!
Richard Hunt
Peters voice, Collins Drums, Hackett's lead guitar, Banks and Rutherford hold it all together as a group. Once in a lifetime! Mine luckily!
Robert Goodwin
I've always said...If I could only listen to one album for the rest of my life..this is the one.
Robert Selkirk
One of the greatest double albums of all time. Up there with Tommy, White Album and Quadrophenia
SDG All Day
That ARP solo on \
Sam Holden
Gabriel's voice is awesome on this album.
Si Mills
Probably one of the best albums of all time, yet 700+ humans voted against it....but Bieber is good
The Lamia is timeless..
Stephen Lisson
Nobody ever talks about Michael's bass work when the talk about Genesis. He was a brilliant bass player. All you have to do is listen to In the Cage. That should enlighten you on how good this man was.
Collins outshone ALL his rock contemporaries. The fusion drummers were another matter, but Collins deserves to be included in their company. His feel is incredible.
Tina Reggie
I've got sunshine in my stomach.
Tommy Cannonfree
Genesis greatest album of all times
Tony England
How come I can't remember what my girlfriend said to me last night but I remember every word of this album from 45 years ago?
This is my first time listening to the whole thing right through in quite some time; bloody hell, if this isn't the best concept album ever, then I don't know what is. Yes' work, good though much of it is, doesn't hold a candle. This is like an internal movie for the mind, and a superb one at that. About the only album that comes close to this is Pink Floyd's The Wall, in my opinion.
Vintage rumors
This album is immense in quality and quantity of the music on it
Virginia Taddei
Il miglior album dei genesis
Willie White
one of the greatest masterpieces of all time
Wolf Soul
This was the first non-trio album I discovered well over 30 years ago when I was 15 or 16. My good friend loved the band to the extent that I thought she might pass out cold if she strayed too far from her album collection. Well, we were stuck in her room on a rainy day & she asked me if I wanted to hear \
Yoshi Wall
Gabriel is the greatest frontman in history
ali renfro
The last great adventure left to mankind.....
carlos hernandez mergold
The greatest album ever made!
Thanks so much for uploading this. I just got home from the bar, quite drunk, and needed to hear this masterpiece. And I'm way too fucked up to find my LPs or operate a turntable.
debbie ockey
there is no finer album available anywhere under the sun
eardrum buzzer
My favorite album of all time?
franco Valdamer
Still have albums in mint condition👍👍
No words for this label !!!!!.Probably the best prog-rock record of all time. Unbelievable. Gabriel is the king of Rock Music.\nAny opinion ? I know there are many from the 70's, but this item is just unbeatable I think.
luca passeroni
Best genesis album
Phil Collins = The most creative drummer who ever lived next to Bill \nBruford and Vinnie Colaiuta. His drumming on all the Genesis/Hackett \nalbums was great but this album and \
muzquiz sebastian
The band and album that disrupted my music taste for the better of me. I was only 14 and this whole album got me by the throat and wouldn't let go of me. I think I still enjoy it just as much as ever. It just doesn't get old in me. Consider that it was nothing compared to it with what you were used to listen on the radio in those days. Still does today.
olli manninen
It took me 40 odd years to understand the beauty of it all. I was always a Yes man and totally neglected Genesis back in the 1970s. This would make a great musical!
I was blessed to see this tour, and it was mind blowing. One of the best gigs I've ever seen. \n\nOn that note, speaking of mind blowing..\n All the posts mentioning LSD.. Idiots, not much clue about Genesis' music I have to assume.\nThere was never, nor ever will there be any need for this music to be supported by acid. That's a crime on the artistry and the potential that lies within the tunes. \nIf you want to be on a trip, ffs, then learn to understand every nuance the music has to offer. It gets you on a ride all by itself.\nMaybe a bit of pot, but that's about it. The music itself is the drug.
.....when buying an album was an EVENT..........saving up the $7.99.......going to the record store........getting home and opening the whole world inside-...... of course the music, but ALSO the cover, (by people like hypnosis, or Roger Dean, etc....) and posters, and stickers, the libretto of the lyrics........there is NOTHING that compares to Vinyl and it's packaging......and its DELIVERY!!!
Better than Pink Floyd's The Wall in my opinion.
on ecoute pas cette album .....on le subit! tout simplement grandiose!!
Владимир Кузнецов
величайший альбом а peter gabriel величайший музыкант как вокалист phil collins против gabriel ничто