Orphan Black Season 3 - Helenas Baby Shower (Ep 1 Spoilers)

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Helena’s seestras come together for a baby shower, which takes a turn for the worse. New episodes of Orphan Black Season 3 premiere ***Saturdays at 9/8c, only on BBC America***Catch up on Orphan Black season 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime:

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AWizardMummyandMartian ImUnique
I just finished Season 2 and I just NEED to see Helena happy.
Adri Silva
I wish that one day Helena got a real happy moment with her sestras, her brother-sestra, her sestra-brother(Tony), kira and her baby. You deserve all the happiness in the world baby girl.
Atiyah A
Helena is so cute ... when she's not killing people
AusDakSan Simba002
thank you sestra Alison, Helena fait trop marré!!!
Omg... Kira is growing soooo much. 😍❤️
Does this song actually exist? Or was it sung for the series only? I like the Ukrainen style :) Vooouldnt it be nice...
Cat Fred
The song is in Ukrainian \nEnglish version :The Beach Boys – Wouldn't It Be Nice
Cate joshua
Helena is so adorable and innocent :') ❤ Sarah should be more caring, should spend more time with her - they could move into the same house!
Constantinos Davourlis
Second greatest scene (The first is the clone dance)
Crystal Love
Omg I've been dying for this. The best show on TV. Yesss
Gizem Şahin
I literally cried for 30 minutes after seeing this
Glenwood Reid
this sounds better than the beach boys ...still searching YouTube...I remember watching Munich and The 4Tops version I'll be there - in Italian was playing
Dude, they all look awesome!
Anyone else notice how HUGE Kira was all of a sudden?!?! Or was it just me!
Henrique Niehaus
I love this scene and Helena 😍😍 I want see this baby's on Season 5
Jeff Merritt
Helena is adorable and should be treated as such.  I dont want what i will not give you
Jenny H
So sweet.awesome!
Johnathan Mitchell
Back here after the finale
Jonathan Browne
Tatiana Maslany is so amazing! Wouldn't it be nice if she finally won an emmy!
K u r o 🌙
Helena is like my favourite \u003c3 \nI felt so sorry for her in the second season. \nI can't wait til she gets them back and gets back to her sestras.
LightDarkEquivalent 714
It still creeps me out that the Guy Prolethean... inseminated her eggs...
I love this show!!!
As soon as I noticed what Cosima was wearing I was like 'Yeah. This is a dream and it's definitely Helena's'.
Rach Light
Wooooah this looks crazy, yet so good!
I would love it if the season finale had a real baby shower for Helena where she gets to reunite with her sestras, Felix, and Kira
Renata Ivonne Chandía Muñoz
R.I.P Pupok :(
for those who dont know,scorpion's voice was also Tat's!\n\nstill couldnt get that cosima outfit off my head...so weird...
Seyed Ibrahim
Monkey Numbers 2
Skinny Legend
2 years later and this legend is still pregnant
Wendalynn s
Even in her dreams her seestra is reminding her of her manners :)
X Xaire
My very favorite part: 1:02 - 1:13
Xapp Tactics
Cosima so hot :(
Seriously what song is this?!
Love how the season started with this! It would be so fun to see what the other clones' dream sequences would be like too haha....TMas voicing the scorpion too, is there anything this talented girl can't do?! Love her and EBro so much this episode. Evelyne Brochu killed it!
And a star is born. Eventually eaten.
This was the cutes begining of all seasons seasond
One day Helena will have a real happy moment with her sestras, her niece, maybe Alison's children (she's good with children).
Whats the significance of the scorpion?
jolene payne
did she have the baby ?
Tatiana Maslany also voiced Popok. Is there anything she's not good at?
when helena woke up it broke my heart omg
moka mimo
on blonde elle ressemble bq a shakira
This was so rude of you to put RIGHT IN THE BEGINNING OF THE FIRST EPISODE.
When you’ve watched the series from start to beginning multiple times and still forget they’re all Tatiana Maslany.
yfx 03
i'm in love with this show, so amazing