Level 42 - The Sun Goes Down (Livin It Up)

Music video by Level 42 performing The Sun Goes Down (Livin' It Up). (C) 1998 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

(Livin' 42 Down Goes It Level Polydor Pop Sun The Up)

Thanks to the girl who sang this at Karaoke the other night :) A forgotten fave
Abdulla Alkhaja
amazing video
Ace D.
omg i thought i have lost this groove, was about to give up my searching
Adam Drennan
I'm 12 years old and I love this song. I wish new bands played this good.
Amanda Wilson
Mr Bass man
Definitely not 1998
Charmie Stone
Great vocals from mark & mike great bass
Christopher Howe
love these guys
Claire Pedder
Dan Coulson
Damn! Have been looking for this song for about fifteen years!\nI've been searching for \
Douglas Bell
They were never really the same band after Phil and Boon quit.
Drew Layton
There's something about her that reminds me of me. We'll be living it up until the Sun goes down.
Duck Man
Anyone around 2019,respec!bruv
34 years ago. Memories.
Ethan Bennett
The amount of times I've listened to this song so good;)
I don't want this song to end, it's so catchy
44 people ain’t livin’ it up.
Gary MacMillan
Mark King is supposed to be a top bloke. I don't doubt it. The end of this video reminds me of the Seventh Seal.
Gary Willacey
We like the \
Gen X
One of the best Bass Lines Ever !!!!!!
George Karakoutas
I've heard about 30000 songs and this is one among the first 25. Congrats Level 42 you;'re the best
Ingenieros .Tecnico
magnifico, genial 80s
Jag SIdhu
my favourite level 42 song I used to sing this song when I was teenager and still is like sing along to this song!!
Jay Johnson
Mark's bass was always TIGHT!!! 1984!!!!!!
John Jones
Just Sum Guy
speed up to 1.25 on settings,....quality!!!!....
Kevin Lynch
Mark playing a rare Ashley Pangborn Bass! Sweet!
Killian Ruffley
This is so good
ok guys, this was the last song y'all uploaded. 2 years ago! more!!!!!
Louisa Shepherd
I don't know how I feel about this song
Marcelo Fontenele
Marcos Rodriguez
Just a wonderul feel good funky jam. Level 42 reminds me of my youth in the 80´s and is one of my favourite bands of all time. This is my favourite song of theirs as well as one of my all time favourites.
Mark Meade
the sun never gos down on this tune, brilliant, classic and so damm catchy.\nGod bless Level 42 😊😊😊😊
Mi Way
1983 polymor records
Micky 23 September 2015#
Nibiru LEFT to the sun LOOK!!
Terrific track - a favourite for 20+ years - but this is the first time I have seen the video....and it is awful and embarrassing.
Natalie Garrett
Groovy x
Nicola Moran
Very unique and really great band. Their debut album was bloody amazing.
Why am I only grooving to this now????!!!!!!
Orio Gaming
Paul Mason
Got a touch of Earth Wind and Fire about it.
Paulo Júnior
wonderful, music for everlasting, marvellous!
Pete Perry
one of many of their best imho, 42 built around the bass and drum, in that order lol
Rave electric
Saw them last night for the time ever, this song is the must, great gig in Brighton guys👌👍🕺🕺
Richard Groves
Produced by Verdine White and Larry Dunn from Earth Wind and Fire
Rusevelt Roberts
Surprised someone hasn't tried to produce a modern day sample of this feel good Summer track
Shahzad Younis
Slashley gibbins
Summut bobby brown about it
Terry McK
This is just incredible music from the great Level 42 I've been a very big fan of this 4 piece band from England UK !!! Dance disco funk soul pop r+b their work through the years is just incredible Lead vocals Mark King is just a very talented artist his playing of a guitar is just incredible staggering he has just turned 60 recently they were a ground breaking band of the glorious 80s !!!
The Car Shop Beccles
Believe this was filmed in a sand quarry just outside Norwich
Tyler 1
The groove on this track is simply amazing.
Wirb Neug
I am 6 years old and this is my favourite song.
Yoyo Mat
There were genious artists at this age, I think.
Classic! When music was music. Damn.. those days were the best.
Jamas vi tanta elegancia en un pop
chris lowis
Putting a name to the song again
love this song i like the bass playing
criss dantes
best song ever..!!
donna d
Takes me back to Mallorca 83, boiling hot on the beach.
heather holyland
Music at its best 😊 .. Proud to be a levelhead
What a band !!!
My god, the BASS!
Another brilliant Level 42 song, I had forgotten how may amazing songs they wrote
martin crabtree
Proper music
neil stamp
Followed level 42 since they started, this is the best track for me .
This makes me think of my childhood
qadir parwar
brilliant absolutely
s gee
Remember combing mi hair back then at school and at 40 im doing the same thing now. Things come circle always
steve Rowlands
One for the all time top 10....Mark King owning the bass guitar, a classic feelgood tune from back in the day...😎😎😎😎
'tap natch' bassline there, long live the King \u003c3
tony mcgrath
Remember watching them sing this on TOTP and being mesmerised by Mark King's bass playing
x x
Àlvar Coma
Great song.Better live as faster.Live at wembley'86 version still to be exceeded.