THIS UNRULY MESS I'VE MADE out on 2.26.2016DOWNTOWN FEAT MELLE MEL, KOOL MOE DEE, GRANDMASTER CAZ & ERIC NALLYDirected By Ryan LewisJason KoenigBen Haggerty Written By Ben HaggertyJason Koenig Ryan LewisExecutive Producer M&RL Films Lead Producer - Honna Kimmerer Producer - Jason KoenigCo-Produced By VISION Producer - Geoff McLeanLine Producer - Michele LawrenceProduction Coordinator - Kristi HeickeCo-Produced By NxNW Line Producer - Randy KronProduction Coordinator - Diane EveCinematography Jason KoenigChristopher ProbstArt Director John LavinAssistant Art Director Kaleo Quenzer1st Assistant DirectorJohn Nasraway2nd Assistant DirectorIsaac MejiaEdited By Ryan Lewis / Jason Keonig / Ben Haggerty Assistant Editor Phil Harvey Movi/Drone OperatorRyan Haug1st Assistant Camera Ryan Brown2nd Assistant CameraChris DuerkoppCamera Operators Mitchell Overton John PetersonLocation Manager Alan Lee BakerCasting Jackie GangerJenny KoenigNike ImoruKenny ParksChoreographyMassive Monkees:Brysen AngelesJerome AparisTerrance GuillermoHocine JouiniStylists Therese Lefebvre Paul White Specialized Costume DesignerLogan NeitzelWardrobeLucky Vintage / Caryn Cook Lisa Caryl-VukasMakeup Shannon BisconerTrista JordanAmy BruscoeJeanne KobayashiProp Master/BuyerEmily WoodHead Carpenter/Set dresserTeo ShantzKey Scenic Artist/Set dresserTenold SundbergSet Dresser/Assistant propsBlake NelsonCarpenterFinch Izatt Gaffer James WintersKey Grip Eric BudlongBest Boy Grip Dan KerplukGrip Kaiyoti Pesante Randy VegaGrip Assistant Keaton KinnamanGrip Driver Mike RodriguezCrane / Jib OperatorGreg RichieVehicle Wrangler Craig BinkleyJay NeilsonLayne Schmerin Stunt Coordinator/Process Trailer Jerry BuxbuamStunt RidersNick CooperMatthew McCoyByron PetrettiAustin GerimonteCraig PaynePlayback Tyler DoppsLead Production AssistantsLayne SchmerinAndrea JewettJay NeilsonJennie PegouskieKyle "KJ" JohnsonProduction Assistants Jesse LoncharRon RidenourDarrien MackLindsay JohnstonJared GreeneBen Berkimer Mackenzie PierceHunter RampEric FeichtingerBrandon BalmelliNina Wizner Matt WeigandMatt AlleyAlize MarshHans LiezenAspen EdwardsKelly Van LithMason Van LithGretchen Van LithAli JohnstonJackie Santin Alex RolandBecca ZabawaLocation Assistants Sheila CliffordLayne SchmerinNoah PasinoLeif McLeodTyler ClarkAaaron ShellWardrobe Assistants Pauletta CarylRenae MeredithSerenca CarylArt Department Assistant Page Lavin Colorist Taylre JonesBenoît CôtéKevin AdamsJason KoenigRyan LewisDigital Retouching Nate TaylorTitles & Graphic Design Hans WoodyCraft Service Lead Justina RenoudCraft Service AsstistantsChandler DillJordan DillMedic Heather DixonTranspoThomas OlsonRoy ParsonBehind the Scenes Photography Zoe RainStarring MacklemoreEric Nally Kool Moe DeeMelle Mel Grandmaster CazKen Griffey Jr. Brysen Angeles Terrance GuillermoTyler Andrews (XP)Seth Welch Brandon Foy (PHNK)Jerome AparisHocine JouiniAlan Lee BakerBrianne ThompsonWyatt ForrestExtras (in no particular order)Kenny Parks, Jr. Zach Quillen Josh Dick Ben Secord Jennie Pegouskie Sharayah LaneFrank HendlerDonnell ManningMargaret Chen Sye Holland Dharma Martin Jackie GangerZoe RainTherese LefebvreEvander CobbsDamon MentzerD.R. Anderson Darin Hilderbrand Cedric MasseyPatrick McHenry-KroetchJoe FloresChadwick Platt-Kuhn Josh Blakey Victoria JamesJeremy LindholmNicholas Tellez Shanner EscalantiShawntelle MoncyHeidi LockhartCharles FletcherScott & J WhituerBeanie The DogMacklemore & Ryan Lewis managed by Zach Quillen & Josh Dick Special Thanks ToCity of SpokaneLucky VintageEmpire Cycle Two Percent ScootersThe Minions Scooter ClubScoot About Koerner CameraScott Lewis Spokane Schools Pat & Debbie StimpsonZola Juju

Grandmaster Caz (Composer) Hiphop Kool Moe Dee (Musical Artist) Macklemore (Musical Artist) Mobile Official Rap Ryan Lewis (Composer) Seattle Mariner...

Uptown Funk and Thrift Shop had a baby.. and you just watched it.
Is it just me or Macklemore haves like a Vanilla Ice vibe?
Aaron Rollo
Give it up for Spokanistan!
Aidan Larsen
All the dis likes are from people that live uptown 😆
AlconeS YT
November 2018 ???
Alyssa Rivera
1:46He sounds like Michael Jackson
Amol Verma
I swear this song just puts a smile on my face.
Angelica Avosta
I fucking love this song it deserves more
Angie Ramirez
this need so much more recognition
Anna Beno
I want to get a music player for my moped that just blasts this song on repeat as I scoot around town.
Anthony Lock
Lol macklemore makes the best music videos
Ariana Jo
Bruno Mars and Macklemore need to collab for 'Midtown'.
Imagine someone going down your block screaming *DOWNTOWN*
Ayush Anand
4:00 That smile...That goddamn smile \u003c3
Brent’s Mom
“Best view” \n*grabs his crotch immediately*
Bryan Mauff
Dear god, those poor kneecaps...
Cece D
first time listening to it, I thought it was so stupid but now it's on repeat!!
Clara Estrada
i just love Mac's contempt face when hugging the girl on the bike while she yells at the man. that face xD 3:28
Dan Hauer
Wow. Filmed in my hometown of Spokane, Washington. As I sit watching in my adopted home of Hanoi, Vietnam, I feel oddly proud of the little town I came from.
Edward Weaver
The guy that Macklemore was on is that Henry Cavill
Elyza Clearwater
i remember when i was in spokane when they filmed this and we went to go watch and it was absolutly amazing
Eseosa Oje
Feather Feather
Heard this on the radio, thought it was good and came here to listen again, just realized it's all about a mopad.
Garry Caldwell
3:51-3:59 I have been practising that move for awhile now...but...HOW CAN HE DROP HIS KNEES SO SMOOTHLY?!?! XD
Geoffrey Harris
This is what Vanilla Ice pretended to be. These guys are the real thing.
Get in the van
RIP Mac Millermore
Harlen Crier
Doesn't that guy with the black hair sound like Michael Jackson
Howard Gray
Maklemore is better than 90% of rappers.
I like foxs morales
*DOPE. My crew is Ill and ALL WE NEED IS 2 GOOD WHEELS*
Ian Olson Videos
WHen i first saw this i though it was okay but now i am listening this for the 40th time and counting
My favorite parts are with Eric Nally
If I had a penny for every view I could buy a LOT of mopeds.
James eaton
2018 anyone??
Jane Reznickova
Anyone else worried about that guy's knees? 3:49
Jennifer Eddy
Stock-Tons....? Lock, Stock...smokin' Barrels? Zuckerberg?
Jesse Cox
I don't even.... this shit is wonderful.
Joseph Penalber
I think I saw Freddy Mercury in the video. 😯😯
3:49 when your legs don't work like they used to before
Kanye Houdini
I know this joke is really old but......\n\nPublic: Infinity War is the best crossover of all time\nMe: *shows this song* um, Excuse Me?
Karl Smith
I can't decide if this is absolutely brilliant, or the stupidest thing I have ever seen.
Kate Emily Webster
anyone here in 2019? like if you are!\nWoah, I have a lot of likes! Ty
Kevin Omg
If you saw the song glorious I cried and friends people think that he’s a bad influence but he isn’t if you see the song glorious he is really nice I almost cried and I did cry
Kristopher London
This must have been fun to shoot lol
Lance Stevenson
Where are the rest of the views?
1:56 best part ever
Leeza :p
This is iconic
Lexi Ball
Damn this gives me some weird ass vibes
Liam O'Farrell
Macklemore be like DOWNTOWN but the Bruno be like UPTOWN
Lord Hanson
This reminds me of Micahel Jackson so much. That guy has the voice of a young michael, the moves of Michael in his prime and the whole theme reminds me of beat it. Amazing song, amazing video, that harley chariot is spicy AF
Lost Soul
Anyone else feel like they watched an entire 80's movie in less than 6 minutes
Michael Holtz
Never heard this before, this is really groozy.
Mitsuki Horenake
No one is gonna talk about the amazing entrance composed of an eagle chariot being pulled by four motorcycles?
Mono pollo
OMG, willy wonka sings very well.
Mysterious Hooded Guy
*sEptEmbER 2018 aNYonE?*
Nat's Corner
Thrift shop and Uptown Funk had a baby.
Nerdy Nom Nom
This has less than a billion views. And that's criminal.
Here for my daily view.
Oreily Autopart
When he says downtown it sounds so cool hehe
I legit thought it was a girl singing the chorus
RaZe x Razorr
I was in downtown Spokane when Macklemore filmed this I saw him and he waved at me I was so excited
Rey Madhani
august 2018 anyone??
Like if Macklemore is the best rapper!
Sammed Pandharkar
Macklemore. Teaching us to make better financial decisions since 2013
Scott Besem
That poor man’s knees :(
Shawn McKellips
do you know ali shebana
Sheldon Scott
Wow, that was amazing...can't believe i've never heard or seen this song. I've brought shame upon myself and my family
2:56 the solo is epic enough, but the actions... Blew off my head
Sonya Tallman
This was shot in my town!
Stephen Curry
September 23 2018 anyone this song is lit🔥🔥👍👌
TJ Hooper
In more recent news, national moped sales rose by 10% for the month of September with the numbers still growing.
Yeah Spokane!!
Thanos :
What is he doing up there 2:24
The Explosion
It upsets me that a lot of people neglect that it isn't just Macklemore, Ryan Lewis is there. They're best friends guys. C'mon.
Tia Howe
2:23 sounds like mj
For some reason this reminds me of Michael Jackson
Vesper Venom
Half expected Bruno Mars to jump out
Wholesome Lad
I remember when this was my favourite song
William Takemoto
Mackmor for life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you see this thank you
Before seeing this video I thought the Downtown chorus was sang by a soulful black woman, now I am very confused...
ZombieWulfgrl Walker
Bruno Mars must be laughing his ass off. So many mashups of old skool references. Love it
I was smiling the entire way through this. So glad I decided to give this song a chance!
brady garland
Whos here in 2019
why does Eric Nally sound like a mix of mj, freddie mercury and cher lmao
chris mann
Thanks for giving spokane some love
eric olson
2019 anyone
kamylia bidar
❤❤❤❤❤80's and 90's best year 💙💙💙💙💙💙✌✌✌✌
lacinta blakers
Lol at 0:18 I thought the guy on his hands was a peacock! \nIm such an idiot:)
lucy claire
I’m in love with this song! 😍 Macklemore, you’re literally my idol.
mick cv
How many people said: “oh thats a dude?!?”
patriarch wolf
Anyone here on 2019?
they should have at least put Eric Nally's name on the title. most people think he's Ryan Lewis.
saksham sambyal
1:53 Royal Enfield
thanks for reading this i like cats
Every summer this is played in the shopping centre in town
yung skull
I bet he bought that outfit from the thrift shop
Everytime I listen to this song, I get up and dance💃🔥This is seriously one of the most underrated and unrecognized songs!!