Yello Shirley Bassey - The Rhythm Divine (The Single) (1987 Recording)

1987 (This song is GREAT by veteran vocalist/entertainer, Shirley Bassey!!, Producer and musical Instrumentals by Yello)ABOUT this song:"The Rhythm Divine" is a 1987 song by Boris Blank, Dieter Meier, and Billy Mackenzie. The single was released by Yello and Shirley Bassey in 1987, and was the first single released by Shirley Bassey on a CD single. Dieter Meier, half of the Swiss Electro-group Yello, approached Shirley Bassey in 1987 regarding a possible collaboration. "The Rhythm Divine" was written specially with her voice in mind. The song also appears on Yello album One Second, which was also released in 1987, and a remastered and slightly remixed version was released in 1992 on the CD Essential Yello. This version also appeared in 2003 on the Netherlands album release Het Beste Van Shirley Bassey. In 1989 Yello released a remix medley of several of their recordings on the CD single "Of Course I'm Lying", known as the "Metropolitan Mixdown 1989 Part II", the medley also contains a fragment of "The Rhythm Divine". Bassey's vocals were recorded at Yello's studio in Zurich, it is reported in about 40 minutes. The song blends the electro-pop sound of the 1980s with a classic big Bassey ballad, and met with approval across the board, from previous fans but also introduced Shirley Bassey to a whole new generation. There was a video made which featured both Shirley Bassey and Yello, this was released on the Yello compilation video Essential Yello in 1992. Live performances were made regularly by Shirley Bassey in the following year, but with a different arrangement that could be performed with an orchestra. The single was also released in the US and Canada on the Polygram Vertigo label, on a 2-set 12" single, which included the 12" versionLYRICS:You know that my tears,have kept me awakeThe longer you're gone,I'll hunger and shakeFrom Warsaw to Rome,I'll wait out of timeWith you in my heartThe Rhythm DivineSo won't you come close,bring this to an endWith each Winter rose,my love I will sendSo tender the night,when you hold me tightWith you in my heartThe Rhythm DivineWith you in my heartThe Rhythm DivineYou know that these tears,have kept me awakeThe longer you're gone,I'll hunger and shakeFrom Warsaw to Rome,I'll wait out of timeWith you in my heartThe Rhythm DivineThe Rhythm DivineThe Rhythm DivineWith you in my heartThe Rhythm DivineSpecial Thanks to Pieter and Astrid from the Shirley Bassey blog and all those who have provided wonderful pictures of Shirley!

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Agent Thorson
She`s the best Female Vocalist ever, I can listen to this song all day long, never get tired of it ! Madame BAssey, real awesome LADY !!!
HELLO SHIRLEY,,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,, on the 8TH ,Tomorrow ,  As Its MY BIRTHDAY TODAY THE 7TH of JANUARY 2014,, What i would give if only we could spend it TOGETHER, I CAN DREAM, We Have Met But i Guess I will have to KEEP Just looking at OUR PHOTOGRAPH we had taken TOGETHER, Love You.X\n\nDENNIS JERSEY C.I   
This is one of those Bassey numbers with that James Bond sound.
Edward Bagdasarian
Very Deep Performance. Always Bravo.Shirley Special Singer.
Elena Yanchuk
Песня родилась в мой год
Johann H Claassen
Her best! For sure!!
Mark S
The late Billy McKenzie wrote the words to this Yello music. Billy also sang it. His version sounds fantastic too.
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@Rosannasfriend - One of my favorites too Ugonna, and it shows Shirley's amazing POP style. I'll never understand why this one didn't make a bigger splace in the USA. I know that Shirley performed the song live on several TV shows. I think her producers didn't work it hard enough....
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